Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Abenomics" at Work: McDonald Japan to Sell 1,000 Yen ($10) Quarter Pounder Burgers for a Limited Time

I said I would be the world number one.

Everybody laughed and said it was impossible.

That's OK. That's even better.

Surprise will be bigger.


Japanese bubble is already here. What will be next? Tiramisu with gold flakes, again?

For those Japanese who were born after the last bubble burst (1990), here's your chance for a taste of bubble. Get it before it bursts, again.

The man in the commercial is Keisuke Honda, a 27-year-old midfielder who plays in the Russian Premier League.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's several years since you can buy ~1000 yen burger sets in Tokyo. Their taste has nothing to do with cheaper alternatives and they are quite filling so you do get something for your bucks... and I do not get the stomach ache I get from some cheaper suppliers...

Anonymous said...

Hey, they were selling as cheap as 100 yen MD burgers in the one / two years I recently went to Tokyo. That's a very big sign of inflation growing.
Are these ones edible ?
Sorry I can't give "good value" info to the honourable readers of this blog, as I never ate any of them. And I can't even boast of a stomach ache in Japan, only a few hangovers, that I can honestly blame on Japanese people's behaviour...

Darth 3.11 said...

WTF? Matrix music and some serious(and seriously handsome) Japanese guy saying, "Bite"...Mcd really has the best advertising, don't they? No matter.

Sorry, I say, "Bite ME", as Mcd food is highly suspect and not good for your body in ingest. Just go to the store and buy your own ingredients and plan five minutes ahead of time to pack your own terrific burger or sando. Mcd: avoid at all cost.

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