Tuesday, April 2, 2013

(OT) UN Goes For Guns

Drudge Report page image (4/2/2013)

Mr. Obama wants to use more executive orders, bypass the Congress and create sweeping gun-control legislation. Mr. Obama's supporters urge him to do so.

I guess there is nothing better to do for these people.

Meanwhile, town of Nelson in Georgia passed the law requiring the head of each household to own a gun to keep crime down.

It is very interesting that in the both sides of the Pacific Ocean (the US and Japan) the current administrations are eager to trash their respective Constitutions.

In case of Japan, members of LDP want to ditch "inalienable fundamental human right" in their Constitution, and replace it with certain rights as long as citizens fulfill their obligations. They want to ditch the Article 9, so that they can send the Self Defense Force to wars being fought by Japan's allies (i.e. the US).

After LDP and its coalition partners win majority in the Upper House election in July (it's a given, because of the disarray of the remaining opposition), "amending" the Constitution will be the first thing they will do. Shintaro Ishihara, who says he's recovered from a minor stroke, and his sidekick boy-wonder mayor of Osaka who looks increasingly tired and petulant will be more than happy to cooperate.


Maju said...

"It is very interesting that in the both sides of the Pacific Ocean (the US and Japan) the current administrations are eager to trash their respective Constitutions".

If what you mean is human rights and civil liberties, you can add Europe into the equation. All is part of a process of constitution of the Empire which is not really new but did get a major push since September 2001 with the pretext of the "war on terror". A key part of the process is concentration of the media and financial capital in few hands.

Formal democracy as we used to know it fulfilled a role when the USSR and worker revolution was felt as a threat. Today that is not felt as a threat anymore and they can cancel all the social pact. This really comes from the 1980s when Thatcher and Reagan initiated the long-term operation who was: (1) weaken the unions, (2) dismantle the Soviet bloc and (3) create a credit bubble to keep the illusion of successful happy Capitalism for a while longer (even if the situation was already bad back in the day).

With Bush Jr. and Obama the deal is much worse: totalitarian police state with the pretext of war against the diffuse threat of "terrorism" and Third World populations which are being used as pretext for imperialist interventions and domestic scapegoating. Never mind that entities like the ghostly Al Qaeda are essentially financed and organized by the Empire itself, usually via its Muslim vassals (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Pakistan): they are useful scary sockpuppets for direct interventions like the one in Mali or alternatively cannon fodder for indirect interventions like the ones in Lybia and Syria.

But the most clear aspect of this Imperial constitution we are suffering is domestic: the destruction of society and a gradual but fast-paced transition to a dictatorial regime by the banksters and similar mafiosi big bourgeois.

Anonymous said...

Drudge report is like believing the drunk at the end of the bar. This sounds more like unfounded gun nut paranoia.

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