Thursday, May 10, 2012

OT: Tokyo Brown Tabby's Youtube Channel Deleted

Some of Tabby's videos (Japanese videos with English sub, and  English videos with Japanese sub) made it to Dailymotion channel before Youtube deleted the account. You can easily guess the reason, because the original videos were from the likes of Asahi, Yomiuri, NHK, BBC, etc.

But the Youtube screen captured at Tabby's blog seems to say "The account was suspended due to multiple complaints from third parties." So it may not even by the MSM networks themselves who complained but by the righteous citizens who felt strongly that the rights of the major news networks of the world be protected.

The channel also included subtitled videos from the independent net media in Japan, but those got deleted along with the videos from mainstream big media.

Tabby's subscribers can visit:

Right now, there are 8 videos uploaded there. Tabby will try to upload the videos that used to be on Youtube channel by putting the subtitles again, when Tabby's eye condition improves.


Anonymous said...

Youtube sucks. They basically allow any man or his dog to shut down any channel based on "copyright claims".

From what I've heard, it seems as though certain people are actively attempting to shut down many webpages related to the Fukushima meltdown disaster.

It kind of reminds me of how so many Americans seemed to believe that the BP Gulf Oil Spill "didn't happen", probably because of how effectively news of it was suppressed and distorted. It's also because people try to ignore negative reality, so they willingly accept anything that downplays disaster. So sad. Obviously, turning a blind eye doesn't make the problems go away.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

When Asahi Shinbun first ran that excellent series (Trap of Prometheus, they still run it), many bloggers copied the articles and disseminated them. Then, vigilante citizens started to appear on the comment sections of those blogs, saying "But what about the copyright of Asahi? Shouldn't we protect their right?"

Soon, Asahi started to crack down. Self-policing is still the second nature of many Japanese.

kintaman said...

WTF. I cannot believe that youtube removed Tokyobrowntabby's channel. His channel did so much to spread the word to the world about this disaster. To take it down seems almost unethical.

I now regret not having downloaded all his videos.

I guess censorship of history is alive and well on youtube. Do no evil Google, yeah right.

Viola said...

It's a shame! I wonder if my german translations of her videos will be next to be under attack.... So far had no complaints at my channel. I'll have to watch it closely the next weeks though.

Vivre said...

Too many ongoing bad developements ;(
atm you can take a last look via cache:

Atomfritz said...

This really sucks.

Is it really a voluntary citizen denunciatorism or some kind of 50-cent-party? Or some covert army of lawyers who by abusing copyright laws work to suppress citizen's right to be informed?
I don't know, but I can tell that many pro-nuclearists will be happy to see Tabby's channel deleted.

Thank you again Tokyobrowntabby and LaPrimavera so much for your eye-opening information work for people over all the world!

And my best wishes to Tabby, hope you'll be better again soon!

Anonymous said...

But the Japanese govt also employs people to watch online activities so that inconvenient information are wiped.

Anonymous said...

NUCLEAR AUSTRALIA would like some comments on the Nuclear industry's push for Australia.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the Japanese government is behind this.

Anonymous said...

Worrying about copyright for such articles is an epic fail of priorities. I also suspect government and industry shills behind those "vigilante citizens". When it comes to dirty tricks, those creatures know no bounds. They have mastered the art of deception.

If Australia jumps on the nuclear bandwagon there'll be nowhere left to run. Policy and decision makers only care about pocketing profits, not ensuring a safe future for our species and planet.

That's the problem with most people. I hear the same things from others all the time, "life is short, enjoy it while it lasts", "it's my life, I want to do what I want" and "I don't care what happens as long as nothing bad happens to me". This common and selfish mindset will inevitably lead to our destruction. I honestly can't think of a viable, realistic solution.

Apolline said...

Some youtube videos of my friend TBT have been translated in french. So they are on my blog or on youtube account of "Kna60":

Anonymous said...

You should not publish important information on platforms controlled by third parties (Google, Facebook etc.)

Anonymous said...

@EXSKF just make sure to back up your blog, the censors will be after you soon... those evil bastards want total compliance, dont allow that to happen.

a female Faust said...

spent all morning crafting a mirror of tbt channel only to have it fail -- the frequency player was playing them all for a while, now is not.

theu pulled my vid of the x-vessel corium as well -- but only the long version.

we will nonetheless be victorious, she said optimistically.

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