Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bostom Marathon Bombing "Suspects" Photos Released by FBI

Photos from a Zero Hedge post (4/18/2013):

2 suspects in the same shot:

Somewhat clearer photo of the 2nd suspect with a white cap:

So they were wearing black jackets and had backpacks, walking in generally the same direction at several steps apart. (Like many others?)

There seem to be several other people captured by videos or photos who also wear black jackets and heavy backpacks, but FBI says "other photos will not be deemed credible", as Infowars reports:

Photos from Infowars, men with big backpacks, talking to someone:

and the peculiar logo mark on their hats:

The government denies there was any training operation at the Boston Marathon.


Anonymous said...

Gosh. Infowars, really?

Anonymous said...

Sure some Seals might have been there. I'm sure there was a lot of somewhat undercover stuff going on. They are not going to tell you how they do surveillance of crowds after 9/11. This wouldn't be something out of place at all. While I do not trust any government body, I still can't conclude anything conspiratorial just because a pair of Seals were standing around with backpacks.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Infowars? Why not? I've been using the TEPCO press releases for over two years.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

kintaman said...

Oh no. I come to ex-skf for Fukushima related news not this....ugh

Anonymous said...

It's a blog.

A friend has been linking me the possible suspect images compiled by various people, and I was under the impression they came from 4chan.

Anyway, doesn't matter what the source is because in the end it's unlikely that we'd be able to determine if they are actual suspects or not.

Anonymous said...

It's a user-unsupported blog...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Sorry, kintaman.

It looks the police managed to kill one suspect.

Maju said...

Looks extremely suspect to me: what are military/paramilitary personnel in plain clothes doing with all that gear (suspicious backpacks, earphones, vans, obvious organization)? They are not the police: they have no jurisdiction in civilian matters. The answer is quite obvious for us who do not trust the authorities: inside terrorist job.

Curiously the Navy was also doing a "drill" to invade Haiti on humanitarian pretext when an earthquake happened and they immediately invaded. Earthquake-causing weapons do exist and Haiti's earthquake fits well in the parameters (very shallow and otherwise unexpected). But surely... just a coincidence. Right?!

Of course it must all be coincidence and our feverish imagination prone to see "conspiracy theories" in everything. The Navy would never do any such thing... right? Right?! RIGHT?!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Looks extremely suspect to me: what are military/paramilitary personnel in plain clothes doing with all that gear (suspicious backpacks, earphones, vans, obvious organization)? They are not the police: they have no jurisdiction in civilian matters. The answer is quite obvious for us who do not trust the authorities: inside terrorist job. "

I don't understand. Backpacks, earphones, vans, organization...etc...are all part of heightened or surveillance. How else do you think surveillance is done?? What is "quite obvious" to you is not at all obvious to others. The FBI had over 1000 people combing video tapes for the perpetrators and you think all of them were government employees sworn to never divulge the conspiracy. What's the matter with your brain cells?

Anonymous said...

"Infowars? Why not? I've been using the TEPCO press releases for over two years"
Yes, you do. But not exactly in the same way or sense, to be honest.


Regards and respect.

Anonymous said...

The father of the suspects, who moved back to Russian just recently, says he had a phone conversation with his sons right after the bombing asking if they were okay. They told him not to worry because they weren't even there. But, they were there, and the FBI has loads of footage of them to prove it.

Tell me how that was set up? It wasn't. Not every despicable act is a government conspiracy. Some despicable acts are perpetrated by stupid people that can't think of anything smarter than extreme violence. The fact that they overlooked the 100% probability of being videotaped left and right at such a high profile event puts them not only in the stupid category but the elite stupid category better known as: moron, deserving of the Darwin Award.

It's good they have been taken out of the gene pool. Unfortunately the older dead moron has already fathered a 3 year old child.

Anonymous said...

Jeff B. the poor guy with both legs blown off who was videotaped while being wheelchaired to an ambulance describes it was the older brother who deposited the backpack at his feet. Two and a half minutes later the bomb went off. Quite frankly, I don't know how anyone could read a conspiracy into that. I'm sure lots of tin foil hatters will try.

Anonymous said...

chechnya was a country invaded by Russia several times. As China invaded Vietnam several times.
But Russia still tries to hold its claws on the country while Vietnamese kick the Chinese out. Chechen want to have nothing to do with Russia. But Russian don't want to leave and refute all votes requesting them to go away. Russian are big ar...ole and should just leave these people in peace. How would you feel if your country was invaded by Russian!
Anyway, as the police-fbi just caught the second suspect, a 19 years old boys, I wonder if it is not the Russians special force who pretended to be chechen terrorists and turned these two brothers into terrorists. Russian would do anything to bolster their claim to keep control of Chechnya. Russian have killed million of Chechens already over hundreds of years and just refuses to give up this ridiculous circle of violance by letting these people and their microscopic land alone.

Ivan said...

6:53 PM, older brother stayed in Dagestan for 6 months and Russian government already warn USA government(FBI) one year ago about older brother's activity in Dagestan. FBI went to see his mother about this telling they are afraid for her son. Nothing was done by the mother or FBI.

How I would feel if let's say China(I am Russian) invaded my country? Well, I wouldn't go to US to kill and maim people there with explosives during sports event. What would be point? These brothers are stupid idiots. FBI might be even stupider. Mother is stupid idiot also.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's how you fight the Russian invasion--- blow people up in the States. That's what two young simpleton clods from Chechnya came up with. The older genius brother seems to have had no job and was babysitting his kid while his wife worked. Like his uncle said, L-O-S-E-R.

Anonymous said...

US MSMs are finally getting their narrative right, it seems. Blame Putin. People starting to make excuses for poor Chechen boys (those bad Russians!).

Anon at 9:29PM, don't you know there are so many "losers" in the US, particularly in the past 4 years, who babysit while their wives work?

Anonymous said...

Your comment about Russia, I can understand.
But qualifying as "loser" men who are not working while their wife are is stupid.
Qualify the two bombers as "loser" because of what they did (if you want to).
But it is still stupid to mix the two issues together and qualify all men who are not working as losers. Your values are not right. Work is not necessarly linked with a person being great or not.

Anonymous said...

If you take all things into account about the older brother; he got a girl pregnant when he was 23(?), he was arrested for hitting his girlfriend/wife in a domestic abuse case, he quit school to the despair of his father who was paying for both his and his brother's education, he held short duration jobs like pizza delivery, he blew off every family member when they tried to reason with him or give him advice, he made no American friends, he slowly estranged himself from his family, his wife worked while he took care of his three year old daughter, he suddenly becomes a deeply religious Muslim which puzzled his family, he left his wife and daughter to go back to Russia(Dagestan)for six months where he allegedly fraternized with known terrorists, hence the FBI warning to his mother), he engages his younger brother to be his sidekick in a mindless act of terror that is senseless. So, I too would say he was a loser, and MORE. Now he is a dead man.

" How would you feel if your country was invaded by Russian!"

Same way other people felt when Muslims invaded their lands throughout history.

SouthJerseyJoey said...

wow, what a huge show of fire power for one 19 year old kid. a stupid deluded kid with no compassion, i agree, but still. Kind of weird how people were cheering after the kid's capture like their favorite gladiator had won a tournament or something. what the hell? Reminds me of ancient Rome. Police shootouts and manhunts used to be solemn activities with grave onlookers. even the mafia here in jersey takes the killing of opposition seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yup. The winner: the Police! Who coulda known? It took so many of them and so many rounds of ammo to get one 19-year-old kid, they suspend Miranda rights, and people cheer for them with American flags. That's exactly what the administration wants to see.

I wonder who distributed the flags.

Anonymous said...

@6:53PM, even bigger assholes than the Russians are the Mongol invaders of your lands lead by Tamerlane in the 15th century that forcefully made you all convert to Islam. I am only using your own logic. Discard Islam and revert back to your pre-15th century roots!

Anonymous said...

Dimwitted younger brother hiding in a boat tried to kill himself by firing a gun in his mouth which only made a hole in his neck. He couldn't even get that right. Why not shoot yourself in the head? I'm surprised the homemade bombs they were tinkering with didn't detonate and blow their heads off like in a lot of other cases where amateurs think they are James Bond.

Anonymous said...

10:02PM and 5:21AM, I apologize if my comment seemed to generalize all men who do not work as losers, and upon rereading it, I do believe it does. I failed to fully describe Tamerlan's "loserness", if you will. As someone already mentioned, he hit his wife who was then his girlfriend and was arrested for it. I quote his father, "He only sightly hit her, it was a case of jealousy." His wife converted to Islam because of him but the two eventually separated. She and the 3 year old daughter are living with her parents in Rhode Island(?). He quit school, didn't make it as a pro boxer and was jobless, living in a hovel with his brother in Boston. I guess his father was paying the rent for Dzhokar's apartment as he was still in school and Tamerlan just flaked there. He told his uncle, who was disappointed in him, that he was just going to go with the flow and do whatever God wanted, which turned out to be plotting how to kill people when he wasn't sleeping most of the day.

Is this the picture of a devout Muslim man who just can't find a job, or a chronic loser? His wife was working and he went to visit his daughter from time to time. I erroneously thought they still lived together.

Anonymous said...

Chechen medieval islamic rebel nitwits, they are not Russians only troublemakers.

SouthJerseyJoey said...

there's a chechen mafia and I think these guys were wannabes. i gotta say some of the "connected" guys I know are laughing their asses off as the only thing the two bunglers had going for them is how hard they were to kill and subdue, but that is understandable when more than half our police force are outta shape pastey faced fat fucks while most Russian mobsters are tough bastards. ever watch the Pine Barrens episode of the sopranos? Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

Maju said...

Webguerrillero online newspaper (in Spanish) sustains the story, claiming that:

(1) The uniformed people are with all likelihood members of Craft International, aka "the craft", a self-described "tactical training company" for the US military and police forces. See their site:

Incidentally, the founder of "the craft", elite sniper Chris Kyle was killed in a strange incident on February 2013.

(2) The elder Chechen brother was captured alive and then killed.

(3) The color of the backpacks of the accused brothers does not match that of the explosive-containing ones. These were black like the ones carried by Craft members photographed in the area, while the Chechen brothers carried a gray and white packs, at least one of them too empty to hold any sort of explosive device.

(4) An anonymous source claimed at 4chan that the operation was planned in advance. The message, posted just a few hours after the attack, predicted what would happen after it: "they will try to blame a youth of 20-something and say he made it because he's unstable", "they will not find the suspect until the weekend, possibly on Friday".

The message also stated: "this is a false-flag attack: the dead and injured are real but the even was planned".

Other claims of the anon. message at 4chan are that it is addressed against free weapon ownership, what may or not be correct.

(5) Among the photos compiled by Webguerrillero it can be seen how one of the Craft members (the brown or heavily tanned guy above) appears first with a backpack (as above) and then running without it. So it's plausible that he was one of the actual attackers.

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