Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Leak of 300-Tonne RO Waste Water at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Could Kill TEPCO's Groundwater Bypass Plan

I just posted the article that the head of Fukushima's fisheries associations has agreed to the government/TEPCO plan of "groundwater bypass".

However, there are two problems.

First, the drains near the H4 area where the leaking RO (reverse osmosis) waste water tank is located are general-use drains, and they go out to the ocean OUTSIDE the plant port, as I show in the black arrow in the upper right corner in the map below:

So far, the water in the drains have little radioactive materials, and no radioactive materials have been detected in the seawater in the south of the plant, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in the August 21, 2013 meeting.

The second, and far more serious problem, I think, is that the location of the H4 area with at least one leaky tank is JUST TOO CLOSE to the 12 wells that TEPCO has dug for the groundwater bypass plan, to intercept and draw uncontaminated groundwater before it hits the reactor buildings.

Uh oh.

The TEPCO map with annotation, from @Kontan_Bigcat; English labels are by me:


Anonymous said...

Diagrams, pipes, charts, tanks,bequerels, stat lists, rats in machines, and so forth are all diversions from the real issues here which is the contamination of the pacific Ocean and the real possibility of huge scale radiation release from, those fuel rods.

Japan has chosen to dump its garbage on its own citizens through incineration, dump its garbage on other countries (waste disposal proposal for Mongolia), and now the communal body of water known as the Pacific Ocean.

Anonymous said...

It makes it clear that Tepco is just reacting on the symptomes of the triple exploded NPP's and has no plan whatsoever how to end this triple meltdowns.
Everybody is very busy now with this contaminated water, but the cause of all this is left out of the picture. Not a single word what they are going to do about that. So all these quick Tepco fixes of all of these symptomes are just a decoy, to keep you busy with that. So you don't realise that there is no fix for the cause of all of this and that is exactly what they want.
After this symptome, there will be something else, mark my words.

O yeah, Tepco said today that they did not have any plan why they store the contaminated water in tanks that could last max 5 years and there was no plan what to do with that contaminated water after 5 years. The plan was basicly just store it as cheap as possible (and than we let it leak, so we do not have it clean it, but that is the unofficial plan )
It makes it all very clear to me that Tepco knows that there is no solution to this desaster and just trying to gain time before all the sheeple starts to realise. All the top Tepco excutives are already living mainly abroad..
Sushi anyone ?

Anonymous said...

If you don't care about the trivial details like charts and diagrams, there are plenty of sites you can go and be thoroughly entertained, reading about essentially what you write (otherwise known as echo chamber).

Apolline said...

A little OT :

Exclusive interview of a woman who lived in Koriyama, talking about the brainwashing of radiation victims.
Firsthand account on NaturalNews :

Anonymous said...

@12:38, distractions to divert ..

.. so let's plug their effort into their larger picture,

"China and Japan led an exodus from U.S. Treasuries in June after the first signals the U.S. central bank was preparing to wind back its stimulus .. "

When I see Japanese media question the promotion of their seafood I'll begin to take their coverage of the contaminated water dump/leak seriously.

VyseLegendaire said...

Tepco's plans are piecemeal and this situation clearly reflects that. I do not expect any of the current measures to be anything other than temporary stop-gap measures because there is no comprehensive plan to re-route the leakage and water flows....yet.

I am more worried about the removal of the Unit 4 SFP fuel rods in November. If that situation goes wrong, then this leakage issue will be nothing but a drop in the bucket. We really have to fry the big fish here...

The water leakage situation can't be fixed unless something is done about the dilapidated makeshift storage tanks – remove, dump, or re-weld them, and then do a proper routing of the ground water from the mountains and then seal off the complex some way or another.

Either way the plans can be stymied by having these plastic kiddie pools holding radioactive water just waiting to burst and leak all over the place at any time.

Anonymous said...

Vyse, removing the unused fuel assemblies from the Reactor 4 SFP shouldn't be much of a problem. However, ...

The removal is being done "ahead of schedule" because of the international "pressure" from people who have screamed "Reactor 4 is falling like Tower of Pisa!" or "SFP is leaking from the bottom!", and enough Japanese people believed them even though these international experts showed no evidence. So the workers who are paid $100 a day without risk benefit have been made to work on the operating floor of that reactor to make haste.

Do you believe in hasty work? I don't, and I really resent those experts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all the diagrams, photos, other visuals that confirm how patch-work the whole operation is and diverts attention from the BIG ISSUE of those fuel rods sitting up on the roof......Can we get more on that?

Anonymous said...

@12:38, distractions to divert ..

Rod Serling as fish salesman,

Japanese new propaganda “Eat fish”
August 24th, 2012

The young of Japan treated as "emerging markets" in Abe's Overshoot,
“Emerging markets are in the eye of the storm,” said Stephen Jen at SLJ Macro Partners. “Their currencies are in grave danger. These things always overshoot.”
It was Fed tightening and a rising dollar that set off Latin America’s crisis in the early 1980s and East Asia’s crisis in the mid-1990s."

" .. A string of countries across the world are grappling with variants of the same problem, forced to pick their poison."

Abe, nukes, and "to pick their poison", indeed.

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