Saturday, June 30, 2012

Protest On-Going for 10 Hours in Front of Ooi Nuke Plant Entrance

(UPDATE on my latest post)


It's raining there. But a group of protesters against the restart of the plant has been facing the Fukui riot police in front of the entrance gate.

Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ crew has been there from the beginning, netcasting on their USTREAM channel. Right now, the protesters are drumming and shouting "Saikado Hantai (no to restart)".

Over 79,000 people have checked in to view the live video so far, and over 3,000 currently watching:

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Earlier photos from Ryusaku Tanaka's website, protest on June 30:


Anonymous said...

These protesters are true patriots. How can I support them?

I'm sure they could use reinforcement.

Tokyoites who are able to get away from work (the thought of this nuclear power plant reopening physically sickens me, makes my stomach ill, doesn't it affect you too?)...

...Tokyoites who are able should try to get to Fukui to help.

As an added bonus, you would have a big head start on the evacuation of the 32 million other Tokyoites in the event the SFP4 cooling problem is not resolved.

Yes, Fukui is the place to be right now.

Anonymous said...

When trouble breaks out, this is going to be a major nation turning event, I feel. Almost everyone I know supports these younger members of Japan. For years they have been largely disenfranchised and disillusioned with politics. But Japanese youth is changing and with it social mood is darkening and becoming angry and united.

Anonymous said...

Anger doesn't unite. Don't bring your own bias and foist onto them.

Anonymous said...

This is democracy at work.

Anonymous said...

End the Nuclear Pillage!

Anonymous said...

There is a major political crisis coming for all those industry lobbyists who have bought and paid for the current collection of Japanese government officials. And it's not just the nuclear mura lobbyists who will see their influence slashed.

Just as TEPCO's misdeeds have brought down ALL of the other utlities in Japan, the powerful PRO-NUKE industrial lobby is about to bring down all of Japan's other industry lobbyist associations also.

If the Japanese government continues to ignore the public's DEMAND that Japan renounce nuclear power, then the next round of elections (or the one after that) will see many more common people being elected to public office. These will be Fukushima Moms, Sugiyama anti-nuke leaders, bloggers like EX-SKF and other people who have been moved to action not by a power-lust but by a sudden awareness that the Japanese government does not represent the Japanese people.

The DPJ will end. Ozawa's replacement party will end. The LDP will have even less influence. Common people, running on their anti-nuke credentials will be elected by a Japanese people who have become completely disgusted with a government that does not listen to them.

What a crisis this will make for EVERY lobbyist in Chiyoda ku! All the influence that they have worked so hard to develop over the years will be lost. The politicians they had funded in the past will be replaced.

But these common people - unlike the career politicians in the LDP, DPJ, etc - would be going to their new government jobs not because they have a lust for power of the need to control. They will have run for the benefit of the people. These are the sort of people who cannot be bought.

It is for this reason that ALL of those non-nuclear industry lobbyists should NOW ally themselves with the ANTI-NUKE message. They should be devoting all of their energy to getting the government to LISTEN to the people's DEMANDS that Japan renounce nuclear power NOW.

Nuclear is finished. If the Japanese government continues to deny the people's demands in this regard, then the policiticans currently in office will also be finished. Taking their place will be common people who are less likely to be for sale to ANY industry lobby.

Perhaps this is God's plan for Japan. But if I were an agriculture lobbyist or a pharmaceutical industry lobbyist or a tourism lobbyist, I would be donating my money, time and vocal support to the anti-nuke message just now.

Anonymous said...

DPJ, LDP and the Komeito should throw the nuclear industry under the bus before there is a government meltdown in Chiyoda ku.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11
Lol! I didn't say "anger unites". I have no bias and am not foisting anything upon anyone. I am, however an interested observer of social mood driving other events. You are clearly not in Japan (I'd wager). Or if you are then you do not feel the tide turning. There is a lost generation of under 35year olds who have never really had a voice. They have been forced out of an uncaring society in meaningless half jobs, unable to marry and ignored by the political parties. Many of them are smart and have fashioned alternative subcultures with goals that are diametrically opposed to the ways of the old Japan Hegemony. They reject the unsustainable course Japan is pesently on and love their culture, their homes and their ways of living. They detest the lies of government and big business and especially energy companies-all seen so clearly in the aftermath of Fukushima.
Japan has never had to deal with such a group before. It will be interesting to see how they line up against those who show a two fingered salute to the establishment. The difference this time is that by and large the Japanese people dont want nuclear power anymore. Maybe they dont know what that alternative signifies yet-but they dont want more Fukushimas near them.
It was easy to dismiss the anti nuclear protestors i the 70's-80's-90's...the economy wa son the up and up and life continued with ever increasing amount of wealth etc...but now we are on the other side of that equation and the slope looks steep from the top. Japan is basically in debt to the point of inability to ever pay off without default (to her own people in the way of unpaid pensions, insurance and empty savings accounts, or, runaway hyperinflation which will make the value of those pensions and savings worthless too.

Expect the police and riot boys to hold the line while they are still getting paychecks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9pm. Nice post! However we are not there yet. The existing power conglomerates will not go quietly or without a fight. Ozawa may or may not force an election, but who is there to vote for? No one. Japan will have to crash first, I'd suspect and that event is written in the stars before this decade is out. Then and only then will we see some radical change.
Inspire the next!

Anonymous said...

Will the idiot in charge of the police force please have a look at the images uploaded by IWJ?

I see photos of mothers carrying toddlers and infants in strollers at this rally. Contrast with helmeted riot police. Are you really stupid enough to believe that the police are at risk of physical harm from a crowd of mothers carrying babies???

Do you really think one of these riot policemen is going to follow an order to start clubbing mohers carrying babies???

You are just making your uniformed officers look like complete idiots.

Relax. Let them protest. And thank God that their actions today are for the protection of you and your families also.

Finally, to all of the policement at this event, if you have a soul, you will please donate your overtime pay to the support of the anti-nuclear movement. They're out there, without any pay, trying to get the impossible Japanese government to listen to their voices and yours.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:28

I see a tipping point coming. When the nely awakened Japanese public learn how to use the electoral system, there will be no chance for the established powers to keep control.

The only chance the existing political powers might have is to renounce nuclear now. They need to throw nuclear under the bus to protect their own skins.

Randy said...

This is a silly question, but could someone please type the chant in "english" ...phonetically? I can't quite make it out.

Anonymous said...

@Anon at 9:18PM, LOL to you. You say "I have no bias and am not foisting anything upon anyone", and continue to say that I am either not in Japan or not feeling the tide changing. Give me a break.

Randy said...

"Saikado Hantai (no to restart)"...from me, too!

Anonymous said...

saikadou hantai = we oppose restart

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:59 PM...

The main chant is "再稼働 反対!" [saikadou hantai!]
or in English,
NO to restarting [the nuke plant]!
DON'T restart [the nuke plant]!
AGAINST restarting [the nuke plant]!

Randy said...

??????? translator please? is anyone reading this?

Randy said...

Thank you!! I can safely say there are several people watching from Occupy Eugene (in Oregon, USA) that absolutely support NO RESTART.

Anonymous said...

For all of us bearing witness to the events unfolding in Japan, we should not forget the importance of addressing this problem in our own patch.
The great experiment rolls on, renewing licenses for aging facilities, with our fingers crossed?
Nuclear Rubberstamp Commission

Eugene,Portland, TriCities, Seattle...
Just renewed,
Occupy this-

Nuclear Free World Now
Saikado Hantai

Anonymous said...

Those police who are being paid peanuts to protect this disgraceful Oi power plant and taking orders from the policy makers in Japan are getting an ear full of what the real Japanese people feel. they will never get this chant " siakado hantai.(no restart) out of their heads . no matter how mind controlled they are, this will break their programing. They will hear this chant in their dreams. They will be brought to a point of decision. Will they side with the will of the people or with the bought off politicians. This is getting very interesting. nothing like this has ever happened in Japan.

Anonymous said...


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