Sunday, June 17, 2012

4,000 Protest Against Ooi Nuke Plant Restart in Front of Fukui Prefectural Governmet Bldg

It is a huge number for a place like Fukui, where Ooi Nuclear Power Plant is located. The organizers say there are about 4,000 people gathered.

Photo posted by @FumikoKawazoe on Twitter:


Anonymous said...

Please publish the Data for the Demonstrations on your Blog, many foreign People never know but want to participate!


Anonymous said...

Please watch Max Kaiser. He is suggesting some very interesting measures to deal with these guys that are destroying the planet.

Hotspots: Greece

People need to go to the head... those we see are puppets.

Why don't you change?

Chibaguy said...

@anon 5:15, I agee. We just see the puppets. Time to cut off the hands holding the strings. Everyone is voting for change but nothing had changed. It is all spiraling to hell. If Japan defaults the ripple effect is impossible to predict.

Anonymous said...

This is a great simulation! Just imagine if we had the Fukushima accident in Fukui! Please watch this and pass it on...

Default! Get gold and silver, by pass the system... Grow veggies.... Barter!

Establish re-education camps in Fukushima for those politicos and parasites.

Anonymous said...

Less Power to the Nuke Industry and more Power to the People!

You can control everything with YOUR DOLLAR! Buy only what leaves the least impact on mother earth. Eat organic or grow your own. Shun junk.
Even though buying physical gold and silver leaves an impact on the earth because of its mining, it's the only way to beat inflation and protect your assets while giving banksters the middle finger.

Apolline said...

OT (sorry, as usually), a french article of this blog :

A text written about Fukushima Collision, with at the end the link to english or japanese version.


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