Saturday, June 30, 2012

(UPDATED) Ooi Nuke Plant Restart Protest at the Gate Still Going Strong, But More Police Reinforcement May Be on the Way

(UPDATE 3) Germany's Tagesschau broadcasted the protest at Ooi Nuke plant, here. (German readers, care to translate for the rest of us?)

(UPDATE 2) Another rumor that the US's ABC and Germany's ZDF are in Ooi-cho.

The sound of drums is deafening. (I hate drums.)

(UPDATE) Journalist Ryusaku Tanaka just tweeted that the employees at the nuclear plant, since the only road to the plant is blocked by the protesters and the police, arrived to work from the ocean, using a ferry boat. Tanaka says he heard it from a taxi driver who drove them to the ferry.

Further, someone else tweeted that the riot police who suddenly showed up had climbed the mountain to get there, because the only road to the plant is still blocked.

Both pieces of information are unconfirmed.


It looks like Mr. Iwakami is on the way to the scene, bringing in supplies and rain jackets to his staff at the scene who have been netcasting the protest all night on IWJ's USTREAM Channel. Iwakami is at JR Fukui Station. Right now, it is 10 AM on July 1, 2012 in Japan.

A cleaner photo taken by someone at the scene:

There's a rumor that more riot police on the way.

Live stream by Ustream


Scott said...

While all the idiotic Sunday morning TV gossip shows are rolling irrelevant/old news and wipes to equally irrelevant people, the real news happened on Friday night and now at the Ooi NPP.

Bringing in riot police would be overkill for peaceful protesters like the ones that have been protesting over the past weeks in large numbers. Maybe it has to do with the new law passed about the "security" of Japan's national interests...

Nancy said...

Bits of what I caught said the control rods would be pulled at 9pm and they want a METI minister and the mayor on site when it happens. The road is totally blocked. There are cars parked sideways and chains on the gate. There were people chained to the gate, don't know if they are still there. If the police tried to haul everyone away all the cars and buses would still be blocking the road?

Scott said...

Interesting how a group of protesters can block the only access road into the NPP. Just think of what would happen if a large scale natural disaster occurred...

Susan said...

TBS/JNN live cam down blank.
Sunday 10am Japan time.

Scott said...

The live stream page appears to have changed. The new one can be found here

Anonymous said...

Join them
Hold your ground

Occupy Ooi
The world is watching
We support your strength and courage 100 %

Nuke Free World Now

Anonymous said...

Need more people, keep it going, this is it. The future of Japan right now, right here. Stand your ground. Peaceful protest. No Nuclear Japan forever!

Anonymous said...

English following Japanese:

緊急情報4 福島4号機冷却できず 100℃を超える日







Anonymous said...

OK! Some predictive linguistic guys wrote few months ago that some shit strong might transpire around July 10 3plus / minus days.

Keep an eye on this! Why don't you change?

Japan vacate...Wave One
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Anonymous said...

I always wonder how cops can just stand there mindlessly without thinking "hmm, maybe I'm on the wrong side of the fence?"

I guess paycheck decides all.

Anonymous said...

Well those cops are brainwashed and as Henry Kissinger the warcriminal famously said .. “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”. .... so too are the cops, they are enabling the NWO and are dumb idiots for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Most policemen I've met in Japan are decent people. I would expect these men are also decent. I think if you explained to them that the protesters were out there, without pay, protecting their families and the policemen's families, one might actually get some of the policement to donate all or part of their overtime pay to the anti-nuke movement.

Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to ask. And it would get them thinking. We want them to think don't we?

Anonymous said...

The data sets are indicating that prior to July 10th {ed note: error rate is 3 days plus or
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Anonymous said...

Actually, all of the above is NOT copyrighted. The comments I made above as Anonymous are not copyrighted.

Suggest that if you want to retain rights, you post a link instead of trying to copyright something you write on somebody else's blog

Anonymous said... stop making tedious stupid fucking comments and then saying its all copyrighted, you are on someone elses blog , now piss off...

Anonymous said...

Rough translation of the German "Tagesschau" broadcast (German sentences tend to be very long - see example of first one - so that I split them in English later on):

"Wenn die Atomkatastrophe von Fukushima im vergangenen Jahr schon dafuer gesorgt hat, dass es im mehrere 1000 km entfernten Deutschland zu einer Energiewende kam, was muss das erst in Japan selbst ausgeloest haben, wo die Menschen unmittelbar betroffen sind von dem Reaktor-GAU? ..."

If the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima the previous year caused the "Energiewende" [switch from nuclear to other energy sources] in the many thousands of kilometers distant Germany, what must it have caused in Japan where people are directly affected? Well, so far, all nuclear reactors in the country are stopped. But the government is concerned about the high energy demand in the summer and wants to restart the first nuclear reactor tomorrow. That, in turn, causes many Japanese entirely different worries, and so the anti-nuclear protest grows to entirely new dimensions, as Philipp Abresch reports:

A little bit of "Gorleben" [German nuclear waste facility site with major protests going on in the 80's] in the Japanese countryside, anti-nuclear protesters have overpowered security at the NPP and have chained themselves to the entry gate. Here in Ooi, the nuclear reactor is the first that is scheduled to again produce nuclear energy, starting this weekend. The roughly 200 demonstrators would like to prevent that at any cost.

[protester:] "The time to collect signatures is over. Now we create pressure on-site. It is our last resort."

Politicians have succumbed to the will of nuclear companies and the industry. Accordingly, in mid-July, Prime Minister Noda allowed the restart of the Ooi nuclear reactor. The intend is to avoid the feared power outages during the hot summer months.

[Noda:] "We have learned from Fukushima. An accident like that must never happen again. We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of the country's nuclear reactors."

[to be continued]

Anonymous said...

[Continuation of translation, "Tagesschau" report]

The nuclear power plant Ooi is located in a picturesque setting at the ocean. Critics consider the restart irresponsible. [According to the critics:] The Ooi plant is far more endangered than Fukushima. It is located on three earthquake faults, the Tsunami wall is way too low, escape route for people in case of a major accident ... non-existent.

The police is surrounded by demonstrators, and officers are surprised about the temperamental protests of their normally so reserved fellow citizens.

[securiy/police officer:] "We respect the anti-nuclear protesters. But at the same time, we have to see that they don't cause trouble here."

A good-bye to nuclear power is what demonstrators demand. Most people in Japan think this way. They feel that they and their fears are ignored by politicians, and so they discovered the way of protesting on the streets, more than one year after Fukushima. More loudly and more creative than ever before.


Anonymous said...

about 9pm japan time chant changes to Boryokku hantai with some trouble erupting it seems from the livecam. but it is diffiult to understand wtf is going on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks *mscharisma*
The need for action wherever you are.
"escape route for people in case of a major accident...non-existent."
New license extension granted.
Emergency plan-
After evacuating, how will "cold shutdown", clean-up and decontamination be accomplished at a facility nestled in the confines of the U.S. largest, increasingly costly, problematic, leaking radioactive material, Superfund site ?

Line the Columbia River with concrete?

High school kids from another country to volunteer?

Anonymous said...

This was on the BBC which is something considering the BBC are in the pocket of the government in the UK which is very pro nuke..


Beppe said...

@anon 5:14 TV reported that the police forcibly removed the demonstrators blocking access to the Oi npp, hence the "boryoku hantai" (no violence) chant, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Tagesschau 01.07.2012 20:16 Uhr (

#00:00:00-0# [ARD Reporter Philipp Abresch] Fleissig arbeiten sie am Neustart, die Ingenieure im Atomkraftwerk Ooi. Um 9 Uhr Ortszeit heute Abend hat der Betreiber 2 seiner Reaktoren erfolgreich hochgefahren. Dabei mussten die Kraftwerksmanager in den vergangenen Tagen immer wieder technische Probleme einräumen, zuletzt an der externen Stromversorgung.

The engineers at the NPP Ooi are busily working on its restart. Today in the evening, at 9 o'clock local time, the operator [KEPCO] has successfully started up two of his reactors. During the last days, the plants managers had to admit technical problems again and again. At last, problems with the external supply of electricity.

#00:00:19-4# Das Kraftwerk Ooi am Japanischen Meer, noch bevor Experten die Anlage abschließend überprüft hatten erklärte die Japanische Regierung das AKW für sicher. Premierminister Noda persönlich erlaubte das wiederanfahren, vor allem auf Druck der Wirtschaft. Die kämpft seit Fukushima mit steigenden Energiepreisen und der Angst vor Stromengpässen im heissen Sommer.

The NPP Ooi at the japanese sea, even before experts gave their final approval of the complex, it was declared safe by the japanese government.
Prime minister Noda personally gave the permission for the restart, especially under the pressure from the economy. Since Fukushima the economy is struggling with rising costs for energy and fear of electricity congestion during a hot summer.

#00:00:40-2# In Ooi protestieren tausende Menschen gegen Japans Rückkehr ins Nuklearzeitalter. Demonstranten haben die Wachen überrumpelt und blockieren die Zufahrt zum AWK. Sie meinen Ooi sei eine Zeitbombe, die Reaktoren seien noch schlechter gegen Erdbeben geschützt als das havarierte Kraftwerk in Fukushima. Auch der Tsunamischutzwall sei zu niedrig und es gäbe zuwenig Fluchtrouten im Falle eines Supergaus.

In Ooi, thousands protested against Japans returning into the atomic age. Protesters overcame the guards and blocked the access to the NPP.
They consider Ooi a time bomb. According to them, the reactors are protected even worse against earthquakes than the damaged plant in Fukushima. The tsunami wall is too low and there are not enough routes for evacuation in case of a beyond design basis accident.

#00:01:02-9# [Comment by protester] Die Regierung nimmt das AKW wieder ans Netz, dabei gibt es noch so viele Probleme. Das Ooi jetzt wieder Strom liefern soll, unter diesen Umständen, da kann ich nur sagen: Ich bin wirklich geschockt von der Regierung.

The government allows the NPP back on the grid, despite of so many problems. In the face of Ooi producing electricity again, under those conditions, i can only say: i am shocked by the government.

#00:01:16-9# (Reporter) Am Mittwoch wird Reaktor 3 in Ooi erstmals wieder Atomstrom liefern. Nach und nach sollen weitere japanische AKW wieder ans Netz gehen. Im Frühjahr will auch der umstrittene Stromkonzern TEPCO eines seiner Atomkraftwerke wieder anfahren.

On wednesday reactor 3 in Ooi will produce electricity again. Little by little other japanese NPP are planned to get back on the grid. In spring the controversial electricity corporation TEPCO wants to restart one of their nuclear power plants.

greets from .at

Anonymous said...

This stuff is so upsetting the "reality merchants" can make tens of thousands of people not exist. Once again the mass media is purposely dropping the ball like they did with WMD's. The Jgov knows damn well if people across Japan were aware of the protest many more would probably join the protest. As Scott noted in the first post the media blackout is probably part of the new national security law.

I hope this doesn't become violent it would only take a couple of malevolent people to discredit the entire action. Violence would also give the Mass Media the video clip it would need to frame the anti-nuclear movement as a bunch of troublemakers. This happens at many of the various G-summits across the globe the only thing you'd see on the news is the very minor portion of troublemakers fighting with the cops and damaging property the vast majority of peaceful protesters are completely ignored. I wouldn't put it past the pro-nuclear faction to orchestrate a few troublemakers to tangle with the rumored police reinforcements.

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