Tuesday, December 24, 2013

#Fukushima Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool: 132/1533 As of December 24, 2013

TEPCO has a new page that summarizes the operation of removing fuel assemblies from the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4.

According to TEPCO, 132 fuel assemblies have been removed from the Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool into the Common Pool, out of total 1,533 assemblies.

(Nice color scheme... my favorite color combination.)

The tally is updated weekly (on Monday).

Since the removal started on November 18, people's interest in the work, which had been hyped as basically a "disaster that would end the world" if gone wrong by experts, particularly in North America, has dropped off significantly to an almost non-existent level. I don't see any reporting by the Japanese media, I don't even see tweets by people in Japan who were screaming the end of the world if TEPCO proceeded to remove the fuel assemblies from the "toppling" Reactor 4.

I guess they've moved on.


VyseLegendaire said...

Personally I'm still hotly anticipating the eventual 'final catastrophe of the world' when all is said and done.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Me too. I'm eagerly anticipating the end of the world when the Fed topples.

gary melling said...

The site's unworkable, you're. Liars and idiots and I can prove it... But 1st the deaths.

Anonymous said...

The fat lady IS singing...... Very softly and slowly.

Moving a few fuel assemblies from spf4 doesn't get us further than the first few bars of the overture.

Fixing a few leaks in tanks, when the corium is leaching tonnes of irradiated water into the ground, is just a side show.

Anonymous said...

The casks are only for transport to the ground pool, then removal from the casks?

Let's not forget, the plan was ignore SPEEDI, let incidents like the Ronald Reagan contamination occur, suppress talk of it, and promote Fuku-food all the while.
End of the World, yeah, with feet on the ground, that is. Your choice: Denial that's what they've been doing with teardown of the "monitoring" process at competing websites or acknowledgement that their best conspiracy is the Open Conspiracy.

The SPEEDI Chronicles

The above because in the background, their background, there's Hope .. for nuclear,

"The US, Europe and China are trying to develop supercritical carbon dioxide turbines that would have 100 times less volume than regular steam turbines. .. two technologies that are under development (molten salt reactors and supercritical CO2 turbines.

By shrinking the nuclear reactor and the turbine by 100 times, plenty of other vehicles are made possible. ... "


Hope for New Nukes in every moment of your day. And "We" must teardown your ability to recognize and "monitor".


Anonymous said...

"And "We" must teardown your ability to recognize and "monitor"."


Anonymous said...

I've actually been wondering what the hell was going on with the removal.
I hadn't seen anyone reporting on the progress until now.

VyseLegendaire said...

In case you didn't know, I was specifically referencing a quote from Mr. Murata cited here:

"The Unit 4 contains 10 times more Cesium-137 than Chernobyl. So in case the worst occurs, a total withdrawal [from the site] will be imposed, which means this can be considered as the beginning of the ultimate catastrophe of the world and the planet,” said Murata [...] “The two-and-a-half years of struggling by the state and by TEPCO have proven that nuclear accidents cannot be coped with by electric companies or by a single state.”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

more psuedo-erudite drivel from a troll who majored in English. thanks for all the imaginary revelations.

Anonymous said...

Serendipity sometimes rules, I believe I have found the template to the troll replies.
Enter the Quackwatch page and recognize the style templates.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

For the author of "huh?" and " <> Yawn",

are Andrea Peterson and Walter Pincus .. trolling?



Are the governments of Western Europe trolling after they've been told their routing switches and ISPs have been bought and hacked and do nothing to undo it?

Anonymous said...

<> Yawnster,

The Feds don't have problems with screwball jobsourcing, do they?

They found an Adam Lanza -analog to rule on spying legality.

Behold the Soulless One, the One Who Writes Bad Fiction .. [he even believes in firewalls at the banks, underwrites O.C.C. "regulation", Asperger's?]


bad fiction,

Anonymous said...

Oh Yawn Enducing One,

Enough already with your endless spy piffle. Anyone with half a brain knows we are being monitored in one way or another, so, no need for your boring obssessively repetative admonitions on this. I assure you no one is so deluded on this subject that they need your nonsolicited advice, over and over and over again.......mega-YAWN.

Your wiring is faulty making you short curcuit easily, hence the going around in circles together with excessive "linky" posting.

Anonymous said...

Judge Pauley's mission is complete. Strike down Snowden. Strike down effects of past FOIAs. Affirm Hoover's insanity model of bulk surveillance.. Induce "yawnster" to promote "polite" acceptance w/quirky aversion to "links".


Anonymous said...

We get it that GE Media buys sites, "donates"-to-hijack, that GE Finance is so fraud-laced it cares only about controlling the message.

Surveillance is good when sucking on the govt. teat, huh? But then again that's business at GE at hiring time, You want a job w/us you fraud like us.

Clear enough?

Now pay to disappear this comment.

Then head on over to enenews and spam-away while do your daily hijack thing there, too.

Auto-stim w/Ambrose, GE, and Abe.

Anonymous said...


And what is this delay in responding?? When I strike your little band of response halfwits down I want IMMEDIATE Individual responses not the dross of GE groupthink.

Don't tell, you're conferring with the State Dept.'s Ventrell & his "prerogatives".
See the finding of you as "Out" is multidimensional .. and it has left you with only hijacking your own hijacked sites and auto-stimulating yourselves as that band of halfwits.

Why bother?

pwned, as they say

Anonymous said...

Content? or Clapper's Giglio,

"But here we are, just 3 years after Bates described all this in a court ruling (and 2 years after he repeated some of the same analysis in another court ruling), and the government is making the argument that metadata collected using the same method as content is not content because it doesn’t meet the “content” definition of the statute that doesn’t allow you to collect content, even while it does meet the “content” definition of the statute that allows you to collect content."

"Thus, Clapper is instead using Bush and Obama’s favorite strategy of declaring evidence of crime a state secret. All the while boasting of his own transparency in declassifying one more tiny chunk of Bush’s illegal program."



Anonymous said...

This must be the "contractor" and his "mischief" Pauley refers to,

" .. an established U.S. government contractor was the winner of a bid to develop persona management software for the U.S. Central Command .. "



The "absurdity" of expecting TelePHONEY Pauley to contradict his bread-butterers.

Anonymous said...

give it a rest, stupid idiot linky troll

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