Friday, July 5, 2013

(UPDATED: Iceland, Germany Reject) Snowden Drops Russia Asylum Bid, As Some European Nations Insist He Apply on Their Soil

(UPDATE-3, 7/6/2013) Bolivia's president Evo Morales says he will offer asylum to Snowden if asked.

(UPDATE-2, 7/5/2013) Nicaragua, then Venezuela offer asylum to Snowden. See my latest post.

(UPDATE 7/5/2013)  Iceland is the latest to say no to Snowden, by the Parliament overwhelmingly voting to not bring the issue to the Parliament.

Earlier, there was a report by Der Spiegel, that Germany "agonized" over the asylum request, but in the end had to reject the request because Mr. Snowden is not on Germany's soil. Sure.

At least Germany's Green Party said this:

But many political leaders, particularly from Germany's Green Party, had demanded that Snowden be allowed to come to Germany on humanitarian grounds. Some Green Party leaders also pointed out that Snowden is an important witness in a significant case of espionage involving German interests and should be brought to Germany as a witness.

"Ame-pochi" nations.


(original post on 7/2/2013)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Snowden must stop leaking the information harmful to the US before his government can consider asylum. (Huh?)

Germany, Norway, Austria, Poland, Finland and Switzerland say he must make his request on their soil, according to the latest from AP.

It looks like the Obama administration's bullying is working.

So, the list of 21 countries...becomes the list of 14 countries one maybe and a handful that haven't made any response, as of Tuesday July 2, 2013 according to The Guardian.

  1. the Republic of Austria,
  2. the Plurinational State of Bolivia,
  3. the Federative Republic of Brazil,
  4. the People’s Republic of China,
  5. the Republic of Cuba,
  6. the Republic of Finland,
  7. the French Republic,
  8. the Federal Republic of Germany,
  9. the Republic of India,
  10. the Italian Republic,
  11. the Republic of Ireland,
  12. the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
  13. the Republic of Nicaragua,
  14. the Kingdom of Norway,
  15. the Republic of Poland,
  16. the Russian Federation,
  17. the Kingdom of Spain,
  18. the Swiss Confederation,
  19. the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,
  20. the Republic of Ecuador and
  21. the Republic of Iceland


Anonymous said...

"It looks like the Obama administration's bullying is working."

Don't be silly. Usually countries have laws around the asylum application process and they apply to everyone the same way.

Anonymous said...

Why not JAPAN?????

Anonymous said...

Nothing silly here, in the post, nor in the second comment...
The problem is with the "Gorilla in the room" states. Can't believe there are friends you can both share trust and have little quarrels with. So that whatever dirty trick is OK, as it is for their good, in their almighty/perverted-child understanding.
USSR-Russia. The USA. China? we'll see.
May-be in a hundred years the US will understand it's better to have :
- home based powers that prevent the country to go berserk.
- it's better to have "difficult" friends than resort to rogue states (people).
- a "socialist" Chili led by Salvador Allende that would have been independent and critical of the Soviet Union.
- Etc...

Maju said...

He definitely chose the wrong path to run away: both China and Russia are NOT friends of freedom of information at all. For Putin he's nothing but a bargain token.

He should have flied to Latin America right away.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Japan on the list?Oh---lackey of the USA.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Snowden was once stationed in Japan, I hear. He must know better than applying for asylum in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, drunk US army personnel would probably stumble into his apartment at night and rape him in his sleep before accidentally falling off the balcony naked into the royal lake.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share........

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