Saturday, April 26, 2014

(OT) Slippery Slope of Reporting On and Reading About #Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant

"We haven't been able to sufficiently manage the plant" (Reuters Japan; see 4/21/2014 my post)

"there are certain parts of the site where we don't have full control" (Reuters English)

"out of control" (Zero Hedge, many readers around the world)


"Fish caught in the harbor of the plant is highly contaminated" (Japanese media, my post from January 2013)

"Fish caught near Fukushima is highly contaminated" (Le Monde)

"Fish caught in Fukushima is highly contaminated" (readers of Le Monde and other foreign media)

"Fish caught in Japan is highly contaminated" (many readers around the world, Japanese readers who read translation of foreign-language media and blogs)


"Work of removing the soil contaminated by the high-beta waste water leaked from the tank" (TEPCO's press release, 2/28/2014)

"Vast area of land around #Fukushima Daiichi w/ leaking #tank s, becoming a #radioactive marsh" (tweet):

"A River Runs Through It, Not by it ☛ Reactors sinking in marshy ground." (tweet quoting the previous tweet):

地盤がゆるゆるで原子炉が沈みかけています。川になってます。(tweet that kindly translates the above tweet for her Japanese followers, who in turn have retweeted her tweet more than 200 times):

So for these people with these tweets and their followers, the waste water tanks are the reactors, and the dry bed of dirt and sand after the contaminated soil has been removed is either the marsh or the river.

Ditch the fact, embrace the "truth" like Ms. Obokata.


Anonymous said...

Laprimavera, are your readers to assume that you are thus quite happy eating Fukushima fish as the reports of seafood contamination are simply hysteria?

I think your story illustrates what happens when the media is muzzled and the public is lied to by its' elected officials.

The truth is somewhere in there but you may not like what you find when you find it.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

"thus"?? Those snippets are not about fish caught off Fukushima prefecture but inside the plant harbor. No I won't be happy eating any fish caught inside the plant harbor.

Anonymous said...

Anon at the top, it's a story about "what happens when the media is muzzled and the public is lied to by its' elected officials" (you don't need ' after its, by the way), and also about what happens when each person take a little extra liberty to make a story juicier. Just like the STAP fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Juicing up the story?

I suspect our children will view the salacious reportage as dry when compared to the reality of what has happened.

Btw, it's not a fiasco. It's a disaster of epic, unparalleled scale.

Anonymous said...

Japan likes to think of itself as at the forefront of all things modern. They're like the east's version of the MMT fantasy, and of course they're "all" benefitting from those subscriptions to the fantasy.

Fuku is to be just another industrial accident.

Anonymous said...

Some 4 years ago, Yves of Naked capitalism called The Telegraph ( Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ) "excitable" ; I didn't read her about Tyler Durden, but she would probably have said "über-excitable".
Yet I have a look at both blogs when needed.
True misleading statement by though the link at the bottom gives a much better page by Philippe Pons, in Tokyo. (Netudiant gave you some info about and it's weaknesses.)
Who would want to fish in that so-called harbour, or it's vincinity, anyway ?
As for the marsh, or river, the pic must have been taken when Moses was crossing as he did the Red Sea.
Thank you for your care for moderation, Laprimavera.
Although I am really afraid of this accident, and afraid like anon at 3:39 that TPTB will manage to sweep most of it under the carpet, as was done for Tchernobyl and Minamata.
Since I knew, from the very first days when the plants exploded, that it was a 7 or >7 INES scale accident, and no one here in France was to tell anything else, it's not time for me to get excitable.
Just a few days later, at that time, by my window in Paris, I saw a "zeppelin". Rare thing. In fact, the prefecture of Paris had rented it to monitor radioactivity.

VyseLegendaire said...

laprimavera, appears to have a split personality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Primavera. You deserve a Pulitzer for your coverage on this story. I thought the long knives would come out for you when you posted this story, but I'm glad to see its just a couple of posters who are bothered. My child will not view the reportage as dry, that's for sure. I will show him the silly articles describing Tokyo as a ghost town, and the ridiculous musings of fanatics like Chris Busby - who claimed Fukushima underwent a nuclear explosion, and I will show him the CNN interviews with Michio Kaku, who declared this disaster was like Chernobyl on steroids, and hopefully that will be enough to drive home the message that the media is as likely to blow a story out of proportion, as they are to downplay a story. And the blogosphere is no better. Was Zero Hedge ever right about anything regarding Fukushima? (Have they been right about anything in finance for these past 5 years??). This post from Primavera is an excellent demonstration of how facts get distorted when viewed through the prism of our own biases. I don't want to eat any fish from that harbor either, but I'm not at all nervous about eating anything from the rest of the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

"Was Zero Hedge .. right about anything in finance for these past 5 years??)."

Uhh, Wow. About anything?!? Uhh, quite & yeah.

You see, Zero operates from the fundamental knowledge that the markets are frauds.

Some blogs have evidently run into severe funding crunches. Perhaps from those crunches, which are for them the "fundamental", anything goes afterwards. Not approving of that, as the MMT fantasy is another demand to have at the skullsocket, again [taste, peoples].

You should know by now that ex-SKF works .. for GE Capital [no fat shill checks, per se].

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

GE Capital? Really. That's gotta be the lowest insult so far. LOL.

BTW the people who deliberately combined wrong photo with wrong description defend themselves as "just having fun". Condolences for those who took them seriously and were worried sick.

Anonymous said...

Chow down anon@2:38pm

Breathe deeply, quench your thirst, and reflect on how fortunate you are to be in the only place in the universe where ANY EXTRA ionising radiation is harmless.

Your child will thank you for the gift your generation has bequeathed to countless future generations.


Anonymous said...

"GE Capital? Really. That's gotta be the lowest insult so far. LOL."

Sure, GE Capital, the group that's a striver to be a top contender in "financialization", a group that's a collaborator in the counterfeiting of the currency(ies), a group that like Japan cooperates with the Shadow Government for pure economic gain, a group for whom "globalization" is the current mode of that gain and cares not that it is the essential war on the middle classes.

Japan understands that these alliances are ephemeral and that the moment must be "seized" and extortion is as good a method for that seizing as any other.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any tip, as an insider, about the GE bid to takeover Alstom, or most probably only its energy division ?
I bought some shares when they went back in the stock exchange, and I must seriously think about my old days, and the future of my children.
Thank you, Phiphi.

Anonymous said...

You see, the Shadow Government is all about "the mischief", and in this case that means the Shadow sees MUCH larger reward for Itself in focusing its mischief-efforts on the target of the Chinese power structures.

That is the "nemawashi", as NC would have it. It's their "consensus" in their Machiavellian world and they call the shots.

"The Japanese are masters of sabotage when nemawashi (the consensus-building process) has been bypassed."

The Taiwan experiment is nearing its end, and neighbors grow worried that their experiment is coming due. The Shadow Govt. runs these programs, and loves the strife that arises out of these wars upon the middle classes.

In the trickle-down world of western intelligence, it's important to NOT talk of these things openly as had been done in previous decades.

And GE Capital knows these ropes inside & out, and plays its part by funding the ropes .. of the blogs .. with "donations".
"Adversaries" consulting with governments? Ok.

This is why the Shadow targets blogs: by definition they are not of the upper classes.
Can they be turned to "consulting"?
They'd rather you lobbied.

If the consensus in Japan is that no war atrocities occurred, then Japan has problems far larger than security agreements can solve. Period.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to anything the French handle in the modern world with their central reliance on nuclear technology and inherent "interest" in diverting anything that advances renewables .. that razor of Occam's is advised.

I'd research whichever forces who advertise themselves as unbelievers in technology like ultracapacitors. Ultras look to be well suited for industry's need for rapid current delivery, and as storage for non-peak production like wind power.

GE is working on storage solutions, yet decided to not produce panels with government subsidies. Yet Kyocera reports record earning with their panel productions.

This tells us their priorities are, ahem, "obscured", "conflicted" [?].

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:28

Sorry, I don't get your statement. I mean, I get that it is a general, uninformed, knee-jerk swipe in my direction, but it seems to fail to convey any meaning (other than, "I don't like what you posted").

I have no problems eating fish from the Pacific. I have no problems eating fish from the Atlantic (which has a few nuclear submarines lying on its seabed). Should the Japanese stop eating, drinking, breathing?

Have you stopped eating, drinking, breathing because of the extra ionizing radiation put into the atmosphere or the seas from nuclear testing? Have you stopped taking x-rays or flying due to the increased radiation exposure these things present? Or is this another hot-button topic, where we are not allowed to mention x-rays and bananas because the radiation in these things is somehow not dangerous, while the radiation from Fukushima is dangerous.

The health risks from increased ionizing radiation is not an unknown or unstudied area. My child and me are doing fine, and we are both the wiser for having lived through this disaster. But I note your vague wish that you would prefer for me to be dead, and I wonder what kind of things you teach your own children.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the ephemeral alliance backer in the "timeless" war upon the middle class: "Should the Japanese stop eating, drinking, breathing?"

Translated: "Should the Chinese stop .. ?"

"But I note your vague wish that you would prefer for me to be dead, and I wonder what kind of things you teach your own children [as I declare myself to be a kind of death, stripped-into-amorphism by the requirements of internet snark, and promote it as innately "better"]."



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