Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29 Protest Looks Much Bigger than June 22 Protest

Watch it live in Iwakami's 9 channels:

I just wanted to post this screenshot of all his 9 channels. Channel 2 has TEPCO's Matsumoto in the regular press conference currently on-going.


Scott said...

I saw FNN reporting on it this evening around 6pm. I was incredibly shocked that they actually had arial photos as well. They weren't just showing one cropped street corner shot. It's working. Keep protesting!

Anonymous said...

Much more than last Friday!
And very well mixed by all kind of People.

A lot of International Press was there too.
Police was OK until 20.30pm
Helicopter: 5-7

The Tension is Rising!!!

Anonymous said...

The people can create a nuclear free Japan.

Anonymous said...

It was the lead story on Mainichi TV tonight (I think it was) at 11:30pm, where they stated a figure of 20万人 (200,000 people)! (They even said that Noda and company, upon leaving the building mentioned that he said he "heard a loud noise". Could this be a sign of Noda's awakening conscience?)

If that many people, though, wow, that's great! I wonder how many were at the Osaka Kanden protest as well as at the Ooi plant itself. Japanese friends said many were taking buses from Tokyo and elsewhere to protest at the plant.

Maybe there will be something tomorrow, but I quickly checked the Yomiuri Japanese website and didn't see anything at all, but then they are the Gomiuri, heavily indebted to and invested in everything nuclear. Also checked the Asahi & Mainichi Japanese sites but each had only a couple very short lackluster blurbs. Maybe too early?

JAnonymous said...

It was much bigger. Mainichi website has an article with aerials on front page, and so does asahi.

They report 150'000 to 180'000 people. Yay!

Anonymous said...

JAnonymous, thanks for the link. I evidently checked too early. Now to keep the momentum alive!

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