Saturday, September 22, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 3 Platforms for Debris Removal

(UPDATE) TEPCO released the video from the crane. See my latest post.


NHK has an aerial video of Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, in reporting the incident of a 470-kilogram steel frame (30 centimeters x 20 centimeters x 700 centimeters) dropping into the Spent Fuel Pool on September 22.

The link probably won't last (since it's NHK), but here's a screenshot of the video that shows the sides of Reactor 3 building now have platforms on which to put heavy equipment to remove the debris.

As I mentioned in the previous post, debris removal is being done by remote-controlled equipment (in this case, a large crane) by workers in a control room; the system was devised by Kajima (see their press release from April this year:

If the crane failed to grab the steel frame and the frame dropped into the SFP, the whole sequence should have been captured by the video cameras (two on the crane arm, at least two on the platforms). I wonder if TEPCO or Kajima releases the video.


Anonymous said...

There are a LOT of Fukushima high quality video/ come only one with a lot of pasted and edited footage is seen by the general public?

Anonymous said...

You think one day they will cease cavorting with extinction?

I guess on that day success and failure...the same.

Actually not the same,merely geological processes as we could see on some other lifeless tumbler rotating a star.

Atomfritz said...

Thank you very much for this interesting coverage.

On 0:59 to 1:06 the pool can be seen.
I just wonder why no temporary cover has been put over the pool like at #4 to avoid more rubble fall into.
Especially when you look at the sheets in the left part. It would probably not have been very difficult to put some similar sheet onto the pool.

On the other hand, maybe they cut some part of the roof girder above the pool which slid loose and dropped after being cut off?
Because, after removal of the roof girder it would be way easier to place a protective cover.

In the NHK video, from about 1:07 to 1:32, I guess they show the beam which fell into the pool?

Really hope Tepco/Kajima will release the video. Would be very informative how the actual cleanup is done.

At least, it's good to see the cleanup progress. Really cannot wait to see the first human landing on unit #3 :)

Anonymous said...

Off topic: wild mushrooms at 630 Bq/kg in Nagano pref (Jiji).
Also, air radioactivity as measured by the Shinjuku post peaked this morning at 6hrs from the usual level around 0.05 uGy/h up to 0.0605.
At the moment the last measurement from the same post is 9 hrs+ late.

Stephen W. Anderle said...

it would be good to see the footage later. So that Yuo can see what is actually NOT happening. Imagination makes for exciting FICTION stories, but it is still FICTION. Until you KNOW, I.E. have PROOF of it, it hasn't happened and should NOT be written as if it has. This promotes nothing but problems because so many people will believe any lie they hear. Please stop writing any speculation about these reactors. They are being taken care of properly by people who DO know how to do it. Stephen W. Anderle

Anonymous said...

>They are being taken care of properly by people who DO know how to do it.

Mr. Stephen, that's a good one. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Is there an order of magnitude in difference between the odds given by the regulator and the bookmaker in relation to the same incident?

I would like to see a comparison in graph form of odds given.

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