Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#Radioactive Japan: Fukushima to Export More Fukushima Produce to Thailand

In addition to "premium" peaches and apples from Fukushima's contaminated middle third (Nakadori), pears and persimmons will be added to delight the wealthy Thais.

As long as the fruits are tested and radioactive cesium is less than 100 Bq/kg, they are as safe as they can get, as far as Fukushima Prefecture and the Japanese government are concerned.

In 2012, pears grown and harvested in Fukushima tested maximum 14.74 Bq/kg (Minamisoma City), and persimmons 86.9 Bq/kg (from Date City), according to the Fukushima Prefectural government. The tests were sampling tests only.

I wonder what the Thais get in return. More low-interest loans from Japan, I suppose.

From Fukushima Minpo (1/16/2013):

県産農産物のタイ輸出を本格化 世界に安全性アピール ナシ、カキ追加

Larger scale export of Fukushima's produce to Thailand to commence, pears and persimmons to be added, to advertise safety [of the Fukushima produce] to the world


Fukushima Prefecture will ramp up the export of agricultural produce grown in Fukushima to Thailand in the fiscal 2013. Thailand is the only foreign country that accepts produce from Fukushima after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. By expanding the export to Thailand, [the prefectural government] wants to resume export to China and Taiwan. The plan was revealed in the policy research committee [of the prefectural government].


In addition to peaches and apples [that were exported to Thailand] in 2012, pears and persimmons will be exported. They will be sold to the wealthy at high-end department stores and shopping malls. Safety and high quality will be the selling points, with which the prefectural government hopes to resume export to Asian countries. Officials from Fukushima's JA [agricultural producer co-op] will visit Thailand in mid January to discuss with Thai officials on market development.


China, Taiwan, South Korea and other Asian countries have stopped import from Fukushima since the nuclear accident, but Thailand allows the import on condition that the produce be tested for radioactive materials. In 2012, 900 kilograms of peaches and 360 kilograms of apples were exported to Thailand, and they were sold out.

Fukushima Minpo also reports that the hula girls from Hawaiian Center in Iwaki City will tour elementary schools throughout Japan to tell 3rd, 4th graders how Fukushima has wonderfully rebounded from the disaster. The purpose of course is to eradicate "baseless rumors" and bring more tourists to Fukushima.


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