Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Fun and Farce: Telephone Game (or Flight of Imagination) Over #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Exhaust Stack

(UPDATE 9/22/2013) The person at least admits both exhaust stacks are still standing despite her belief, but still insists the situation is "equivalent to having been collapsed". It's beyond comprehension at this point.



"Part of the support structure of the exhaust stack for Reactors 1 and 2 was found to have been damaged" (TEPCO's announcement (in Japanese only) on September 18, 2013).

The radiation measurement near the bottom of the stack was over 10 Sieverts/hour when it was measured in August 2011 (here and here, for more info).

Japanese media quoted TEPCO as saying "There is no danger of the exhaust stack collapsing."

(From TEPCO's photos and videos library, 9/18/2013)


"Exhaust stack for Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuke Plant broke off and collapsed this morning, killing workers. Extremely high radiation of 10 Sieverts/hour is spreading rapidly, and no one can go near it. TEPCO has abandoned the plant. Radiation is spreading from the plant."


"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a secret order only to Tokyo University graduates to evacuate Kanto and escape to Kyushu and Okinawa"


"Aside from Tokyo University grads, only foreigners were told about it. Foreign embassies are in panic."

Ah the world is ending.

These all issued from someone who continues to insist the message she received from a Japanese living outside Japan and disseminated widely on Twitter is genuine and accurate (despite latching onto the wrong exhaust stack). After probably realizing (I hope) the exhaust stacks are still standing, she deleted her tweets, but she continues to claim it's only a matter of time before the world knows this dire truth.

She doesn't seem to know that 10 Sieverts/hour radiation was detected in 2011.

What was funny was her going back and forth with one of the workers who regularly tweet from Fukushima I Nuke Plant. She apparently did not know whom she was talking to. It went something like:

Worker ("Sunny"): That's demagogy.

Woman: No it is not, it is from reliable source!

"Sunny": If that (collapse of exhaust stack) actually happened, there would be a press conference immediately from TEPCO. The stacks are standing.

Woman: How do you know? Have you seen them in person?

Well, "Sunny" works there.

According to some who have been retweeting the "news" from this person, all major foreign media outlets are reporting it. Firm believers of this "news" say "Japanese media will never report the truth like this."

I think I can guess what will come next from the believers: "An exaggerated lie is totally acceptable to alert people on the danger of the plant."

If this kind of "news" had been released on Twitter in 2011, it might have caused a real panic.

Here's the latest screen shot from TEPCO's Fuku-I live cam:

Here's the screen shot from JNN live cam:

They are both still standing, even if "it's just a matter of time".


Anonymous said...

There is only one possible authoritative source and that is the famous crazed drunken Finn with the moniker of R2.

Perhaps we can convince the Jesuits to leave off temporarily in their pursuit of him and thereby acquire his hi-resolution viewpoint of these everlovin' "stacks".

Anonymous said...

Right! The Finn! Can't wait to read his rant!

Anonymous said...

This is a funny story. Funny as a heart attack.

Gallows humor without the gallows unfortunately.

Kna said...

Thank you for debunking some false alarms related to Fukushima, Ultraman, but...
Regarding the pale grass blue butterfly study, is this still not enough good science for you ?

Darth 3.11 said...

Which still begs the question of why people want, indeed *need* to believe that the worst is if real life isn't bad enough.

Anonymous said...

We could task a new webcam to the Stack only, and appoint a gallows panel to observe it night & day noting minute changes in flaking rust and incident lightlevel effects.

Chat zombies, claiming any number of ailments to legitimate the required staring, agape, at the dreaded instrument of man's technology.

And should, shouldst, you question the ultimate value of such investing you will surely be labeled a disinfo agent, preemptively.

Sort of a spiraling gallows event.

Anonymous said...

more important:

and few media are releasing this news!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:48,

as ex-SKF has pointed out in detail here in the past, TEPCO will be forced to draw upon international workers to perform the cleanup at Fukushima.

Will "few media" release news of the tnternational workers' ailments as they return to their home countries?

Anonymous said...

Well, considering that

1) the vent stacks buttress *has* been damaged by the earthquake
2) the smokestacks did not collapse, however
3) there are spots, close to the stacks, so radioactive that people cannot get close

my question is, how close did we get to an actual collapse of the stacks? How close did we get to *not* being able to vent the reactors? How close did we get to having to evacuate Tokyo?

According to a study requested by former prime minister Kan the worst case scenario for Fukushima included Tokyo evacuation. By the way, the US Navy evacuated its personnel families from Yokosuka base (Asahi shinbun, prometeus series) and, in the aftermath of the crisis, some embassies (the Swiss, for example) advised families with children to evacuate Tokyo (I followed such advice). Luckily Japanese authorities did not give the same advice soI could comfortably board a shinkansen bound to Osaka and spare my family the fallout that followed the "hydrogen" explosions.


Anonymous said...

How many deaths did the evacuation of the area around Fukushima cause? 150?
How many deaths would Tokyo evacuation have caused?
Why does the goverment of Japan encourage utilities to build nuclear power plants that put at stake the homes of 35 million people (this many live in Tokyo area)?

Anonymous said...

Laprimavera, you say 'If this kind of "news" had been released on Twitter in 2011, it might have caused a real panic'

In retrospect, a panic might have precipitated a better course of action from the govt of Japan than the head-scratching butt-picking, puffed up pontification and dissemblage of the utterly redundant 'elite' (lmfao) civil servants that exist only to serve themselves. 2 years down the line and these oxygen thieves have done nothing except lie.

Anonymous said...

There are things Japanese media wouldn't report, but it's kinda hard to not report on massive structures collapsing.

Apparently some people don't realize there's a difference in the type of news involved.

Anyway, these idiots misreporting aren't helping anyone. It just means people will be skeptical of all news, even if it's factual. We don't want people to be skeptical of facts.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that from the point of view of npp quake resistance it is almost as if the smokestacks collapsed.
Recall those airplane batteries catching fire? No people died but the planes were grounded. Why aren't all npps halted? Is it because when a plane crashes people die on the spot whereas nuclear contamination kills much later?

Anonymous said...

With respect.
ENENews is fake.

Anonymous said...

With respect: the number of workers found with health problems (including high count of white cells) at Fuku 1 quadrupled since before the 2011 accident.
One might choose to hope these effects are contained within the plant perimeter but it looks like wishful thinking to me.

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