Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday Protest Against TPP at PM Official Residence Features Fake "Prime Minister Noda"

Taking the advice (or taunts) from Friday protest organizers, people have started to do their own protests outside the narrow (and at this point meaningless) "single issue" protest on Friday at the Prime Minister's Official Residence in Tokyo.

Here's one of them, "Against TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)", a NAFTA equivalent being pushed by the United States and involving countries around the Pacific Rim.

The first protest was held on Tuesday August 21, 2012, and will be held every Tuesday at the PM's Official Residence. On August 21, over 300 people gathered, made speeches, staged a short comic play with "Prime Minister Noda". A good enough start.

(screenshot from the video at Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ)

"Prime Minister"'s mumbling is incomprehensible mostly because of the mask he wears, but it doesn't matter. The real prime minister's rationale for rushing to join TPP is also incomprehensible to most Japanese (other than big businesses) anyway.

In the meantime, the Noda administration has been busy "wagging the dog" - with territorial disputes with the neighboring countries - and trying to fan the nationalistic hysteria of some sort. Whether anyone bites (other than the irascible governor of Tokyo and irascible boy-wonder mayor of Osaka City), we'll see.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good Noda mask the other protesters should have dressed up like jellyfish and attacked him.

Atomfritz said...

Chinese should fake Nodas instead of ultramen :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that is a tautology, he is already fake by definition, being a politician - hey that rhymes!

Atomfritz said...


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