Saturday, October 4, 2014

(OT) Mt. Ontake Eruption: God of the Foundation of the Land Decapited by a Volcanic Rock

The statue of the god, 国之常立神("god that always stands on the land"), on top of Mt. Ontake is still standing, but without the head. The photo was taken by Mainichi Shinbun, shared on Twitter by @Santou.

I thought this was rather symbolic.

So far, 51 people are (finally) confirmed dead. There are still 15 people missing. From what I have read in the newspapers, there may have been people who may have been alive if they had been rescued earlier. But it seems to be "safety first" and foremost for the rescue workers including fire fighters and Self Defense Force, from the start.

The maximum density of hydrogen sulfide deemed safe by the government law (Industrial Safety and Health Law) is 10 ppm. Not so for the fire fighters, who decided to be very safe and use 5 ppm as the max they would tolerate. Not so for the Self Defense Force, who decided to be even safer than the fire fighters and use the ridiculously low 1 ppm. So, they evacuated from the mountain when their finely tuned instrument showed the density to be slightly over 2 ppm.

There is something that doesn't make sense about the rescue effort by the national government and the local municipalities.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the statue is apposite. However the statue is motionless, while the govt of Japan runs around in circles like headless chickens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the statue is demonstrating that the God of Land has acquiesced to the total moral depravity of Japan.

The damage Japan has wrought upon itself is truly biblical. Hellfire and brimstone rain down - self inflicted misery.

Anonymous said...

More nonsense. "Total moral depravity", "Hellfire and brimstone". The volcano stopped erupting days ago, but the drivel continues to spew from posters on this site.

Anonymous said...

Like the radioactive poison that continues to spew from Fukushima?

The depravity of the Japanese govt knew no bounds when it came to putting its people in harms way following 3/11.'s not a river... It's a state of unsound mind.

Anonymous said...

The volcano must be controlled by some muslim did another BEHEADING.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:47,

"the drivel continues to spew .. "

No, no, 1:47, it was "a perfect storm" of converging ballistic vectors with "whocouldanode's Allah was willing" pasted onto every lava fragment ... inspiring those originating from "havens" of "Total moral depravity" to decry all others as "apostates & infidels" ..


You know,
kind of like the current ISIS Narrative where the wonders of Infrared targeting technology like seen in Desert Storm (buried tanks of the Republican Guard plucked out of their sand berms like beacons to the weapons) somehow is neither possible against the "incredible wealth" of Daesh nor even desired to be effective against the throat-saws of the balaclava boys ..


Anonymous said...

'Converging ballistic vectors' ???

WTF? Did you swallow a dictionary for breakfast?

So many words yet so little meaning.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 1:52, you need more graphic descriptions of the influence the "incredible wealthy-ness" that Daesh possesses?

How many tanks of Daesh would survive after Kobani's skies were filled with wave after wave of "Spooky's"?

Anonymous said...

Echoes of a theme, 1:53 a.k.a. 1:47,

"Free US weapons from the Iraqi military – never fired and only dropped once."
And the free-est weapon of all is the refusal to target those tanks with infrared.

arms dealers, military adventures, "order of battle"

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