Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Years after #Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Bags Used to Store Contaminated Soil Were Meant to Last 3 Years


Or rather, mainstream media outlets like TV Asahi has waited three years to tell us about what many of us suspected from the beginning.

It has been a sad, familiar sight of bags upon bags that contain contaminated soil removed from people's homes, roadsides, gardens, parks, schools, farmlands, etc. in Fukushima Prefecture and areas in Kanto Region for the past three years in the name of "decontamination".

TV Asahi apparently reported in the morning news on March 11, 2014 that these black plastic bags were made to last 3 years, and the manufacturer told Asahi that they were not meant to hold radioactive materials, according to a tweet by ‏@k_reichan:

If you always thought they looked awfully like oversized garbage bags, you were probably right. The photo in another tweet by the same person shows the bags ripped and shredded:

This is supposed to be "news", or "scoop" by TV Asahi.

At Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, there are a finite number of those huge tanks that are riveted together with the liner that was meant to last for 5 years but deteriorated in only two years. They are slowly being replaced by the welded tanks.

But these countless, seemingly infinite black plastic bags of soil that contain radioactive cesium whose half-life is 30 years, not 3? I wonder who came up with the idea to put the removed soil in these bags to begin with.

Now it is the 4th year since the start of the nuclear accident, and it feels Year 4 is just as relaxed as Year 3, Year 2, and even Year 1.


Anime Lovers said...

I want to travel in Japan!! I like Japanese culture and anime.

Anonymous said...

It's all planned. They knew this beforehand. In this way they can say: "We can not 'clean' this anymore"
And that's how they save a lot of money ( mainly for themselves ). Saving peoples health is not so interesting anymore.

Anonymous said...

Do as the Americans do and the Germans learned not to do: find karst geology terrain on-the-cheap, bury it deep, and prepare to evacuate, literally, from day one.
If brine begins to seep, deny it is doing so, and do not ask the Germans how that turns out every time.

Darth3.11 said...

Oh, FFS, what did those in charge in Japan think was going to happen?
Ya go to the local inaka conbini and buy a few million gomi/trash bags and just leave them tucked into resting places (around schools, etc....there seems to be no truly empty land around the contaminated areas). What could possible TF go wrong? Brainlessness, just to cover who's backside?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the purpose of the decontamination was not to keep radionuclides away from humans but rather feed taxpayer money to the usual construction companies.

Good ol' LDP.

Anonymous said...

There's a man who's-a-shillin', his name herein will be James "Fuk-stik" Conca. While babbling-out his spiel about the non-dangers of Fukushima he presents his disabled technician-rep by the name of Ken Buesseler who may or may not have done the testing that produced the Woods Hole map of 2008 surface waters Cesium which includes the "Japan Coast".
What is apparent by this point is that Mr. Buesseler & Jack Cook of Woods Hole both felt that Cesium levels were more important in 2008 than in 2011 and after. The Conca-stik wants us to note that. Very good.

(A quick aside to the Conca-gollum: if you want to remove your middling name you must choose an avatar that does not suggest that middling name, an avatar that does not come close to suggesting bipolarity, autism, or even Down's Syndrome and its intent to "deceive".)

First, radioactive cesium is entirely man-made so you take special care to not associate it in any way with "background radiation". That may be the "Down's Syndrome" component that allows Conca to do that, anyway.

This report is worthwhile in its entirety,
and gives good data on Cesium in surface waters of the Baltic after Chernobyl, p6. Bothnian Sea and eastern Gulf of Finland hardest "hit" because able to "accumulate" concentrations. One of those "inconvenient truths" Conca would like to gloss over: bioaccumulation.

What does "bioaccumulation" have to do with surface waters?, Conca says?
While babbling on about "particulates [cesium, presumably], sorb onto materials near the shore, or precipitate out of solution, before they get to the deep ocean," Jim "the stik" Conca forgets to hypothesize why Cesium hadn't well sorbed and precipitated by 2008.
If the mild currents of the Baltic disturb bottom sediments to that extent of effect upon surface waters how advisable is it to dump reprocessing Cesium into ocean waters?
An "inconvenient" question, so Conca pretends it's not worth considering.
It may be related to cedaconferences' figure of 4% cesium from Baltic reprocessing: Cesium's either not getting "buried" decisively in bottom sediments, or Sellafield is a criminal enterprise. Conca's inability to complete that train of thought is possibly the "autistic" component of his avatar.

It may be the industry's excusing of Tepco to discontinue the SARRY and Kurion removal systems.

So, in the end, "fuk-stik" Conca is to have us consider this as possible: Chernobyl's burning of reactor fuel was more enviro-dispersive than Fukushima's fuel being in contact with groundwater intrusion and flow to the sea.

He is telling you in his argumentation and in his avatar that the money, now, is in playing the "fuk-stik", that "the money" is paying to insert the BS in YOUR skullsocket, and his little smirk captured in the final instance of the avatar-capture is confirmation of that intent.

Our "inconvenient truth" is that the people that should care enough to make all the above impossible ...

Anonymous said...

Japan was offering free airfare for tourists 3 years ago; you might check.

Anonymous said...

Really? Heh, disabled technician Buesseler, even, has the sense to stay away.

Contrast that fact with this comment on enenews about Buesseler, [and note the bracketed "fixin' it for 'ya],

"Good for you, Dr. Ken. Thank you for your 'ships of opportunity' efforts, testing of potential contamination locations, and so on.All against the main stream! I do not think people understand the difficulty of going against the majority, even when you are CORRECT! We, the various cruisers of the oceans, thank you. We know you have been facing a difficult, and UNFUNDED effort [unfunded, Dear Ken, with courage & integrity]."

But perhaps that is the word of the day, that the "adversary" has "rounded the corner" and came to the conclusion the one to be opposed is the one who "demands" courage & integrity of others.

Suck it up, collect your salary, and thumb the nose at all others as empty vessels of men & women.

Anonymous said...

forgot the "linky"

(it was the vapidity of the Yellen-gollum to the right)

Anonymous said...

This sort of reasoning should sound familiar:
James Conca, Contributor:
"Yes, the activity levels of Cs are what count, the other fission products don’t contribute enough to rise to the Cs level at all. Yes, YM [Yucca Mtn] had hydrologic issues that required engineered barriers. We can do it, we designed for it, but it becomes a lot more difficult and expensive compared to the salt that does all of the containment without any additional barriers. Containment after closure [especially over aquifers], not during filling operations."

And Forbes pays this guy??

The Lurid Spectacle of Forbes mounting itself upon the pike of groundwater contamination that became an issue when Plate Tectonics did its thing. Couldn't happen at Yucca, and Strontium is rather obviously NOT leaching from the coriums, NOW, IS IT, Little Forbes?
Frozen Cavemen, Plate Tectonics Denial, and "backers" leaving un-tidy piles of sh*t as forms of entertainment.

daniel.taccarello: "One big reason why we came out of Yucca mountain was when they found out rainwater WAS NOT totally absorbed by the volcanic tuff composing the rock of the mountain but eventually reached groundwater table below Yucca where they found Chlorine-36 another fast moving radionuclide that comes out of the fission process( Nevada bomb testing during 50-60′s)"

James Conca, Contributor:
"Because not enough radiation could ever be released to raise the levels in the ocean away from Japan. The volume matters."
Conca is saying Chernobyl's explosion & meltdown detection by its neighbors to the north was really "malfunctioning" equipment.

This is why we say Conca enjoys autism: his spiel is in essence Delirious.

Why not just let reactors cook-off after meltdown, saves money by NOT decommissioning? Like they are doing, right, Stikkin'-Jim?

James as Fuk-stikkin', the Man On The Scene.

Conca: pass this along to your fuk-buddy, Frozen Caveman: changing deep ocean currents [!]

Anonymous said...

"Chernobyl-induced radiation in the Black Sea peaked in 1986 at about 1,000 becquerels per cubic meter, .. By contrast, the radiation level off the coast near the Fukushima Daiichi plant peaked at more than 100,000 becquerels per cubic meter in early April.

“When we saw the numbers — hundreds of millions of becquerels — we knew this was the largest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever seen,’’
.. The study also found that the highest cesium values were not necessarily from the samples collected closest to Fukushima, he said, because eddies in the ocean currents keep the material from being diluted in some spots farther offshore."

So mentioning Black Sea levels does sort of imply the Black Sea had the highest of neighboring bodies of water to Chernobyl. 1000 to now 16 Bq
Baltic now 40 from Sellafield, proving that currents do deliver.
Strong currents off Fukushima, almost riptide-like for Conca-types, pull the contamination away and as Buesseler says do not necessarily dilute. Those currents are strong and identifiable because they do not die-out.
James Conca, Contributor:
"Because not enough radiation could ever be released to raise the levels in the ocean away from Japan."

areva: did Tepco ever say what the levels in sediments in the harbor were that forced them to pour the clay concrete over them?

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