Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara: "Decommission Monju? Not a Chance!"

as if he has any say in it. Or maybe he thinks he will shortly. He must be counting on the Liberal Democratic Party becoming the ruling party again, with one of his sons at the helm. (That son was the one who diagnosed people against nuclear power as suffering from hysteria, in July last year.)

As Jiji Tsushin reports, he spoke like the de facto leader of LDP anyway.

From Jiji Tsushin (9/6/2012):


Tokyo Governor Ishihara visits Monju in Fukui: "Decommissioning? Not a chance."


Governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara visited Monju fast-breeder reactor of Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) (in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture) on September 6. Governor Ishihara said after the visit, "Monju is the first-in-the-world, epoch-making technology. Not a chance of decommissioning."


Monju restarted operation in 2010, but has stopped ever since the first step of the test run was completed. Governor Ishihara has been a strong proponent of the fast-breeder reactor research. 


In the meantime, when asked about the national government having come to an agreement with the owner of the Senkaku Islands over the purchase of the island, Governor Ishihara said, "It's up to the owner to decide and sell [if he wants to]. The current administration won't last long anyway, and will be replaced in the next election. LDP has the will to purchase the islands. I want the issue [of the Senkaku Islands] as a focal point in the LDP leadership election."

Never mind that Monju is not the first fast-breeder reactor; it may be epoch-making, but not in the way Ishihara seem to think. Where else has an operator of a fast-breeder reactor that uses liquid sodium as coolant dropped a fuel transfer machine in the reactor? Only in Japan. Or maybe he meant the make-shift technology that JAEA had to devise (or I should say Toshiba and Hitachi had to devise) to fish out the fuel transfer machine without exposing the coolant to the atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

"It's up to the owner to decide and sell"? Didn't Ishihara receive a large amount of donations to purchase the islands? Where did that money go?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

He's keeping it in the Tokyo government's account.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Monju can make it on to one of these lists Chernobyl and The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant already have. is a satire humor site but the articles are based on factual events and places.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay to see him in madam butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Psycopath racist shithead ishihara speaks again and this time shows how ignorant he really is , monju was first tried in France and they abandoned it , monju hasnt produce any electricity and is a gravy train for people getting backhanders..

Anonymous said...

Monju truly would be the end up Japan. Total insanity. All the nukes must all be shut down now. Do it for the children and the unborn. Take peaceful action now.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people insist on listening to and bestowing all power and control upon 50-80+ year old senile men or other selfish lunatics who all clearly have poor judgment and virtually no knowledge regarding any important matters.

Kind of reminds me of how when I was at school, teachers and students always got upset at me if I ever corrected the teacher when they made mistakes. They didn't care to learn the correct things, and both of them ganged up to ridicule and bully me for caring.

The students always asked me, "why do you keep correcting the teacher?" and the teachers always complained "you are undermining the superiority of the teacher's relationship with the students". It feels like the same thing between politicians and the populace, and many other situations. The preservation of their social standing is more important than facts and knowledge.

People often insisted to me that things get better after school, but I always thought it looked like the same shit everywhere else... just a different smell. Arrogance and stupidity permeate human society to its very core.

Anonymous said...

@exskf and others , here is a very in depth eye opening history and report on nuclear power and weapons program in Japan, mentions monju and Ishihara too... please read and spread far and wide.


Anonymous said...

"I don't understand why people insist on listening to and bestowing all power and control upon 50-80+ year old senile men"

Ishihara tricked the electorate last time around.
He waited till the last minute to declare that he was going to run again and not retire, by which time there were six or seven other candidates.
He only got about 30% of the vote but with the majority 70% who voted AGAINST him so split, & no runoff, he won.
Democracy in action!

Anonymous said...

These people have no conscience! This whole thing is the crime of the century.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at this:

Pressure in Mount Fuji is now higher than last eruption, warn experts

the pressure in Mount Fuji's magma chamber is now higher than it was in 1707, the last time the nearly 4,000-metre-high Japanese volcano erupted, causing volcanologists to speculate that a disaster is imminent.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:36AM
Oh, so that's what happened. I'd heard he was going to "retire" then changed his mind (or what's left of it). I didn't know it affected the election like that. What a retarded system. Politicians are the world's masters of dirty tricks. Well, they got where they are by cheating all the way up, so it's to be expected.

I thought it was because Japan's population is aging, meaning the majority of people are old and likely vote for Ishihara because he relates to them best.

Anonymous said...

Last night on NHK radio a commentator was talking about former Yugoslavia and some disputed territories on its border with Italy. He noted that territorial disputes are sometimes used to distract the population from other internal problems.
Could it be that mr. Ishihara wants citizens to be more concerned for a piece of rock in the ocean rather than the food we eat and the air we breathe?

Anonymous said...

According to Reuters ( Sofia University professor Koichi Nakano is saying that vested interests in the nuclear village do not want nuclear energy policy to become a central issue in the upcoming elections.
Restarting npps can lead to another Fukushima; if this is not a central issue what is?

JAnonymous said...

Yeh right, we tried Monju in France and it was called Rhapsody (in the late 50s. Monju likely from the 80s). It failed (explosion caused by sodium reacting with cesium).

Then came Phoenix. The name was so cool, but it failed (explosion caused by sodium reacting with water, as well as lots of fires and leaks).

We tried again and it was called superPhoenix. Even though the name was supercool, it failed again. Now you're in for a good laugh, because despite the leaks and blazes that nobody seems to care about because it didn't explode, the building was destroyed by almighty mother Nature (roof collapse due to 80cm of snow, take that superphoenix).

The decommissioning of Phoenix alone is estimated to cost 1 billion euro. This is an estimate, the bill will be anywhere between 1 and 4 billions, surely.

They could never produce more power than they were consuming, pretty much like all the tokamak shit trying to do nuclear fusion. ITER is a tokamak, but very big. It will thus fail very big, costing billions euros. Not that it matters very much, because by that time, euros will be to cheap to measure.

Now french people are trying to resurrect Rhapsody/Phoenix/Superphoenix as Astrid. It's yet another fast neutron doomsday device with almighty sodium cooling (reminder: liquid sodium reacts with air by burning, reacts with water by exploding). They are cool because they use plutonium so need less uranium. They say it will be as safe as the european PWR. I say no thanks.

Today's good news ?

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