Monday, June 18, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: Iwaki City's Water Department Campaign "Let's Drink City's Tap Water!"

You can't make this up.

I'm pretty sure the city's water department does this every year.

Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture says it has selected a drawing by a 4th grader for its "Tap Water Week" campaign. It has been made into postcards to be distributed at the city's public facilities (municipal government branches, public libraries, community halls) and tourist and cultural facilities. They will be given to all elementary school children in Iwaki City.

At the top of the card, it says:

From Water Department of Iwaki City: "Let's Drink Tap Water!"

In recent years, mineral water in PET bottles have been popular. But tap water is gentle on the environment, safe and secure, and delicious water. Water in Iwaki, blessed with nature. Water that you can enjoy right from the tap. Let's drink in big gulps!

All the kanji (Chinese characters) on the postcard have "furigana" (kana, or phonetic Japanese characters over kanji to indicate pronunciation) so that even the 1st graders can read.

(Elementary school children reading the card to their parents at home. I could almost see it now.)

Iwaki City still does the testing of drinking water for radioactive cesium, and it has been ND (not detected). The detection limit is 1 bq/kg.

(I am so sick of the phrase now - "safe and secure" or 安心・安全.)


Anonymous said...

I'm looking at the 'childs' drawing.

This child must be sheer genuis, keep a close on the development of that one.

Colour tone and shading, technical knowledge, and an all round environmental guru.


m a x l i said...

@Anonymous at 1:06 AM

There will be not much left of all that as he/she goes through his/her education.

Chibaguy said...

@anon 1:06, do you know where Iwaki is? This child should not be there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to worry about Biwako tap water that we drink in Kyoto:supposedly safe now that the lake industrial pollution was fixed - but this is Japan.

Anonymous said...

Tap water anywhere in the world should not be considered safe for long-term drinking, because traces of all kinds of pollutants are allowed to be present. The worst are pharmaceuticals coming from other people, which end up in the water supply.

Tap water should be filtered with a heavy-duty filter, which would also help to reduce contamination from radioactive particles. It is recommended to obtain a filter that can also eliminate fluoride (which affects the brain function of children, especially).

Anonymous said...

That drawing was done by some dick head civil servant in the Iwaki city Hall and made to look like a kids drawing, this is total propaganda....

Greyhawk said...

In my country we have a saying, "If everyone was putting their heads into a fire would you put your head into the fire?" Why are the powers that be in Japan encouraging everyone to put their heads into the fire? No, they are forcing everyone to put their heads into the fire.

Anonymous said...

They're not - Japan is the country where the answer to your saying is ″Yes we would″ and they do. OK South Korea, Hong Kong, etc too...

m a x l i said...

@Anonymous 9:02 AM
I don't think so. This is a genuine child's painting. I think it's quite nice actually. It would be nearly impossible for a grownup to imitate that style. And why would anyone try to undertake that difficult task when they easily can get their hands on hundreds of child's pictures to choose from.

How it is being used you could call propaganda.

Beppe said...

I agree with maxli, the drawing is genuine; check out the other drawings that received a prize

After so many years in Japan I am still impressed by the skills of so many Japanese students both when they draw and when the play music. In my home country the level of the kids in these areas is nowhere close to the Japanese.

Also notice that the kids in Iwaki (4th graders, therefore 10 years old) have likely undergone extensive lecturing about the water cycle so it is no surprise that at least a child out of 12 schools managed to recollect them in his drawing.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks, i still think its propoganda, telling the kids it safe to drink the water from the ground when in fact the watertable in Iwaki is fucked up by Tepco and their demonic power plant up the road in Fulushima, Iwaki is in a major fallout zone and no kid should be drinking the bloody tap water... cmon wake up..

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