Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#Fukushima I NPP: All Three Lines of ALPS (Multi-Nuclide Removal System) Are Stopped

TEPCO says "as a precaution". It looks ALPS Line B wasn't removing enough all-beta.

The multi-nuclide removal system ALPS is still on the extended "hot" test run using the waste water, treating less than 200 tonnes of water per day.

ALPS comes after the desalination (reverse osmosis) that comes after the cesium absorption by either SARRY or Kurion. These systems before ALPS haven't stopped. The water processed through SARRY/Kurion and reverse osmosis goes back into the reactors to cool the corium, and ALPS is to treat the waste water that is high in all-beta.

Even if ALPS is stopped, the water treatment and cooling the reactors continue.

TEPCO's email alert to the press (3/18/2014) says:


We've been conducting the "hot" test of the multi-nuclide removal system ALPS using the waste water after it is processed in the contaminated water treatment systems. Today (3/18/2014), one of the three lines, Line B, has been stopped at 12:04PM to acid-clean the filters.


Also today, we noted that the nuclide analysis of the water treated by Line B (collected on March 17) showed all-beta to be [in the order of] 10^7 Bq/L [10,000,000 Bq/L].


The water before entering ALPS has about 10^8 Bq/L [100,000,000 Bq/L] of all-beta, so there is a possibility that the treatment by ALPS is not adequate. As a precaution, we stopped Line A at 1:38PM and Line C at 1:39PM.

Strontium-90, a beta nuclide, is mostly removed in the pre-treatment process of ALPS that uses iron coprecipitation and carbonate coprecipitation. TEPCO hasn't found what part of ALPS may be malfunctioning this time.

For my post on why ALPS may already be obsolete, click here.


Anonymous said...

"cesium absorption by either SARRY or Kurion."

Anyone care to venture a guess why Sellafield isn't required to SARRY or Kurion?

Let's see: Chernobyl's cesium demonstrated how many heart-related maladies since '86. Will the fishermen's products from the Irish Sea demonstrate similar effects from Sellafield's cesium?

Potassium, Cesium, Rubidium

Anonymous said...

OT: the Liberal Democratic Party wants to include nuclear energy in the national energy plan as an "important baseload source" of electricity.
This means that utilities will be required to give priority to using electricity from nuclear sources over other sources like renewables or gas.
Furthermore, the LDP does not want to set numerical targets for the contribution of renewables to Japan electricity mix. (Source NHK)


johnny_chronic said...

#vitrification #green #glass #radiation #ancient #ancients

Anonymous said...

There is a tested and proven solution to treat such a contaminted water without generating any additional sludge. It has been already tested @ nuclear certified laboratory. Test results are now disclosed..
See the following CCN iReport about it:

netudiant said...

Disappointing but not surprising. This is first of a kind technology, hastily blown up to industrial size, in its first year of operation. Glitches are to be expected.
From the description, the process columns that are expected to remove some of the beta emitters are obviously dysfunctional, which may mean leaks or column voids in the purification media. That should be fixable, despite the reality that working with an intensely radioactive plant is a nightmare, doubly so when the work force is marginal.
There is currently no alternative to ALPS in sight. The METI next generation efforts will take at least another 3 years to get to the industrial scale required and their tritium removal plans are at the pipe dream stage.
Japan will dump the post ALPS water eventually, because it is better to dump a big volume of fairly innocuous tritium than to keep dumping strontium, which bioconcentrates in a really unpleasant fashion.
If there was any sensible planning at Fukushima, there would be efforts to freeze the post ALPS water for long term storage, but Japan seems to have achieved an unusually toxic fusion of government irresponsibility,
corporate expediency and organized criminality to handle Fukushima. Almost everyone profits from this ongoing disaster, so there is no determination to accept substantial pain to end it.

Anonymous said...


Do you know who did this testing? Tepco?
"The survey of the ocean around the plant last November [2011] found maximum 1.6 million becquerels/kg [wet] of radioactive cesium from the ocean soil."

"stopping the leaks",

from commenter "chew bird" @ forbes,
"Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility was pumping an average of 10,400 billion Bq of Cs-137 into the Irish Sea every day during the 1970s. .. Nowadays it averages 16 GBq per day. "

So, 10.4TBq/day yielded this: "The contamination resulted in seafood caught within 10 km of Sellafield containing “several thousand” becquerels per kilogram of cesium-137. The corresponding seawater concentration around Sellafield was 100 becquerels per liter of cesium-137."

"A 1999 study found that seals and porpoises in the Irish Sea concentrated radioactive cesium by a factor of 300 relative to its concentration in seawater, and a factor of 3 to 4 compared to the fish they ate."

"TEPCO announced that it had captured a Murasoi fish from inside of the harbor at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Analysis detected 254,000 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium in the fish, 2,540 times the legal dose."

So, Fukushima is releasing how much to the waters of the coast?
After covering 73,000 sq meters of seabed in the harbor with concrete in January 2012 a fish with 254,000 bq/km cesium is caught a year later, radiation levels rising in the waters of the harbor, and Abe would have us believe the contamination is confined to the harbor.

The Quantum Harbor Radiation Sop, is it?

Anonymous said...

"Shinzo Abe told the International Olympic Committee that the effects from the contaminated water have been perfectly blocked within the (artificial) bay” of the wrecked nuclear complex, and said “the situation is under control.”

More than two and a half years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, officials in Japan have now admitted that in June of 2011 TEPCO promised to build fences to block radioactive water from leaking from the plant, but did not ever actually install the fences. At the time, TEPCO asked the government not to announce that they had committed to constructing the fences .. "


Anonymous said...

Dr. Helen Caldicott: "It’s only America that can save the planet, if you rise to your full moral and spiritual height and decide to do it."

Really, Helen?

Your new book, Helen, your seventh, WILL be titled "How we of the Former British Commonwealth need to Take the Ogre that is Sellafield by the Horns and Wrest it to the Ground", right, Helen?

The proud image of the descendants of Britain emerging from their hidey-holes in the shadows and rising to THEIR full height, aye?


Joffan said...

ALPS resumes partial operation after 6-day halt


TEPCO resumed operations at 2 of the 3 lines of the Advanced Liquid Processing System, or ALPS, on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Caldicott: Fukushima to be pouring radioactive water [cement] into Pacific [Fuku harbor] “probably for the rest of time… forever more” —

Dr. Helen Caldicott: "[Fukushima Daiichi WILL HAVE its seawall, in time]"


tullio68 said...

the want make a brain washing! it is just the first step: they will push to transform the Fukushima disaster into a business opportunity. They will show the national interest dressed as a happy fest to save the productivity, competitiveness and honour of Dai Nippon.
Why not communicate freely to give the opportunity to choose the way to anybody?
Why they spill hundreds of water daily on the core? And what they do with such water? My friends in Tokyo told me there is a groundwater aquifer that bring the poisoned water all around the country.
ALPS and other techs are only delaying the issues, creating mountains of waste and not reducing the size of the radioactive waste. I hope there is something comparable to www.wowwater.eu to be implemented in local cleaning system. Or not? There is something else that can be done? or there is a lack of interest in doing it?
My friends in Tokyo are relying on the government (IRID METI and others) activity but they children will suffer for sure.
How is against a prompt solution?
Is because of the huge quantity of money?
Please help me in understanding

Anonymous said...

Information about this SUPER performing solution, that can treat such a contaminted water without comparison and without generating any additional sludge, is available also on CCN iReport:


Anonymous said...

A worker is dead after being buried under earth and debris on Friday 28th at Fukushima daiichi

netudiant said...

Hope all is well with you, Arevamirpal.

Hélios said...

Are you OK, Ultraman ?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Hi netudiant, Helios. Sorry for the rather long absence. I've been taking care of family matters, haven't had much time long enough to sit down and craft a post.

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