Saturday, July 6, 2013

(UPDATED) Asiana's Boeing 777 Crash-Lands in SFO, 2 Dead 61 Injured

(7/7/2013: Additional information and video in the latest post.)

(UPDATE-7) People seen leaving the plane with their luggage, taken by Samsung executive David Eun. I thought the emergency escape instruction was to leave all the luggage. I wonder if Asiana has a different policy. I hope this didn't result in more people suffering injuries which would have been unnecessary.

2 people dead, 181 injured, 5 in critical condition.

(UPDATE-6) From KTVU screen, image of the seawall, with pieces of plane debris floating in the water:

(UPDATE-5) From KTVU live: 75 people injured. Broken bones and burns suffered by 10 critical passengers (6 females, 4 males). KTVU is praising the flight crew for the quick, successful evacuation of the passengers.

Now 15 patients at SF General Hospital. 6 passengers at a SF hospital specializing in burns. The hospital is waiting for another 20, 30 people, according to the KTVU report.

Triage tent at SF General Hospital:

(UPDATE-4) From local radio station KGO, 2 children and 8 adults taken to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition, the hospital setting up triage tents.

(UPDATE-3) From Japan's NHK, the passengers on Asiana 214 include 77 Koreans, 141 Chinese, 61 Americans, 1 Japanese. Total number of passengers is 291.

(UPDATE-2) The photos from KTVU shows pieces of the tail in the part of the runway where you're not supposed to land. It looks like the pilot landed short, hitting the seawall. According to radio reports, there was no distress call prior to landing.

(UPDATE) Bay Area TV KTVU says at least 2 dead, 61 injured. There is a raw footage of the crashed plane from a helicopter. The tail is completely gone.

According to radio reports, 10 who were brought to a San Francisco hospital were in critical condition.


Asiana Airlines' Flight 214 crashed while landing on runway 28 left at 11:26 PDT.

From USA Today (7/6/2013):

The tail broke off on landing, according to LA Times.

According to radio news reports, the tail of the Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines (Flight 214 from Seoul) hit the piers before the runway.

It is a clear day with hardly any fog at San Francisco Airport, and all the planes before the Asiana flight landed with no problem at all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of air travel.

enoughalready45 said...

Same plane model, different "almost" accident, "The aircraft, a Boeing 777 200ER, was diverted to Athens at 0125 Hours Kenyan time after a fire warning indication in one of the cargo holds. As is the normal standard procedure in the industry, the fire suppression system was activated and the aircraft diverted to the nearest airport for further assessment."

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