Saturday, April 19, 2014

Plant Manager at #Fukushima I NPP on Highly Contaminated Water Routed to Wrong Buildings: "We Will Make Pump Switches Tamper-Proof"

Mr. Akira Ono, current plant manager at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, hasn't struck me as one of the brightest at TEPCO, but his "solution" to the problem defeats the whole purpose of having the temporary pumps in those buildings - which is to make those pumps readily accessible and operational in case of an emergency that necessitates those pumps.

From Reuters Japan (4/17/2014; part):


TEPCO announced on April 14 that contaminated water had been routed to wrong buildings, and explained the cause as the transfer pumps having been turned on. The pumps usually remain "off". Plant Manager Ono told the press that it was true that the pumps had been turned on for some reason, and that TEPCO would investigate and come up with countermeasures.


As it stands, the possibility cannot be excluded that someone had turned on the pumps not by mistake but intentionally. Mr. Ono said he would like to set up a control system whereby no one can tamper with [the pump switches].

Reuters has the English article (4/17/2014) that pretty much covers what Reuters Japan's article covers, but Ono's above comment is missing. Instead, it has Ono's comment that TEPCO has put speed first, instead of quality.

Well, as if it had a choice back in March and April in 2011.

Reuters' English article also translated the following words by Mr. Ono:

(My translation would be: "I am ashamed. We haven't been able to sufficiently manage the plant.")


"It's embarrassing to admit, but there are certain parts of the site where we don't have full control," Akira Ono told reporters touring the plant this week.

which is quoted by other US media (including MSNBC), with the emphasis (naturally) on "we don't have full control."

As a Japanese native, I wouldn't have translated Mr. Ono's words that way, but everyone needs extra eyeballs...


Anonymous said...

The most appropriate countermeasure would have been to REMOVE TEPCO from the management of Fukushima Daichi.

Assemble an independent multinational operation and just send the bills to Japan and Tepco.

The incompetence of the fuckwits is truly staggering.

Meanwhile, the couldn't-care-less liaisez-faire attitude of many Japanese is shameful in extremis.

Anonymous said...

As you so eloquently described, 1:04, Daiichi was chosen to become a model "fukstik" operation.

Hence the relevance of Obokata. She is acknowledgement that the essential order of business is to literally "fuk the face".

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps Daiichi as a model Human Resources operation. HR International with the fullest of intention to work your face.

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