Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#Radioactive Japan's Olympic Gibberish (UPDATED with Japanese Message Translation)

Even the Japanese are dismayed at the Olympic message in Japanese by the Tokyo Metropolitan government, fully endorsed by the Abe pork-cutlet-curry government, which reads like fluffy TV commercial copy by the nation's top ad agency.

The Japanese message says, "Japan needs the power of Olympics! Olympics gives us dream, and the dream gives us power... Let's show to the world how strong we are!"

Uh... if Japan is so "strong", why do you need Olympics to give them "power"?

That aside, the English version exists, and though it is not the translation of the Japanese (which I may do later) it is equally bad if not worse.

It's an arrogant gibberish, and it's not even grammatically correct either.

Here's from Tokyo 2020 Candidate City website, which I had to transcribe because the message is in jpeg (how much more demented can it be? Oh I forgot about Goshi Hosono's message...). I couldn't help commenting, in square brackets in blue italic:

(The original text is centered; it has deliberate line breaks for whatever poetic effect that the ad agency intended, but I couldn't care less. So the line breaks are not original.)

Tokyo 2020

Japan has a long and distinguished history as part of the global sporting community.

[So what? Are you saying that the Japan's history is only about being part of the global sporting community?]

Our athletes first competed at the Olympic Games exactly 100 years ago, in 1912.

[So what? Besides, 1912 is not "exactly" 100 years ago either.]

We proudly hosted the Games in Tokyo in 1964, demonstrating the power of sport as a domestic catalyst for change and international agent for friendship and understanding.

[So you used the Olympic to build highways and other infra. So what?]

Now, we want to renew the success. We want to use the 2020 Games as a catalyst for development and progress at home, and an instrument for bringing the world closer together.

[I don't think you "renew" success. Besides, what success? Why should the rest of the world care?]

This bid has been given extra importance because of the tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We have a responsibility to inspire and unite the entire population behind a common goal - and a vision for the future.

[The bid has been given extra importance? Who has given it extra importance? You have. Who has called it tragic? You have. Unite the entire population behind a common goal? You mean "the common goal", maybe? Like on the eve of the World War II, maybe?]

Tokyo 2020 will see new sporting and other development in the world's largest and most spectacular and urban areas. And global friendships renewed by Games of excellence and real excitement. Together, with new generations.

The 1st round of Olympic soccer would be hosted by the disaster-affected areas in Tohoku (Miyagi, for one), and the torch relay would travel the length of Fukushima Prefecture, according to the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee.


(UPDATE) Here's what the message (aka gibberish) in Japanese (a png file, for a change) says:

Right now, Nippon [Japan]
needs the power of this dream.

Olympics and Paralympics give us a dream.
A dream gives us power.
Power builds our future.
We need this power right now.
To be as one.
To be strong.
Let's tell the world how strong Japan is.
Because we're sure the world will be encouraged.

Now, let's [have] 2020 Olympics/Paralympics in Nippon!

Oh boy. This is beyond gibberish. It's sad.


Anonymous said...

My dream is a nuclear free Japan. That would offer strength and renewal after the LDP-assited tragedy of the TEPCO's triple meltdown.

Spending huge amounts of money to further develop an overpopulated, radiation-contaminated metropolis, sitting on the convergence of three tectonic plates and overdue for a massive earthquake is frankly a stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
olympic games are needed by the illuminati for their satanic Cabalistic Zionist Ahkenazi rituals, what better place than a dying country, the new black plague brought on by corporo ecocidal robotic maniacs.
there's another Japan there someone amongst the people, but that is not what the Olympricks are on about, on the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Right now, Nippon [Japan]
needs the power of this delusion.

Olympics and Paralympics give us a delusion.
A delusion gives us false confidence.
False confidence builds our future.
We need this false confidence right now.
To be as none.
To be wrong.
Let's tell the world how wrong Japan is.
Because we're sure the world will be discouraged.

Now, let's [have] 2920 Olympics/Paralympics in Nippon! (It should be safe by then)

Anonymous said...

I say let them host the olympics, then we can watch them squirm when large numbers of international athletes and audiences start getting sick.

Anonymous said...

Let them squirm when a horde of journalists, tourists arrive there with personal survey meters and start measuring everywhere.

VyseLegendaire said...

I can imagine a massive mega-quake hitting Tokyo during the Olympics, triggering yet another meltdown or worse. Who in their right mind would enter that nation right now on its current trajectory? These are the Delusion Olympics going on right now In the Nippon.

Anonymous said...

@Arevamirpal: I think this post is a bit too pessimistic. Such redaction style for a candidacy is normal for marketing purposes - you wouldn't expect them to write "come to depressing, shrinking Japan", wouldn't you? Even if the olympics are deeply flawed, all is not so bad!

@8.1 10:27: that's actually a very good argument for the olympics - a lot of foreigners will come and make radiation measurements, and, whatever the results are, maybe the Japanese will trust them more than the official values. By 2020, J-village may even be available to host events…

Anonymous said...

anon above, you seem to have been in japan a bit too long.

シゲル said...
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シゲル said...

alternative form:

"and progress _atom_, and an instrument for bringing the world_'s closets_ together."

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