Saturday, June 23, 2012

APEC Ministers Want Japan to Share #Fukushima Lessons, Stress Importance of Nuclear Energy for Economic Growth and Global Warming Countermeasure

By now, it should be obvious that these two statements may be mutually exclusive, because Japan (the government) clearly hasn't learned a lesson, the global economy may be tanking again into another "Great Recession" and global warming (anthropogenic one that the activists have been working on for the past decade or two) may not exist.

Nonetheless, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) made up of 21 Pacific Rim countries is gung-ho on nuclear energy as ever, with lip service to the Fukushima accident and nuclear safety.

After all, major nuclear exporters are all members of the APEC: the US, Canada, Japan, China, Russia. And a big uranium exporter (Australia), too.

From Jiji Tsushin (6/24/2012):


Nuclear plant safety "Contribution from Japan looked for", and lessons from Fukushima accident to be shared, according to the APEC draft declaration


(St. Petersburg, Jiji) The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Ministers Conference is set to begin here on June 24. On June 23, the draft declaration to be adopted in the Conference was revealed. The declaration would call for Japan to "share the knowledge and experience from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident with the international community" and to play a major role in prevention of nuclear accidents and devising safety measures.


The draft declaration recognized the importance of nuclear power plant from the standpoint of increasing energy demand in the Asia Pacific region and global warming. In order to deal with these issues, the draft emphasized that "the importance of safety in peaceful use of nuclear energy is to be recognized".

Let me see. The APEC members want to continue to build and use (and sell, for some members) nuclear power plants because the region needs more energy and it must fight (man-made) global warming. Therefore, the nuclear power plants must be safe. But the draft says the APEC "will recognize the importance of safety in the peaceful use of nuclear power."

So... is all it will do is to "recognize"? The importance of safety? And it is news?


Anonymous said...

People generally feel that arguing about whether "global warming" exists causes people to mistreat the environment. Bullshit. The people behind "global warming" have all been proven to be compulsive liars, and it's always used as an excuse to do terrible things. Many of the so-called "environment-friendly" solutions actually cause significantly more damage to everything.

If they really wanted to save the environment, they should do it for FACTUAL reasons and focus on working towards those, instead of waving around a fake bogeymen like "global warming" as an excuse to pad their own pockets. You can't do the right thing by guiding people with lies.

Meanwhile, radioactive contamination is a serious issue that has been proven to cause many health problems and literally destroy the planet. But you don't hear them complaining about that, do you? Why?

Because everything they say makes sense if you follow the money trails.

richard said...

a major commitment to renewable energy would reduce global warming and the need for deadly uranium and nuclear (all of which may or may not be an issue, depending on who you talk to).

renewables cancel out both issues, imho. it's simply formula.

i particularly want to see uranium mining stopped. pull the pin on it immediately.

but the fight will be on, because some people wont want to give up their billions, bleeding it out of the earth.

Anonymous said...

This story sickens me.

Have they learned nothing????

What more can I do?

Beppe said...

Nuclear power generation is linked to plutonium production and therefore to atomic weapons. In some environments the plutonium generated by npps is seen as a desirable side effect the renewables do not have. Sometimes I even wonder which is the side effect and which is main aim: electricity or plutonium?

Anonymous said...

Elvis "sanity" has left the building.
Perhaps it was never there to begin with.
Genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, depleted uranium etc.
I am believing towards the latter, and I will be proven right.

TechDud said...

Their position in north america is clear to me now. They will share how few people one need move & impoverish, in the event of disaster. They'll also share how to incinerate this 'hot' contamination & spread it far & wide. Knowing one of the main symptoms of radiotion sickness, would that not suggest a possible "reason" behind it? That is pacification.

I am reminded of the protests in seattle and vancouver against apec (a pox). There was a cop in canada known as "Sergeant Pepper". Protesters may want to read up on tactics used.
Even better; who says one need always gather in person to effectively protest.

Clean food and water are basic human rights.

I see those standards sporadically lowered here through basing product testing upon manufacturers data and other means. Those artificial peas mentioned in an earlier article might have actually passed here if the manufacturer could provide testing data + fees. :(

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