Monday, June 10, 2013

CA Governor Jerry Brown to Meet Osaka Governor Matsui, Who Wants to "Explain" Hashimoto's Remarks on Comfort Women to Correct "Misunderstanding"

I'm surprised that Governor Brown is willing to see Mr. Matsui, particularly when City of San Francisco denied, in no uncertain terms, Osaka City Mayor Toru Hashimoto an official visit to the city precisely because of Hashimoto's comments on "comfort women" that blew up spectacularly on his face outside Japan (and he doesn't even realize it).

Governor Matsui, Boy-wonder's sidekick in Japan Restoration Party, has just departed for the US, and one of the main objectives of the trip (if not the only objective) is to persuade Americans that they are mistaken about Boy-wonder's comments about "comfort women" and Japanese sex industry.

To kick-start his tour of the US, Matsui will be meeting with Governor Jerry Brown of California in the morning on June 11. He says he wants to use the opportunity to explain Mayor Hashimoto's position.

What Governor Brown could do is to openly laugh at Matsui, and end the conversation.

From Kyodo News (6/10/2013):

松井大阪府知事、米国へ出発 慰安婦発言説明に意欲

Osaka Governor Matsui departs for the US, eager to explain [Hashimoto's] comments on comfort women


Secretary General of Japan Restoration Party and Governor of Osaka Prefecture Ichiro Matsui departed from Kansai Airport for San Francisco in the afternoon on June 10, to study the management of big cities in the United States. Criticism persists in the US over the remarks by Osaka City Mayor and co-President of Japan Restoration Party on comfort women and suggestion to the US military to utilize Japan's sex industry. Mr. Matsui says he is eager to "clear the misunderstanding" of American people.


The first such opportunity will be the meeting in the morning of June 11 with California Governor Brown. Toru Nakahara, Osaka Prefecture's Superintendent of Education and Mr. Hashimoto's friend since their college days, will accompany Matsui. Since Mr. Nakahara worked in the US as an attorney, he will join in the conversation if a subtle expression [in English] is required.

Osaka residents are footing the bill, of course.


Anonymous said...

The residents would be footing the bill if Japan were a democracy. However, once taxes are paid, they are not the residents' money any more, they are the politician's money.

A similar mechanism applies to general elections: even if 70% of the Japanese think their country should get out of nuclear generation as soon as possible once they elect some one like Abe then the choice is his, not the citizen's any more.

VyseLegendaire said...

Osaka city motto: 'When you're in a hole, keep on digging!'

Anonymous said...

Vyse: Of course. Who knows, eventually you may come out on the other side.

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