Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apples from #Fukushima to Be Exported to Thailand

(UPDATE) I think I know why Fukushima has targeted Thailand. While China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunai still ban the import of Fukushima produce, Thailand only requires certificates of radiation testing. In the same category as Thailand are Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. (See the PDF from the Ministry of Agriculture, cache captured by this blog.)


Rejoice, wealthy residents of Bangkok! In addition to peaches from Fukushima, now you can buy apples from Fukushima at an inflated price.

Fukushima Minpo (11/11/2012) just reported (I saw the headline at Kyodo News):

モモに続いてリンゴも輸出 本県産、今月にもタイへ

Following peaches, Fukushima apples to be exported to Thailand, starting this month


Fukushima Prefecture will start exporting apples grown in the prefecture to Thailand, starting later this month. Apples will be sold at a large commercial complex in the Thai capitol Bangkok. The prefectural government planned the apple export after the peaches from Fukushima were well received. Officials in charge in the prefectural government is in high spirits, saying "After our peaches, the apples will help promote the Fukushima's produce as safe and delicious."


Fuji apple, entering the prime harvest season, will be exported. They will be harvested by fruits farmers in the northern part of Fukushima, and exported after the safety is confirmed by the radiation testing. Just like peaches, they will be sold at a large commercial complex in Bangkok.


Fukushima peaches were first to be exported after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. They were sold out, fetching 700 yen (US$10) a piece.


After the nuclear accident, east Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Taiwan have halted the import of almost all produce from Fukushima.

I see. So they have targeted Southeast Asian countries. Thailand, of all places, whose citizens and royal family have been very friendly to Japan.

Northern Fukushima where the apples will come from is the same area where the peaches came. Quickly checking the official monitoring (= sampling) test of apples in Fukushima, there are apples found with small amount of radioactive cesium this year:

  • Fukushima City: 11.87 Bq/kg

  • Date City: 8.33 Bq/kg (cesium-137 only)

  • Koori-machi (famous for peaches offered to the imperial family): 17.63 Bq/kg

  • Nihonmatsu City: 18.68 Bq/kg

  • Koriyama City: 10.08 Bq/kg

They look to be one-third to half the levels of last year.


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