Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video: Fukushima Farmer Doubles Down, Vows to Stay and Grow Crops, Repair Land

Why? Because the Japanese people have overcome many obstacles in the past.

He looks too young to remember the days during the World War II when women and children were trained on downing B-29 high-altitude bombers with bamboo spears, and they truly believed it could be done.

The farmer, Mr. Sugeno, says "Even if children evacuate, adults must stay and repair the land". Problem is that children are not evacuating.

To me, he's trying his utmost best to convince himself, justify what he's been doing and he will do. But here's the video, so that you can make your own judgment:

From Youtube video description: Fukushima, Japan organic farmer Seiji Sugeno turns the tables on documentarian Ed M. Koziarski, challenging him to come out from behind the camera and reveal his own opinion about the nuclear crisis and the future of the farmers who've chosen to stay on their contaminated land near the failed Fukushima, Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

On the other hand, there are farmers like Mr. Tanno , who gave up on growing crops in Fukushima after the accident, and moved to Nagano to grow his highly-praised organic vegetables at the age of 70. Compare his smile selling his first batch of carrot juice with the harsh countenance of Mr. Sugeno in the video above.

(H/T @kiyomizu5 for the video)


Anonymous said...

Max respect to both farmers. I wish them both well.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tanno seems to be an honorable man, giving up his land in order not to harm others, but not succumbing to grief, continuing to do his work instead.

Mr. Sugeno should learn from Mr. Tanno. As an exile who has not seen her homeland in twenty long years, I know the pain. But this is not just a natural disaster or even a pre-nuclear war that can be survived through luck and endurance. This is much larger than the scale of one individual life.

Sometimes you must seemingly give up in order to continue fighting.

Anonymous said...

Little Canary said,

Well said Primavera loved the bamboo sticks VS b29 part, many of these stories had been faded away by the owners of Japan.

I agree that the smile in the face says it all..

Tanno san had seen first hand the consecuences of world war II when Sugeno san grew up reading about it.

Tanno san learned that Government tends to lie and how to survive it finding your way.

Meanwhile Sugeno san will fight against any ficticious enemy believing Govt. propaganda or filling his mouth full of Tatemae words that not fix radiation of cancer.

The methaphor for this crisis is that sometimes to win you have to loose, keeping your smile!

Anonymous said...

A good general knows when it is better to retreat. He will not waste his resources against an overwhelming enemy.

Tanno-san was wise to retreat early on. All the energy and hard work he has spent and is spending to build his new farm and life will enable his ancestors to continue his work. And one day when the time will be right, his descendants will be in the proper position to return to Fukushima and reclaim their ground.

Sadly, Sugeno-san is burning all his energy in vain. All of his effort to regain the land will leave him with nothing to hand over to his descendants. Thus when the time would be right for his descendants to return to Fukushima and to reclaim their ancestral ground, they will not be able to do so.

If it would only be about Sugeno-sans life, I would say, let him fight if he thinks he has to fight. But it is not that simple, since by selling his contaminated food on the market he is turning a blind eye on the harm he is inflicting on innocent kids who will eat his produce. This kind of attitude is making me very, very angry, since the highest price will be paid by these poor kids.

Sometimes one has to loose a battle in order to win a war.

But yes, the smile tells it all !!!!!!!! A wise old man, who knows that the product he is selling is making his customers more healthy and stronger for the future.

My deepest respect for Tanno-sensei.

Darth3/11 said...

LOSE (not win) a battle, not LOOSE (unfastened). People, please get it right. .

More importantly, Sugeno-san has a heartfelt position of responsibility, but he has been blinded by this magic idea that he can stick it out and through his efforts, make it safe for the children to return. It is time to get out and start over elsewhere. This land is toast for the next 100 years at least.

Anonymous said...

He is a dead man and he will have no future generations.

Anonymous said...

Sugeno San's determination and desire to stay on his land is heart wrenching. He says "Even if children evacuate, adults must stay and repair the land." Sadly, the land cannot be repaired. Nuclear contamination cannot be cleaned up. It may be 300 years before people can return. Yes, it is true that sometimes it is best to turn away and start over. The fact that the land is contaminated is not Sugeno San's fault. This is Tepco's mess. This is a crime against humanity.

I admire Tanno San for knowing when to call it quits and move on. Just like the lyrics to the Kenny Roger's song The Gambler. "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and when to run."

Anonymous said...

the sad thing is that nuclear contamined land can not be repaired like an old shoe, and certainly not by cultivating. since when cultivating vegetables decontamines the land? who is telling such nonesense?

Anonymous said...

I respect both of them trying to fix the current situations. However,Mr. Sugeno is doing it in a wrong way. It 's the nuclear contamination that matter the safety but not his hard work on farming. Mr. Tanno made a wise decision and he can now start a new life

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