Sunday, January 1, 2012

#Radioactive Disaster Debris Talk in Osaka: Officials Didn't Know Anything About Radiation

A bullet-point summary at Kouta Kinoshita's blog on the meeting between the Osaka prefectural government official and three citizens about Osaka's guideline in preparation for accepting and burning the debris from Miyagi and Iwate.

The citizens are against it, fearing the secondary radiation contamination from burning and burying the debris in Osaka which has largely escaped the contamination from the nuke plant accident.

12月28日、大阪府 資源循環課 小西裕絵主査(検討会議の事務局)市民3名との会談での発言

Meeting on December 28 between Hiroe Konishi of the resource recycling division of the Osaka prefectural government (serving as the secretariat of the committee to discuss debris acceptance) and 3 citizens

(7)ECRR 2010年勧告、2005年のNAS BEIR-VIIの報告書、2009年 NYASの論文集のことは、まったく「知らなかった」(従って、低線量内部被ばくがどんな障害を引き起こすかについては、知識はほとんどななかった)。

(1) The guideline is not the safety standard.

(2) [Konishi] didn't deny the possibility that the workers and Osaka residents would be exposed to radiation.

(3) In the committee discussing the debris acceptance, there's hardly any discussion of internal radiation exposure.

(4) The guideline isn't legally binding.

(5) [Konishi said] Once it's decided by the organization [like the Osaka government] she would follow the decision by the organization, instead of siding with the citizens. To the question [from a citizen] whether she would follow the order if the organization decides to pick out one person for every 100,000 people at random and kill him/her, she was silent.

(6) When asked about her direct supervisor Isoda who had said during the meeting with the citizens on December 22 that he didn't know about internal radiation and that he would consult experts, [Konishi] pretended she didn't know about it.

(7) She didn't know anything at all about 2010 ECRR recommendation, 2005 NAS BEIR-VII report, or 2009 NYAS papers (in other words, hardly any knowledge as to the damage that may be caused by low-dose internal radiation).


Anonymous said...


Bit OT - went to a major grocer today "Joyful Honda." The had on sell Aizu meat and rice. This chain mainly imports from other countires and after living in Chiba for three years I can tell you I have never seen meat nor rice sold at this chain. By the meat there was a sign that said "合津牛応援セール" along with "年末年始限定." How stupid do they think we are? I know Aizu was not significantly contaminated in some areas but why something is very strange here. I wonder if they think we are all drunk at times which kind of ties into this article. The rice by the way says "特別栽培米こしひかり." I agree that this rice was specially cultivated (tongue in cheek).

Something odd is happening in Japan. Just a heads up.

I am the one from Chiba that lives in Inzai and commented in Japanese a couple days back. My email is If you would like to contact me I would more than willing to provide evidence via DM.

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Have her and the others agreeing to accept and process nuclear waste, move to Fukushima.

kintaman said...

@anonymous 12:32.

Yes, I agree, something odd is happening in Japan. I knew this would happen and that is why I left back in March. Why have you not considered moving far south or out of Japan given your knowledge of what is happening?

Anonymous said...

@kintaman 1:55

Since may I have been trying to get out of here. Unfortunately, 3 years a go I bought a house here. At that time buying was cheaper than renting. Thus, I am in the hell of the Japanese housing market. As far as I know, every loan I have in Japan would go directly to my wife's relatives. My family in the states cannot comprehend what we are going thru and every option I thought was available is off the table. I have been screaming at everyone and the only people that understand our plight are my in-laws in Fukushima telling us just to go. Easier said than done.

If you have any advice on renting out a house while paying off a loan I would appreciate it. Right now I am working with headhunters to go south but most of them keep offering me jobs in Tokyo even though I specifically state Kyushu.

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me at the address above. I have been reading your comments for so many months now I am comfortable with you contacting me.

Anonymous said...

Do you have this link?
An important look into the impact of low-level radiation. It is next to impossible to use any of the translate features to understand what some of the independent journalists are reporting...
Thank you for all that you do.

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