Thursday, May 9, 2013

Triump Japan Introduces "Branomics" Bra, Guaranteed to Increase the Seeming Volume by 2%

No, April Fool's Day was on April 1.

I thought it was a joke or fake news until I saw the bra maker's spokeswoman who looks bored to death explaining how wonderful the new bra is, how it matches the new era of (seeming) prosperity under Prime Minister Abe.

At the height of the real estate bubble in Japan in the 1980s, I don't think I saw anything like this.

News clip from NTD TV:

I thought ANA's maid cafe video was bad enough.

Three miniature arrows under the girls' golden bras have tiny tags that say "intelligence", "prosperity", and the third one which is covered by "triump" tag and I can't read; they are to signify the three core policies of so-called "Abenomics".

"2%" of course refers to the avowed target of inflation that Abe and Kuroda want to unleash on the Japanese public and which is sold as "price stabilization". Just as these girls look to be in need of more than 2% boost, Japanese consumers have already been hit with price increases far greater than 2% on certain items (McDonald hamburger, for one, toilet paper for another).

But as Tyler at Zero Hedge (who has this video) says,

The analogy of an exogenous force maintaining a natural force at an unsustainable size is just too easy - as, just as in the real-life, at some point that 'supportive bra' of monetary policy has be removed.

So what's next? Is there any plan for men's underwear?


Hélios said...

"Triumph" underwear is very popular in France.

Wiki : founded in Germany in 1886, "Triumph International" is international underwear leader.

Bras :

For men :

Have you learn something ? :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope those girls won't develop breast cancer by living in radioactive Japan!!... :( And stop sending it over here (USA), PLEASE!!...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is not biting satire on Abenomics? (Aside, 2 % more volume means third-root of 2 % linear size increase, thats 0.66 %.)

I'd really like to know what Alisa said...


Anonymous said...

2% compounded annually for 40 years is 221% inflation!!! In 100 yrs, it is 724% inflation--that is the severity of exponential growth that few people in general seem to understand.

Nothing can grow exponentially like that forever, not even the human race.

Nature seems to always choose balance, equilibrium, harmony, and stability over physical growth.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Anon at 3:52PM, since the birth of the current Federal Reserve in the US, a dollar lost more than 95% of value.

One dollar in 1913 has the same buying power as $23 in 2013. Inflation one order of magnitude higher.

Fun calculator at the US BLS:

wren said...

The old president of Wacoal lingerie was a rightist in favor of making the Emperor leader of Japan, amongst other things.

It would be nice to see his bra designs for a new Japan, but he passsed away.

Anonymous said...

I wonder(-bra) what the Triumph girls breats size would be in 40 or even 100 years.
Wish them poor kids good luck after all.

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