Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OT: French TV Depicts Japanese Goalie with 4 Arms, Calling it "Fukushima Effect"

The French soccer (football) team lost to the Japanese team 0 to 1.

From Kyodo News English:

French TV host riles Japan with "Fukushima" comment
Photo captured from a Belgian website that posted an image run by France 2 shows a composite picture of Japan goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima with four arms. A host of the national television station France 2 reportedly angered the Japanese Embassy by showing the picture during a variety show on Oct. 13, 2012, citing the "Fukushima effect" when praising Kawashima for his performance in Japan's defeat of France in a soccer friendly held on Oct. 12.

Well, having 4 arms is nothing. Buddhism deities have just as many, and more. In fact, the Japanese phrase "八面六臂" (eight faces, six arms) is used to depict someone with extraordinary talent and energy, worth several people. Like Mr. Kawashima.

This "Sahasrabhuja-arya-avalokites'vara" statue is a Japanese national treasure. It is from the 8th century, and has 1,000 arms to save people in distress:


Anonymous said...

It's better that showing his thyroid covered in nodules and lesions. Japan needs to get a grip they are the new Chernobyl and all the jokes that followed that accident are going to be reborn for a new audience.

I've just ordered an empty cardboard box from Fukushima. It was the cheapest microwave I could find.

I really enjoyed my holiday to Fukushima.
But, ever since I got back, I've had this strange pain in my flippers.

An old woman stands in the market with a "Fukushima mushrooms for sale" sign. A man goes up to her and asks, "Hey, what are you doing? Who's going to buy Fukushima mushrooms?" And she tells him, "Why, lots of people. Some for their boss, others for their mother-in-law..."

Old grandpa calls his grandson 8 year old little Hoshi to him to tell him something sad about the family. "You know kid this will be hard for you to preceive but you must know that your parents were born in Fukushima." The kid shakes his head in disbelief. Then grandpa continues. "I have another sad thing to tell you too.....You were also born in Fukushima."
The kid shakes his other head.

Anonymous said...

the episode is at the very end of the video:


Anonymous said...

Anon at the top, if that's the level of your joke, pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe you could wow us with some of you gems until then...

Fukushima will be renamed to Fukutsunami.

And let's not forget the funniest joke of them all "will not cause immediate harm to human health".

Anonymous said...

The TV show in which this joke was made is anyway always making bad stupid jokes. Oji san no jodan are much better.
I'll end up by a word to the guy responsible of this fiasco :
Ruquier, va te faire foutre, et sois gentil, casse toi des ondes.

Anonymous said...

Hey exskf why dont you blog more about the rampamt paedophillia in Japan and how its still legal there..?



Anonymous said...


Probably for the same reason they don't blog about the rampant baby raping in the Catholic church this blog isn't here to fulfill your sick desires. Nothing is stopping you from starting your own Gblog about something so obviously near and dear to your heart.

JAnonymous said...

This comment rated [Adult]

Ah well, gay TV show, gay host, gay jokes. Let's all make fun of each other until we bathe in our own putrescent filth. Well done from a guy who censors his own employees when they want to crack a joke on sex toys. Seems they had hit home with that one...

Hope you french taxpayers enjoy paying over and over for that crap. Ah yes, nobody pays taxes in France, we beat Greece 10-0 in tax evasion World Series finale.

I second earlier anon: Ruquier [name of that sucker] up yours, be a nice gay and get lost from tv.

Not that I watch TV that much, but I had to suffer this stupid joke on NHK this morning while waiting for weather info...

Anonymous said...

It'll be quickly become the "French Effect" if those French-nuked islands collapse. Then we'll see how funny that TV show thinks it is.

Talk about not understanding the seriousness of dangerous situations with global ramifications.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:05pm
"Hey! Draw attention to Japan pedophilia!" you say? Why did you not say "Hey! Draw attention to child abuse in general!"? Because you just want to use Japan as a scapegoat and distraction. Nothing more.

And what the hell kind of link is that? That site is just another random guy who is probably pointing the finger at others to draw attention away from himself. And yes, I looked him up on Wiki. It doesn't matter what his achievements are or what his public face is. They are irrelevant.

As I've said before, from what I've read and heard, the U.S. is the world's largest source of child pornography, as well as pornography in general. But you never hear people complain about that, do you? Because they are not "known" for it. The U.S. is known for guns, obesity and junk food.

Japan is known for porn, rape and "patriarchy" because that's how the media and stupid ignorant people portray Japan. That's what they WANT to believe. And that's what they want YOU to believe.

Media and people are biased. They completely ignore all the great things about Japan that utterly put the rest of the world to shame, as well as all of their own terrible atrocities. Why? Because they don't want to feel bad about them. It feels a lot better to just attack other countries, doesn't it?

To further illustrate how narrow-minded your comment is: have you ever considered that your concerns would be the complete opposite had the other side emerged victorious in World War 2? That's how much your beliefs are influenced by the world around you. You're little more than a puppet letting its master pull its strings.

As an example of problems that people conveniently ignore, I've read that the U.S. government agencies run a large number of child pornography sites. I don't know how true that is, but I can see possible motives: to demonize men, and to "catch" criminals.

They create problems and then solve them. It makes citizens feel "safer" and "proud" of their country. They can't instil that obedience into the populace if there aren't any problems, can they?

Another example is the Amanda Todd suicide, of which I'm sure you already know of. I don't know how many of those details are true, but that case highlights the ineffectiveness of current Western/International laws and organizations designed to help those kinds of victims. They had several tips about her and did nothing.

The Amanda Todd case ESPECIALLY underscores that bullying-leading-to-suicide, as well as adults taking advantage of teen and pre-teen girls IS NOT LIMITED TO JAPAN like everyone everywhere seems to strongly believe. What was that about legal pedophilia in Japan? I can't hear you over the cries of all the child abuse victims worldwide!

I can cite lots more examples of problems that - contrary to popular belief - aren't limited only to Japan. Even moreso if related to religious groups, as previously pointed out.

So, as I've said many times before... we can't solve any of these problems if everyone's always only focusing on pointing fingers at others or specific social groups. I challenge you to identify the fundamental problems with society, instead of dwelling on the surface and digging around the bush.

Anonymous said...

@poster above this, its people like you who enable these fucking child molesters and sik bastards who keep the abuse of kids going, you need to do your homework as Japan is the biggest producer of kiddie porn in the world and it is still not illegal to posses that kind of stuff ... here is more evidence for you


Now Fuck off and stop kissing japans arse you little shit...

@anon 4.31 same goes for you, you fucking turd..

JAnonymous said...

Well, at least since one of those latest law here, it is illegal to possess any kind of stuff if it was downloaded illegaly, including CP.

I must say OT posts attract their fair share of dumb comments (mine included, of course).

Apolline said...

Hi, Ultraman and readers,

As a french woman, I am ashamed of this tacky word from this sportscaster.

In the name of french people, I apologize.

This statue is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

For Ruquier's sake I must tell you that his joke is not an offence in the mind of Frech people in general ... it s a joke and nothing is sacred in France. Don't forget we have killed our king and joked about almost everything.

You should have a look at the most finest humour we could have in Desproges who was very subtle (as opposed to Ruquier let us admit) but very extreme during his jokes. He died of Cancer like some of us in a near future here leaving in Japan.

During this program they merely recognized that the goal keeper was good and reminded people that Fukushima contamination was there for long. A sad reminder that triggers laugh.

And we will probably make a joke about the Pacific islands too ... still being offended by what happened .

Ho by the way English are also very good in this kind of humour.

Apolline said...

@ anonyme de 11h05 :

N'empêche, Ruquier est un con...L'humour français vole bien bas.

VyseLegendaire said...

I'm disappointed at the sidelined comment streams this blog seems to attract every time.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:35 PM
I feel sorry for wasting my time trying to reason with an illiterate ignoramus who can only prove their point by hurling as many insults at others as possible. I should have known better.

Sorry. It's mainly my fault. I'll make an effort to not de-rail comments anymore.

Anonymous said...

Et l'effet cocaïne, on n'en parle pas ?

Anonymous said...

"@anon 4.31 same goes for you, you fucking turd."

Typical response from an expert in perverts.

Stuart Wilde is full of shit and so are you, do they use child rape to force false confessions from prisoners in Japan because they do that in Uzbekistan. Have 53.22% of children reported having faced sexual abuse in Japan because according to Ministry of Women and Child Development that's the number in India. South Africa has some of the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world are you a South African trying to deflect blame?

No, I bet you're from the UK since Wilde is a crumpet muncher let's see.

U.K. Police Arrest 76 Suspected Pedophiles


OOPS, It was actually 99 people the UK is so full of kid touchers they can't keep count.

UK: Police raid leads to 99 arrests of pedophiles


The UK loves their pedophiles so much they won't even let them pay for their crimes.

U.K. blocks extradition of accused pedophile Shawn Sullivan to Minnesota.


Terrorists And Pedophiles Get More Protection In UK Than Guy Who Hosted Links To TV Shows.

" In 2011, at least one terrorist – and possibly up to four – was allowed to stay, as well as up to eight killers and rapists. Also among the total were 20 robbers and up to eight paedophiles, plus as many as four people convicted of firearms offences.

In 2010, the Home Office conceded in the cases of up to four murderers and up to four people convicted of manslaughter, as well as up to four rapists, up to eight paedophiles and 43 people convicted of violent crime or robbery."

I wonder if it is the same 8 people or if they come over on package tours knowing their crimes are safe as long as they make it back home before any charges pop up?


BTW, Stuart Wilde is a turd huffing metaphysical crystal humping douche and a con-artist to boot!


Even the tinhat crowd over at godlikeproductions knows Wilde's "philosophy" is as queer as a three dollar bill.


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