Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Angry Crowd Shout "GO HOME! GO HOME!" to PM Noda and Leadership Candidates in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Good job, people.

And thank you citizens of Kyoto City for showing us the way back in March, when you shouted down Goshi Hosono and his underlings.

Frankly, things like this have never ever happened in Japan before - ordinary people shouting down the leadership of the country.

"帰れ、帰れ! 解散しろ!" Go home, go home! Dissolve the Diet and hold election! People shouted at the DPJ leadership candidates speaking atop the van, on September 19, 2012 on the street corner in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

According to people who watched the snippet in the evening news in Japan, the television stations all filtered out the angry crowd. As you see at about 2:20 into the video, there is a wide space between the candidates and people. Plain-clothes secret policemen, who look exactly like yakuza, make sure none of the peasants dare approach the van.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather see this headline:
"Angry Crowd Tears Noda and Leadership Candidates to Shreds with Bare Hands"

Anonymous said...

How about " Angry crowd rips Noda and Edanos head off and shits down their necks"

Anonymous said...

もう終わっただな。 お前の口をシメロウバーーーカ!簡単なやろうめが。帰れあほたれ!

Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between the incompetent boobs in the government and the yakuza? At least the yakuza are honest criminals! (ha)

The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy In Japan

Anonymous said...

The Japanese need to support the fledgling 緑の党 Midori no Tō. The LDP and DPJ are just different sides of the same coin Japan needs a different coin. The Japanese public will need a strong green party to make their will known. The present Greens need to take advantage of the public rage to make political gains while the issue is hot.

The Greens in Germany is a good example of what a green party can do.

Anonymous said...

I agree but the Green party won't go anywhere in Japan. I remember several years ago local Greens got something like a million votes, and many independents sympathetic to Green values got elected. However, building political coalitions, for some reason, is almost impossible in japan. That's why we have the political mess we have now. But, if someone can figure out how to get the Greens to move forward, I am all in favor (except the Greens in many countries are now just coopted and neutered sell outs). oops.

Anonymous said...

Used to be that snake oil could be bought from indigents extolling the virtues from their cart.

Anonymous said...

Spot on laprimavera! News media doesn't see the real story here. Noda's (and the DPJ's) mishandling of the post-meltdown situation has forever changed he relationship between the general population and their government.

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