Thursday, July 26, 2012

OT: Olympic Men's Football - Japan 1 - Spain 0

(Flying in the business class clearly did them good, although I heard on the radio how uncomfortable they felt with the situation.)

A Kyodo photo from Nikkei Shinbun (7/27/2012) reporting the "Miracle in Glasgow" (where the match was played) shows how the Japanese players stuffed a Spanish offense:

According to the Nikkei article, the Japanese players out-ran the Spanish counterparts, and kept on running the entire 90 minutes.

The next match for Japan is against Morocco on July 29, then Honduras.


Anonymous said...

And yesterday the women's team beat Canada 2-1.

Anonymous said...

"Flying in the business class clearly did them good"
^ This sounds like something a sensationalist website like Sankaku Complex would say.

I hope that's not a serious statement, because I honestly cannot see the correlation. I doubt that flying in a specific flight class could somehow improve their performance. Shame it's not possible to reproduce the same sporting match to prove it.

Also, the comment above suggests that the women's team also did well despite not flying business class. I could take this to suggest that flying in an airplane at all must increase performance. It might even be the specific airline.

Seriously though, as I've said before, they could all fly cheap to save money. That way, nobody would complain about "sexism", and the money could go to better and more important things. For example, helping irradiated children relocate, or repairing melted reactors.

They could do it the other way around too - have the men fly economy and the women fly business. I can't imagine anyone complaining about that. Even if they did, I'd expect that any complaints against that would be disregarded as "sexist" anyway.

My apologies if I sound like an ass with the above statement. I'm merely going by my expectations, which are based on the extra special treatment women seem to receive at the expense of men in virtually every aspect of my entire life.

I may not sound like it, but I was raised under the belief that women are often mistreated and should be treated with kindness and respect. However, what I seek is true equality. Neither women NOR men should be treated worse SOLELY because of their gender, especially because it's not something we get to choose. The question is, is this case SOLELY a gender issue?

Certainly, it appears clearly unfair that one gender is flown in a better class than the other. But is this because of reasons such as public interest in the men's team resulting in more funding than the women's team? If that is the case, then people should be blaming the general populace for not caring as much about the women's team. It'd be their fault that the women's team isn't getting sponsored as much as the men's team.

There could be even more reasons that we're not aware of. It's never that simple. Aren't we only seeing the end result and making judgments based on that? Are people actually researching the circumstances in detail before complaining? Do we really know the full picture and the reasons behind these decisions, or are we being shallow and immediately boiling it down to gender inequality? Does anyone actually care if that's what we're doing? Isn't everyone always quick to point the finger of sexism at men?

Do the people organizing these things seriously decide, "let's fly the men in a better class because men are better"? That sounds silly to me, but if they are really doing that, then I have absolutely no problem with them being disposed of.

However, in my experience, it is usually the opposite. It has been said to my face by authoritative figures that "females are better", as justification for treating males worse. How often do you hear authoritative figures openly stating that men are better? They don't, because it'd undoubtedly cost them their jobs. Unless, of course, their name is Shintaro Ishihara.

Also, I can't help but feel that all this "sports teams flying a specific class or not" is terribly unimportant and insignificant compared to problems with everyday life and current world issues. If it was me, I would not care less, as long as I'm not flying in baggage.

Anyway, that's why these posts evoke responses like this from me. It frustrates me that I have so much to convey but that language is such an inefficient means of expression. I won't waste anymore of anyone else's time with my miserably long posts on this matter. I hope that I'm at least encouraging a broader perspective.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, will you? (Good grief...)

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