Saturday, June 29, 2013

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: 3,000 Bq/Liter All-Beta (including Strontium) from a New Observation hole Near Reactor 1-2 Turbine Building

(UPDATE 6/29/2013) Tritium number for the same hole, as announced by TEPCO: 430,000 Bq/liter

Safety standard for tritium in water discharged from a nuclear power plant is 60,000 Bq/liter.


Having been severely criticized by the press and scolded by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, TEPCO decided to release the data as soon as they got the number for all-beta, instead of waiting a month for the result of strontium.

Good to know they are capable of some learning.

From a new observation hole, they found all-beta at 3,000 Bq/liter that includes radioactive strontium.

See my post on 6/18/2013 for the initial announcement of finding high levels of tritium and strontium in groundwater near the Reactor 1-2 turbine building.

From TEPCO's email alert for the press, 6/29/2013:

セシウム134 ND(0.41 Bq/L)
セシウム137 ND(0.51 Bq/L)
全ベータ 3,000 Bq/L

(New) groundwater observation hole No.1-1
Sample collected on June 28
Cesium-134 ND (0.41 Bq/L)
Cesium-137 ND (0.51 Bq/L)
All beta: 3,000 Bq/L

From the previous data on all-beta and strontium, half or more of 3,000 Bq/liter may be from strontium. The safety standard for strontium in discharge water from a nuclear power plant is 30 Bq/liter.

TEPCO is announcing the numbers in liters, instead of cm3, even though the sample amounts are likely to be small. The radioactivity of ocean water is measured in liters, and safety standards for water discharged from a nuclear power plant are specified in liters.


Anonymous said...

in this paper on page 5 there is a correlation of strontium to all beta nuclides.
But I think the reality is even worse

Anonymous said...

OT. How long is 40 or 70 years ?
The Register has an interesting article in the case of IT for NPP.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article Phiphi. Will the PDP11 hardware spare parts suppliers provide support for 40/70 years? If the hard disk goes bust, will there be any maker providing a replacement with the same hw interface? And how about a software driver for PDP11?


Anonymous said...

Beppe, all these questions are discussed in the comments. A bit geeky, though.

Anonymous said...

Is there any status on Yasuhiro Sonoda, who drank radiated water November 2011?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Sonoda lost in the December 2012 Lower House election. No recent news.

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