Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OT: "The BBC Is a Plague on Man"

A nice concise summary of what the BBC is by Travis Holte, from LRC Blog at Lewrockwell.com (1/22/2013):

The BBC Is a Plague on Man

Each year the serfs of the UK are coerced out of billions to fund the British Broadcasting Corporation. What do they get for their money? How about a children's presenter who turns out to be a satanic pedophile? They got about forty years of that guy. They also get an unquestioning government mouthpiece for all its wars, a propaganda arm of the State for pretty much anything the oligarchs want. If you are a Malthusian you can expect a long and illustrious career for the BBC. If it turns out you are not, they'll snuff you out. Need further evidence of their ties to the State? Check out this story on the MI5 vetting their prospective hires.


Anonymous said...

Need further evidence of their ties to the State? Check out this story on the MI5 vetting their prospective hires.

mi5 also are dealing with the domestic extremist database

i am on it :)

not dead yet though my vehicle insurance went up 180 percent.. :(

anyway the bbc cant even tell us about the french gas leak that can be smelt all over london. because it might hurt their corporate friends in the fossil fuel industry... the best coverage is on enenews..

oh and admin the link to that election story is here with a link on it to the original japanese story on the court case..


sorry it took so long to get back to you,, hope this link is ok with your firewall.. nuclear-news.net has good grades on google but the virus softwares use smaller engines that seem to think it is a virus... go figure.. its been going for 7 years?? and google gives it a good reference? even my ant virus software gives me the warning sign on occasion??

paranoia creeping in!! ;)
back to bbc bashing
ian goddard here

and if you think goddard was wrong the BBC Trust’s editorial standards committee thought ian was right too! (this little bit of info was not mentioned by the main stream.. so still no deaths from chernobyl more or less


and this was disgusting in its timing and in what it was trying to say

and if you are brave enough to hit the continue when your antivirus firewall says NO GO you will find a ppiece on the cover up of the semi in khazakstan.. according to a quick replacement to the premier talk in london, geraldine thomas (who said she would destroy the thyroid samples of the children of fukushima) said that deformities etc are due to cigarettes and alcohol.. the old nuclear get out.. anyway on that last article i try to show the connections between britain and kahazakstan and the reason for geraldine replacing the genetisist.. geraldine was trolled out for fukushima and has been the nuclear PR apologist.. a nasty piece of work that hacked my vodaphone and the police wouldnt allow vodaphone to trace the ip..
im not taking it personal though ::
article is worth a look!! ;)
got more on her too!
for another day maybe
hope all is well here on the blog

Anonymous said...

had to add this

From a jersey island blogger….
This is why governments, oppressive regimes, security forces and mafias around the world love child abuse. They simply love it. No other criminal activity, no matter how bad, is as foul, or gives such “leverage”, such “ownership” – such control – over those who commit it. And once a person has acted so despicably, or shown an unhealthy interest in the under-age or those on the borderline, or has failed to prevent the crimes, and instead helped to conceal them – then that person is “owned”. Forever more.


Whoever holds the “currency” of your despicable secrets, owns you.


It’s easy to see, is it not, just how terribly, terribly – err – complicated things become. Especially when so much child abuse has been concealed by so many for so long. It is an inevitable consequence of permitting such system-failure – of allowing child protection failures to be heaped upon child abuses, to be heaped upon child abuse concealments, without corrective intervention – that your entire system of public administration becomes contaminated, and bound by a corporate, shared interest in concealing the truth.

some background info and recent coverups just before the saville thing came to light and a look at the finance connection that mentions glencore and tony blair :) wonder why i am on the domestic extremist database then?

and nuclear-news is being sued by palladin too! via ashursts australia via uk maybe?

This web-site is under attack! Paladin have set Ashursts Australia on Christina, the owner of this blog and antinuclear.net has been asked to remove an article.. Paladin have succesfully "cleansed" the main stream media companies web-sites off the article..there is a propaganda war going on as well as a number of military ones.. At least the "war for resources" is no longer being denied.. its just not being discussed at all! The PR companies are working at full tilt to smooth the situation over. Thank you Christina for your dedication and compassion in helping to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from the VERY greedy and ignorant profiteers ..
Sean Arclight


not easy this blogging lark!!
i will sa no more..

Anonymous said...

oh and admin the data on the election article has been updated just now.. so its good you waited.. :)

Anonymous said...

somewhere in the bowls of the British Television Machine the truth is to starting to ooze out.
wonder if these sudden nuclear attacks R to wipe out emergent truth.
recent historical pieces have suddenly become watchable,
such as The British, which spoke to time line slavery of subjects of commonwealth w/ apex:
which was the bankster scandal of that era. Other series that came out in the fall2012
also traced roots of Anglo Saxon=English language to Nordic conquerers & enslavers.
gatekeeper=TheGuardiaN tried to attack 2 similar series in the vein as racist
The Paradise & True Story of Life Below Stairs.
the explict story of The Paradise is bankster control of everything through money & ends w/ what is
an actual suicide rejection by the protaganist of the bankster money. after last scene of The Paradise
the BBC announcer intones "what a wonderful ending to a totally charming series" which in itself
is an act of defiance. in some real world that may exist somewhere a choice tantamount to
suicide may not be a happy ending.
since race was explictly addressed in the historical The British,
TheGuardiaN insert into the article that these series ommision of sexual depravity as a negative
is the only "factual=fatuous" line of attack it is left w/

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of around the time the BBC pedophilia first came to light, there was a strange commenter here who repeatedly tried to blame the world's pedophilia on Japan, as if he was in denial over the BBC scandal.

I think he was from England, because he kept linking an English guy's blog in a poor attempt to add weight to his nonsense, before throwing a fit and cussing out anyone who attempted to reason with him and explain the facts.

Anyway... yes, the BBC is full of shit.

June Birch said...

I am English. I don't trust the BBC to tell the truth or, more sinisterly, to attempt to tell the truth over nuclear issues. I expected there to be a denial of the facts about the explosions at Fukushima at the time of the earthquake, and there was. Many of us have written to the BBC about their bias shown in programmes, to no avail. What I find irritating is that they have such a reputation for telling the truth abroad. I live in hope that one day they will change... Meantime I never go there for the truth, unless it's something like a weather report,.. which might or might not be wrong.

Anonymous said...

But those plum accents are all worth it! The BBC does come up with some good serial dramas, such as City of Vice with the guy who created Darth Vadar, very well done, some parts of it.

But yeah, BBC news is a pile of shite, simple as that. Lies, lies, lies.

And who controls the BBC? Not sure, maybe the Rothschilds, uh, duh, but no doubt about who controls the US media: See: David Duke on the Rense radio network.

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