Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Clean, crisp performance, fit for the first winter morning of the new year.

Brandenburgische Konzert No.3, G-Dur, Allegro, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Karl Richter, dirigent, mit Muenchner Bach Orchester

When I played this piece, I wondered how the middle development section would end and connect back to the theme in recapitulation. When that happened, it was by brute force, going from g-minor to the original G-Major without any preamble. The composer just did it, so to speak.

I remember chuckling, almost laughing, in admiration of the composer, as I was playing the particular passage. The conductor looked at me like I was crazy.


Mike said...

Happy New Year, Ultraman!


LC Douglass said...

Happy New Year - thanks for running such a great blog. Lovely music, wish there was more Bach in the world and less Fukushima.

sean mcgee said...

happy new year to you admin
thanks for all your great posts
keep up the great work
i luv bach
arclight (aka)

m a x l i said...

That video fits well within the overall theme of this blog because it, too, shows what mankind (and womankind) is capable of.

I showed it to my wife hinting at that phenomenal conductor who is conducting and playing that keyboard instrument at the same time - because she always says, men cannot do multitasking. :¬)

She's still not convinced. :¬(

Many thanks, AREVAMIRPAL::LAPRIMAVERA, for the great work you hopefully never get tired doing.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

LOL maxli... The conductor also played organ with 5 keyboards and the foot pedals.

Happy new year to all of you, thanks for reading.

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