Thursday, October 25, 2012

#Radioactive Leak at France's Flamanville Nuclear Reactor, INES Level 1, No Harm to the Environment

From Reuters (10/25/2012):

No damage from leak at Flamanville nuclear reactor

(Reuters) - A contained radioactive water leak detected at EDF's Flamanville nuclear plant did not cause any damage to the environment or harm any employees, France's nuclear safety watchdog ASN and EDF said on Thursday.

The nuclear safety agency said on its website EDF had detected a leak in a water pipe that feeds the plant's reactor 1 primary circuit late on Wednesday. It was stopped and did not cause any radioactive contamination.

The incident was defined as a grade 1 incident on the international nuclear event scale (INES), where the maximum 7 is the most severe.

There were 66 Level 1 incidents in 2011 in France according to the ASN.

The 1,300 MW reactor 1 has been stopped for maintenance and refueling since July 26 and was in the last stages of the restarting process when the leak occurred.


Reinaert Albrecht said...

You seem to have missed this one:

Anonymous said...

They really dont need to worry in France, Japan is taking over as the pollution hub. France will share radiation equally with the rest of the world. Why do they worry about a leak of this size..and ignore the tons of water dumped into the ocean from Fukushima?

Anonymous said...

Because it's actually easier for them to report on incidents that aren't significant enough to damage public opinion.

It's similar to how the news on TV likes to report about things like cats stuck up trees while the rest of the world collapses around us.

Atomfritz said...

Flamanville EPR already almost tripled its scheduled costs and will not go online before 2016, instead of going online at 2012.
[ -> ]

But, this is probably not a big issue anyway, as such is common in USA, too.

At Vogtle, it has been found out that the steel reinforcement of the concrete building has been constructed in a lower quality than planned.
But this apparently doesn't pose a problem, see:

Anonymous said...

Beef above the limit in Fukushima was also reported by Jiji a little more than one week ago -- now the news is gone though...

Anonymous said...

I guess there's also the tactic of saying "hey, the food is above the limit", and if nobody keels over immediately, people then think "oh, it must be safe".

Anonymous said...

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