Sunday, September 2, 2012

Osaka City Police Forcibly Removing Citizens from Townhall Meeting on Disaster Debris Burning in Osaka City

You don't see this in any of the mainstream media.

The occasion was when the boy-wonder of Osaka City Toru Hashimoto held the one and only townhall meeting to explain things about disaster debris acceptance in Osaka City on August 30 (see my previous post).

This happened after the meeting, after the boy-wonder hastily departed, guarded by plain-clothes policemen. Many citizens remained in the hall, wanting to have the answers to their questions from the officials at the city's bureau of environment. Instead of engaging the citizens, they started to remove them out of the hall, according to this blog who had the link to the IWJ video below.

Video streaming by Ustream

People in Osaka City are trapped in Hashimoto's psychosis.


Anonymous said...

Fascism , thats Japan now , total fascist state where the illusion of democracy exists, its autocratic fascism .... and that shithead Hashimoto? dont get me started on him!

Anonymous said...

finally, an honest response from Japan Government

Anonymous said...

They want to kill all the Japanese and the beautiful island nation of Japan.
Father Malachi Martin said in the late 90's that radiation would be used to kill many people in the future.......such is the case -- hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

how can I contact the esteemed person running this website? Email?

Anonymous said...

All the reactors must be shut down in Japan or more meltdowns will occur. The time to act is now. Action will move Japan toward a clean, natural energy future. Proper action can change the world.

Anonymous said...

Anon, who are you? Why should Japanese care to change the world? They should take care of themselves and their land first and foremost. Who cares about the rest of the world?

Anonymous said...

The pathetic pro nuke, pro crime syndicate bullshitters are dumping little piles here and there again. Attacking the message will not work in the internet age kiddees. Go away! You know how people who post on this site feel and you only come here to disrupt the truth. The Fukushima epic is not going to ever be OK and get lied over to just fade away. We are witnessing major criminality destroying Japan with a Trojan Horse, its crappy outcome baked right in to the six sigma design, and people worldwide from Japan to India to the US have taken very detailed notice of what is going down at Fukushima. There is no way to put this growing awareness down by attacking this site or spreading memes. It has been tried but this is the internet age and the truth is not going away. YOu cannot hide the truth about Fukushima even if you try. This is not going away as a major problem for Japan and the world no matter how many shills are hired to muck up the discussion.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna come out and say this because I'm American & believe it to be true: If this were America, American's would be experiencing the EXACT same criminal negligence and deliberate malfeasance that the Japanese citizenry are experiencing right now at the hands of their 'leaders'. Most of the world's governments care nothing for their people; they only care about keeping the machine going. Think about that before you vote in your next (s)election.

What's happening to the Japanese people is disgraceful, and their largely apathetic politicians should be ASHAMED of themselves for selling their souls for profit and treating other human beings so callously. It's up to the CITIZENS to see that something is done for themselves & their children. The government clearly DOES NOT CARE.

Take note America, this could be you tomorrow.

TechDud said...

Ditto up North, here in Canadatataxadinfinitum/WeSaySo Co. LLC

"They've" sold the utilities, retained Park Place & Boardwalk (as a bonus) whilst other interests have bought up all the choice properties & built hotels (so to speak) leaving the majority of players technically bankrupt.

Now the bastard dogs get to retire as unpopularity finally catches up with them until their multi-dipping pensions kick in.

Democratzia. Chucha la cotza!

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