Thursday, April 18, 2013

Massive Explosion at a Fertilizer Factory in Texas, 70 Feared Dead

Monday was the Boston Marathon bombing. On Wednesday, it was a massive explosion at a fertilizer factory in West, Texas.

What is the world coming to?

USGS says the explosion was equivalent of Magnitude 2.1 earthquake, and adds "Explosion at fertilizer factory at West, TX. The magnitude measures only the ground motion, not the air wave, so is substantially less than the true size of the event."

So far, up to 70 people dead, over 200 injured (40 critically), 100 houses and buildings completely destroyed.

From The Blaze (4/17/2013), a video taken by a witness, a dad with his little daughter. A disaster watch gone wrong. Explosion after 25 seconds:


Anonymous said...

These incidents are the inevitable negative consequence of technological advances. Since their discovery, these kinds of accidents could have occurred at anytime, anywhere.

We use these technologies on a daily basis, but I think many people aren't aware of how dangerous they can be. We need to remain constantly vigilant and responsible. It only takes one person to intentionally or unintentionally cause a widespread disaster.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's shocking ; finance, nuclear, oil, chemicals, they're all making it a dangerous world.
There was a chemical factory (AZF) exploding in Toulouse, France, just ten days after 9 11, and I remember us wondering "where are we going ?"
What and how it happened is still unclear, partly because a neighbouring plant is classified (military chemicals).
Magnitude 3,4 seism recorded, part of the town devastated, pretty scary.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the Boston explosions allegedly perpetrated by an individual/s, nobody will be blamed for this explosion because if you are a corporation responsible for an explosion which results in the killing and maiming of blameless individuals, you get off scott free.

Anonymous said...

arevamirpal, far be it from you to correct your sensational 70 dead figure. Scare monkey jackass, maybe the next time the fog settles around boston you can shiveringly claim "something bad is going on that we are not being told about"...oh wait is that 10x time compression making a mountain out of a mole shit?

The boston marathon video autostart is obnoxious enough for me to delete your useless spout of ditritus from my bookmarks folder. Stupid libertarian, changing your sidebars won't fool the rest of us with a sane thinking brain.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. anon at 9:34PM, aren't you embarrassed? It's you who's jackass devoid of brain cells and spouting useless ditritus which I think you meant to spell "detritus". Go back to Finland.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Anon at 9:34PM, you really made my day. Thanks.

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