Thursday, July 26, 2012

PM Noda on Friday Protest in Tokyo: "I Hear The Voices..."

The text below is taken from Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's official blog (officially translated into English, probably by the PR agency who did the homepage renewal) on July 11, 2012, titled "Listening carefully to a range of views".

The translator's effort to follow as close as possible the original cliche-ridden Japanese is evident. I sympathize. But Mr. Noda simply continues the fine tradition of the Japanese government, particularly since the Fukushima nuclear accident, of lying through his teeth.

From the Official Blog (English) of the Prime Minister's Office (7/11/2012), with my comment in square brackets, in blue italics:

I also hear the voices of the large number of people expressing anti-nuclear sentiments outside the Prime Minister's Office each Friday evening. [Yes, that the "sound" (some bloggers called it "noise" that he said he heard.] And I also hear the voices of people who are greatly worried about the possibility of rolling blackouts and drastic energy saving measures, including the elderly in elderly care homes, shop owners, and people employed at small- and medium-sized enterprises. [About the only people I heard who said those things were politicians - Mayor of Osaka City, for one.] We also have the hard fact that the restart of the Unit 3 reactor at the Oi Nuclear Power Station has enabled relaxation of the energy-saving target for the Kansai area to 10%. [The "hard fact" is that as soon as the Ooi Reactor 3 came online despite numerous alarms that were essentially ignored by KEPCO, KEPCO took 8 thermal power generation plants offline. It was also revealed that there would have been no shortage to begin with, as KEPCO's "calculation" was based on the summer of 2010, which was hotter than the summer of 2011.] What we should do now is vigilantly ensure safety, taking all possible means to do so. [Like how? By putting a senior vice minister at the plant who exclaimed "Jellyfish will never stop a modern nuclear power plant!" ?]

In addition, the issue of how to get through this summer's severe supply and demand situation through the restart of the Oi Nuclear Power Station is one that is fundamentally different from the issue of how in concrete terms we can reduce to the greatest possible extent our dependence on nuclear power over the medium to long term. [That's your problem, Mr. Noda, not the protesters'. The protesters don't want to restart Ooi or any other nuke plant until the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident is truly "over". Dependence of nuclear power has been part "manufactured" by deliberately putting thermal power generation plants offline and by calculating the "cost" of power generation that seemingly favored nuclear power generation.]

Recently, the Energy and Environment Council set forth three scenarios for Japan's energy composition in 2030. I intend to advance a national public debate regarding our medium- to long-term energy composition, earnestly taking into account the views of various people. ["Earnestly taking into account"? Well your Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono said the same thing, and guess what. It is not Goshi Hosono who is reading the views of various people but the PR agency your administration has contracted (Hakuhodo). You have outsourced "earnestly taking into account" activity.]


Anonymous said...

What power shortages? I am not seeing any.
What drastic energy saving measures? My office in Tokyo is cold; I need a long sleeved shirt.
What elderly? Those who died on the government provided buses that were supposed to evacuate them to a safe place, away from the exploded Fukushima npp? Or those left behind in the hospitals?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

You tell him, Beppe. Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

i guess the now elder want to enjoy the fruit of their hard labor, especially the hard earned fruit of building nuclear power plants in the 60's 70's.
let this be a warning and lesson to THIS generation: acquire a safe and reliable power-source NOW, which will power your electroencephalogram, breathing apparatus and whats-to-come in safe and reliable manner once your old. do not let it be a fruit that turns sour ... hopefully the demonstrations will be about solar panels providing too much shade in the summer.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering if the excessive reporting by the media of the hyperthermia/ overheating of the population is intended to support the idea that we need more N-plants online. Every night, nearly every news report starts with a 15 minute story of how many more people came down with heat exhaustion, despite the temperatures being comparative to last year. It is also strange to me that every report ends with the suggestion that we need to vigilantly use our air conditioners, even at night or when we are sleeping. Is it really that bad? I haven't turned on my aircon yet, and I'm still alive and kicking...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Noda,
You are the leader of one of the world's most technologically advanced nations. A nation that prides itself on sense of community. The Prime Minister should be placing the health and welfare of the nation first. The choices you are making and supporting are going to have a profound impact.
Every speech you give rings of shallow, self-interest. There is just one thing that should be first on your list every single day. Take care of the children. Right Now. You remember them ? The most vulnerable, innocent,future tax payers. The ones wearing dosimeters.
It has been 1 year 4 months and 16 days since this disaster began.
Every first-responder, policeman, fireman, health care professional I speak with is given this information. Potassium Iodide must be given. Children should be evacuated immediately out of the path of the plume. And finally, under no circumstances should children be left behind in contaminated areas wearing dosimeters.
Worldwide, we will not forget this harsh lesson of business and politics.
The daily continuing contamination of the Pacific Ocean. The air we breathe. The land we live on and the food we eat.
Please, help the citizens of Japan and the world.
No restarts while you have children wearing dosimeters and Fukushima spewing.
No drums, just words.

Anonymous said...

@8:54 Encouragements not to be too stingy on the a/c usage were there the last year too, to be honest. However I also feel that this year they are repeated on a massive scale, not to mention the daily bulletin on the expected usage peak time and value.

They probably should be stopping the latter because at some 85% it amounts to repeating every morning that there is no need to restart any npp, not as far as Tokyo is concerned :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing timing! Tonight NHK aired a whole program (around 22:00) about heat strokes.
Some doctor explained that you can die of dehydratation and right after some young wife explained that you should set your a/c to 26 degrees. Of course the two statements were not directly linked with a causal relationship, only juxtaposed.

When was it that we were invited to wear super cool biz and keep our a/c at 28 degrees?!?


Anonymous said...

Noda is hearing voices....

OK. If this had happened in the US, and if the US government behaved as Noda has behaved, he'd be hearing very different noises.

Americans: preserve your second amendment rights. If Japan were as free as America, the sort of misbehavior we are seeing in Japan's current government would be tempered.

This was not doubt the intention of America's founding fathers. Too bad this freedom was not exported to Japan when the Americans helped them write their post WWII constitution.

By the way: explains:
"Japan prohibits handgun possession by citizens. Shotguns and rifles for hunting or sports may be possessed upon completion of a licensing procedure that requires a police background check, successful completion of a safety course, passing of shooting, written, and psychological tests, and police verification of secure storage, prior to approval being granted by the police to purchase a firearm.[29] Fully automatic weapons are restricted to military and police. Gun owners must take a class once a year and pass a written test. Police check on the owner once every three months on an unannounced visit.[Source?] They inspect the gun locker, proper ammunition storage, and the firearm."

I wonder how many anti-nuke demonstrators would pass the police's psych test and background check? Even if they were willing to put up with unannounced invasions of privacy every three months to inspect the gun locker.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they don't ask people to set the AC as low as possible and regulate the temperature with an electric heater. Energy conservation is probably the best weapon the Japanese public has against nuclear power that is why the industry avoids it like the plague.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:49

Yeah RIGHT! We just had a nutjob shoot up a movie and kill and wound a bunch of innocent people because he wanted to throw a tantrum and you're going to brag about lax US gun ownership laws and how it intimidates TPTB? Explain to us all how afraid the US government was of the Branch Davidians before they wiped them off the face of the Earth. How about all the militia's that used to exist before the Oklahoma bombing? There used to be a bunch of violent anti-taxers who though the government was afraid of their guns too, most of those guys are dead or in prison. I guess you don't mind kids armed with Skittles being gunned down on their way home from the convenience store either.

I've got news for you the US government fantasizes about a bunch of unwashed hillbillies drawing down on their well trained, well supplied hired guns. After their targeting drones locate and identify you their biggest problem will be choosing how they'll kill you. The US was lead into a BS war in Iraq chasing WMD's that didn't exist this was caused by collusion between the MSM and the highest levels of government. If that didn't start a revolution nothing will.

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