Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fractured Friday Protest May Be Leaving the Original Organizers and Spread to Other Locations

The increasingly fractured Friday protest is on again this Friday at the Prime Minister's Official Residence, as more and more participants have had enough of following orders from the young organizers who talk trash (one literally calling older protesters "piece of garbage").

The Friday protest by the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes will be still at the PM's Official Residence, same time, same rules ("single issue" plus one, no other slogans, nothing about radiation contamination, etc.).

But here are other locations near the PM's Official Residence where people will gather to protest against a host of different issues, FREELY.

"Protect Fukushima children" protest

  • Time: 4:30PM -
  • Location: in front of the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Details (in Japanese) here
  • IWJ Channel: 7

Protest against the US on various issues (nuclear policy, TPP, Ospray, etc.)

  • Time: 6:00PM -
  • Location: in front of the US Embassy in Tokyo
  • Details (in Japanese) here
  • IWJ Channel: 6

Protest against Nuclear Regulatory Commission appointment, against Ooi restart

  • Time: 6:30PM -
  • Location: at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Annex
  • Details (in Japanese) here
  • IWJ Channel: 7

Protest at the backside of the PM's Official Residence

  • Time: 6:45PM -
  • Location: backside of the PM's Official Residence
  • IWJ Channel: 6

Protest against Nuclear Regulatory Commission appointment, "Human Chain"

  • Time: 8:30PM -
  • Location: at the Ministry of the Environment
  • IWJ Channel: 6

IWJ does cover the original protest at the PM's Official Residence by Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes on Channel 1, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

Mr. Yasuo Tanaka, who's been distributing his white balloons, tweeted he would need more volunteers for making and distributing the balloons.

Attendance seems to be dropping significantly, but the organizers continue to claim "100,000 people or more" every week.


Anonymous said...

Maybe "the organizers" should consider taking a softer stance: allow anything opposing npps and allow groups to qualify themselves would prove that they care about the nuclear issue itself rather than something else.
Having a lot of smaller demonstrations is going to catch less media attention, 本当にもったいない, what a waste of energy...

Anonymous said...

Organizers taking a softer stance? Not in their lifetime. They are young and stupid, and don't know they are stupid.

Scott said...

Good to see another more focused group splintering from the misguided main protest. I hope the politically and health focused protests draw even bigger crowds. Just shouting "we're against restarts" isn't really getting us anywhere sadly.

Chibaguy said...

I am personally in the camp of now restarts until we can figure out how not to contaminate the world along with no more fake SQ test. When one thinks about it though, they cannot conduct a true SQ test without be ready to contaminate land. The bomb is a great example.

Unknown said...

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