Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(OT) Police Dogs Final Test: Self Control

I'm impressed with the cat, being able to calmly walk past the dogs.

From "Fascinating Pictures" on Twitter:

(Sorry I haven't been posting much. Too many things needing my attention closer at home, but some bizarre things have been happening in faraway Fukushima I NPP which I do want to write about. Stay tuned.)


Darth3.11 said...

Arevamirpal, waiting to hear your further thoughts with anticipation. Much appreciated against the general nonsense, although I note that Japan Times is featuring Fukushima/npp news on the front page left column these days. And, that cat strolling by an honor guard of German Shepherds is priceless. Probably the cat thought it was entirely appropriate. I suppose we could imagine that you are the cat and we, your loyal and very interested readers, are the onlooking canines. :-)

Unknown said...

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