Monday, October 22, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 Is "Sinking and Tilting", Again, According to Experts

This talk seems to occur periodically, but this time almost totally outside Japan.

Several US websites have the scary articles, which read more or less "Confirmed: Reactor 4 is sinking unevenly, entire building to tilt".

You can follow the link below (just one example) to learn all about it:

  • From an article at Prison Planet,

  • To Washington's Blog, then

  • To Enenews who quotes Mr. Arnie Gunderson, who quotes Former Japanese diplomat Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, who quotes Mr. Mitsuyo Matsuda, a former secretary of Prime Minister Naoto Kan who quotes an anonymous "high ranking official in the nuclear security agency".

Mr. Mitsuyo Matsuda was a secretary of Mr. Kan before he became the prime minister and before the Democratic Party of Japan became the ruling party. If the source of information for these sites above is ultimately Mr. Matsuda, they may have some credibility issues, from what I've seen. He seems to be famous for his fantastic stories. (About Mr. Matsuda, see this togetter's comment section, if you read Japanese.)

I remember Mr. Matsuda from an interview done by independent journalist Yasumi Iwakami; I was rather taken aback with his assertions about Fukushima I Nuke Plant without anything to back them up. I was also surprised at Mr. Iwakami, for not questioning his assertions.

Mr. Matsuda claims in this interview in June this year (by 8bitnews, set up by former NHK news caster Jun Hori) that Reactor 4 had a core melt (never mind that there was no fuel in the reactor pressure vessel at that time) that resulted in an "elephant's foot" like Chernobyl. He says "it's immediately apparent" if you look at the photo of Reactor 4.


JAnonymous said...

Don't worry, Hatoyama's wife will make sure that venusians come do the clean up. Oh and what's more, they thrive on nuke waste and happen to crap gold.

From ashes to riches, go Tepco !
Good thing the PM decided to make it part of government.

Anonymous said...

The actual source of this information is a podcast put out by Fairewinds Energy Education which can be found here =

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

JA, she was wacky, wasn't she? (I guess still she is, along with her husband.)

VyseLegendaire said...

I thought TEPCO came out and admitted this info internally? Not the stories about core melt or anything, just the uneven tilt of the building.

Even if the story were uncorroborated, I would actually be surprised if the building was not on a tilt at this point, considering the precariousness of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Vyse, you mean the slight bulge on the 3rd or 4th floor walls?

Anonymous said...

The point here is, is it really sinking? The other political things is far from as important as the sinking itself. So an analysis about the sinking is relevant.
If it is sinking, it should probably show up in some picures. Moreover, There have been leaks from people working at the reactor sites that the ground is getting in bad shape. That would not be surprising given all the elevated constraint the soil has been exposed to. For example, the earthquakes, some very strong and many others, the continuous inflow of water, thousands of tons that are liquifying the soil gradually, cracked foundations and weakened structures and, for unit 1 to 3, hot corium that is burning, drying and changing the soil into flakes or powder. That should be the focus and a better point to want to assess.
It should be expected that there is a critical condition building under the reactors.

Anonymous said...

anon above, where did you see info about liquefaction? Reactor 4 has been sinking in the minds of these experts.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Vyse, as far as TEPCO is concerned, it has been saying Reactor 4 is NOT tilting. Of course many in Japan and abroad take it to mean it is tilting.

Anonymous said...

"arevamirpal::laprimavera said...
JA, she was wacky, wasn't she? (I guess still she is, along with her husband.)" double up & take the couple from the OCTOBER 22, 2012 5:14 PM, LOL
nevertheless, the end is near

Anonymous said...

In the broader view, what I'm afraid is happening is that the fault under the area is piping hot radioactive water out to sea. There should have been hydrothermal vernting, if not an explosion, by now from the core(s) burning into the earth and getting trapped along with water. Assuming "they" didn't drill a pipeline to drain the place surreptiously, that's the only way I can think to explain the continuing high levels of contamination in the fish. Problem with all this, besides the fish being gone now, is that the heated water is going to continue to dissolve the earth under the plant and pipe it out to sea. Sooner or later the plant sinks. If it sinks unevenly it spills and burns up, and then I wind up breathing it.

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