Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video of J-Village, Fukushima I Nuke Plant by the Press, 11/12/2011

The video is from the November 12, 2011 press tour of J-Village and Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, first since the accident. The members of the press were limited to those who belong to the press club and the foreign correspondent club.

However, Shingetsu News Agency is distributing the video free of charge to independent journalists and the net based media as the protest against Japan's "media cartel", and here it is, with occasional English captioning by Tokyo Brown Tabby. (For more about Shingetsu News Agency, read Tokyo Brown Tabby's explanation of the video on Youtube.)


Atomfritz said...

It's revealing that the underside of the cars, where almost all contamination concentrates, is not checked at all.

Looks like they want to avoid car cemeteries like in Russia at all cost, even if this means that lot of contamination will get spread all over Japan.

Steveo said...

Makana (Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar) Occupies APEC
that’s funny :)



On Nov 15, 2011, at 7:36 PM, Steve O wrote:
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Message Body:
Great work Makana, best I have seen in the last 3 years, by anyone. You should get a Nobel award for outstanding Occupying.

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Anonymous said...

Those iron containers..if the clothing is THAT dangerous--what about the worker who WORE them? Or are they in the IRON caskets as well...

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Shingetsu News Agency! Three cheers for Michael Penn!

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