Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spain's Prime Minister Rajoy: EU Countries Must Accept to Give Up Sovereignty

We're all "global citizens", I guess. I'm sure he well represents his people.

EU über alles.

Germany wins, as its economy sputters.

From Zero Hedge (4/23/2013; emphasis is original):

Spain's Rajoy Yields To Merkel, Agrees That EU Countries Must Cede Sovereignty

In what seems like a bow to his overlords in Berlin, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has unleashed a somewhat remarkable torrent of terrible realization and truthiness:





  • *EU countries’ giving up sovereignty to the bloc is crucial for its future

In other words, handing over your liberty to Germany is for your own good. It seems the German perspective (as we noted here) is winning out.


Anonymous said...

Stinking Socialism?

Anonymous said...

What has this to do with socialism?
Giving up sovereignty to non elected bodies (EU in the first place) stinks of fascism, if anything.

Maju said...

"In other words, handing over your liberty to Germany is"... a fact.

That seems to be the bottom line. Nothing new in fact. IV Reich bumpy road ahead.

"... for your own good".

For as much as I do not care at all about Spain's sovereignty or even existence. This is certainly NOT for the good of any Europeans, except the 1% top tier (banksters and such).

It is a bit ironical anyhow that Mariano the Pathetic made those remarks precisely in the yearly commemoration of the Comunero uprising, who were opposing the same kind of German Imperial policies by the hand of Merkel's predecessor Kaiser Charles V and his Flemish (i.e. Belgian) court.

(PS - no "socialism" at all in this imperial bankster project, Anonymous: raw old school capitalism instead).

Anonymous said...

It's not capitalism. It's imperialism.

Holy Roman Empire
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Prussian Empire
Third Reich
Now? Merkel/EU/ECB/IMF/(Fed) Empire

Anonymous said...

Let's not mix the third Reich 10 years madness with organizations that lasted hundreds of years.
Also let's not mix financial institutions with countries, even if country goverments have been so corrupt to yield the privilege of printing money to the banks.

Anonymous said...

After 100yrs of trying to conquer Europe, they're bitchin about the cost! I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:44PM, Uh...So if it lasts for more than 10 years somehow it is supposed to be good? And your reasoning for not mixing financial institutions with nations? They are inseparable at this point.

VyseLegendaire said...

All your base are belong to EU?

Maju said...

"It's not capitalism. It's imperialism".

Capitalism is essentially imperialist. I could quote Lenin on this matter, of course, but just look at how Swiss companies colonize Chattisgarh in India. I mention this example because Switzerland has been known as a non-imperialist state, yet its capitalist corporations behave in an imperialist manner anyhow.

Capitalism is predatory and needs an ever growing supply of resources, which are obtained via imperialism/colonialism of various sorts, as well as ever-growing markets (more complicated but often using the same imperialist means).

Fascism or other forms of imperialism are just particular solutions in this much more general scheme. For example the USA has never ceased expanding since its independence.

"Let's not mix the third Reich 10 years madness with organizations that lasted hundreds of years".

The III Reich was in essence a project to make Europe, especially Eastern Europe, into the colonial empire of Germany. Its failure, in the context of the Cold War, was substituted by EU integration, Marshall plan, etc. This prevented that Germany and Italy (and Japan in the East in a very similar way) could lean to the Soviet camp, much more egalitarian also in the international relations aspect. The cost was and is still being paid by the former colonies, very especially Africa (in the case of Europe).

The III Reich is a bit anomalous but it's not essentially different from other imperialist projects in Germany and elsewhere: the British Empire was the main inspiration for Hitler's Germany (Russia as Germany's "India") and the USA for fascist Japan ("Asia for the Asians", i.e. for Japan).

Anonymous said...

You gotta remember Germany is another Vassal of Jewish finance.

Anonymous said...

The third Reich long term plan wasn't to have colonies but to exterminate local population and replace it with aryans (Germans). They got started with Jews but the idea was to move on with Slavic populations and eventually the whole world. The final solution, lebensraum and all that.
Obviously the plan faced severe challenges, some opposition and suffered from lack of economical and military resources (navy and to a lesser extent air force).
The classic system of squeezing resources from the colonies and have the locals work for you, host your military, buy your debt and eat your cesium is far more efficient.

Maju said...

The Nazi plan was to create colonies and their racist ideology served essentially that purpose. Read and learn (I'd recommend Heinz Dieterich but there are many other sources): it's not the same an ideology as a plan.


Anyhow, for the record: in 3 hrs there is called a massive "surround the congress" demo in Madrid. Their goal is to force the government to resign.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Spain's unemployment at all time high at 27.16% http://www.france24.com/en/20130425-spanish-unemployment-rate-record-2716

Youth employment would be double that, at least. The France24 article says Mr. Rajoy has a new plan to unveil on Friday.

(That's like Baldric telling Blackadder, "I have an idea..." )

Anonymous said...

what I reported is taken from William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, it's not like I made it up or got it from Saving Private Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I agree that Hitler did have the support of its military-industrial complex (although Germany was rather cash strapped at the time) but the way the Nazi tried to squeeze resources out of ever expanding military activity looks to me more like a badly planned robbery than colonialism.
Finally, the ancient empires (Persian, Roman, Arab) were also ever expanding but capitalism (industry, banks) was yet to be invented. Religions too tend to expand as much as possible. I doubt that the Mr Creosotish grab-resources-until-you-collapse pattern is typical of capitalism alone.

Maju said...

I have no idea who's that Shirer, sorry. The Nazis had explicit plans to conquer Russia to at least the "A-A line" (i.e. Arkanghelsk-Astrakhan), which they considered enough to satisfy their general war needs. They had racist plans to transform most Slavic peoples into underdeveloped worker castes over which they'd rule like masters, as the British did in India. Russia was to be "the India of Germany" and they were quite close to achieve it (just that Mussolini had other plans and delayed the Barbarossa Operation with his pathetic intervention against Greece, gaining for the USSR very valuable months).

Furthermore, when they almost achieved it, c. 1941, the US think tanks estimated that the III Reich (including allies) had more economic self-sufficiency than the the US and British imperial spheres together (Latin America included, of course). They considered then necessary to intervene against Japan because they needed all East Asia to keep some advantage over Germany. Japan knew that eventually and therefore attacked Pearl Harbor (while the Pentagon pretended not to know intently).


In a separate note: 1400 riot police smashed the attempt to "besiege Congress" today in Madrid, as well as a student University occupation earlier in the morning. There were fire barricades in some streets of Madrid some hours ago.

Anonymous said...

I for one expect the Inquisition.

Maju said...

Me too for I live in the Basque Country and I know well the violence of the militarist states of Spain and France: the Inquisition never stopped, only changed names.

Anonymous said...

I have an Ikurriña tucked away somewhere.

Another Celtic Horse people,like the Iceni(Ickney).

Here at Uffington there is the famous White Horse.

Compare the coinage of Barscunes.


And Iceni.


Very Picasso.

Anonymous said...

On another note can you imagine the cheers when the Picts got to hear that the boyish lover of Hadrian had fallen in the Nile to his doom!?

Anonymous said...

Even the Judeans were revolting,still are,but they are now drawn from an entirely different gene pool.

Hillbillies from the Urals.

Anonymous said...

you can easily look up William Shirer on Google; his work is rather famous and his book has been written some time ago but is still quite interesting. Shirer started working on Nazism was an american correspondent in Nazi Germany before the war.

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