Tuesday, July 23, 2013

(UPDATED with Data) #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Radiation Level at the Location of Steam in Reactor 3 Is 562 Millisieverts/Hour, TEPCO Says

This does not necessarily mean that the steam is radioactive, as the top floor (or what's left of it) of Reactor 3 after the March 14, 2011 explosion remain highly radioactive.

There has been only one measurement of radiation (page 30 of the link), probably from the boom of the crane, above the top floor of Reactor 3, and that is 500 millisieverts/hour (at 8 meters above the floor, if I remember right, but not 100% sure).

According to TEPCO's email notice for the press on July 23, 2013,

  • TEPCO measured the radiation levels at 25 locations in the area around where the steam has been observed (the entire shield plug).

  • Maximum was 2,170 millisieverts/hour, minimum was 137 millisieverts/hour.

  • Radiation level at the location where the steam has been observed was 562 millisieverts/hour.

Radiation levels are simply too high for human workers to investigate on the floor, which is not negotiable at all by robots either because of debris.

(UPDATE) TEPCO just released (7/24/2013) the document containing the measured radiation levels (English labels are by me):

The same page as above, but with visualization, from Tomohiro Endo, nuclear researcher at Nagoya University:

If the steam was coming from inside the Containment Vessel, I would assume the location would see much higher radiation level.


Maria Ferdinanda Piva said...

Hi, La Primavera. Do previous radioactivity measurements exist on the n.3 building?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Hi Maria, radiation measurements in Reactor 3 building and turbine building are in the PDF document linked in the post, from page 27 (reactor building basement) to page 33 (turbine building).

Document link: http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/fukushima-np/f1/images/f1-sv3-20130322-j.pdf

Anonymous said...

Tepco can't handle the truth or the cleanup. The truth is that Tepco is the Japanese government. Nippon .gov brought Tepco when they declared bankruptcy after the accident and now the government sits on its thumbs, to afraid to due anything progressive on the nuke sit for fear of upsetting the nuclearcrats. Meanwhile the world baths in lethal radiation that will persist for millennia. Jolly good show old chum, do pass the gin and be a good fellow.

Maria Ferdinanda Piva said...

Thanks, La Primavera. But the document is in Japanese. I don't understand if there are measurements taken before July 23. I'd like to make a comparison...

(sorry for my poor English)

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Maria, that document shows measurement prior to July 23, and it is 500 millisieverts/hour at 8 meters above the 5th floor of Reactor 3.

Anonymous said...

Notice the photo above which shows the crane beams laying over where the #3 containment cap is supposed to be.

Notice that they have very conveniently - like everything Tepco issues - cropped the photo to not show the eintire thing clearly.

Recall a couple months ago, right here on EX SKF we had a very lively discussion about a photo which showed a void at the edge of the #3 spent fuel pool - right where the diagram above shows the cap extends to...

At the time, All the folks who want to hide the fact that #3 blew it's MOX lunch on March 14, 2011 tried to plead that the cap was further to the north - but I said it was exactly as depicted above.

And then I pointed out a hole - a deep hole, directly down into that containment - a hole that was very plain to see if you knew where you were looking.

That hole has now been covered up by a box-like structure in the upper right of the photo above - however if you compare that photograph with the earlier one you will see that the #3 containment breached - beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even an amateur like me can see it.

So does Tepco still wonder where the radiation is coming from? Of course not - they know exactly - and so should everyone else.

From this moment forward, assume that anyone who is not forthcoming with the fact that #3 core breached is lying to or trying to decieve you...


Anonymous said...

James, the hole you were seeing was on the opposite side of the location of the steam. No, you can't see the containment breached.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Maria, I have a new post that has high radiation hot spots at Fukushima I Nuke Plant that exceed 1,000 millisieverts/hour. http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2013/07/hot-spots-in-fukushima-i-nuke-plant.html

Anonymous said...

RE: "the hole you were seeing was on the opposite side of the location of the steam. No, you can't see the containment breached."

Please - I don't need a guided tour - I know exactly where the hole was that I was seeing before, and I know that it was a hole in the containment,....

As for it not being the location of the current steam - well, correct, it's not the location that Tepco is pointing out there is steam - but when have they ever pointed out the true source of radiation from the beginning. They obfuscate everything.

Plus there are obviously two holes - one blown clear through each of the crane beams. One in the location they are saying is steaming and the second on the other beam where I pointed out a hole.

Notice that those aren't bending type tears in the steel. They are clearly explosive holes in the metal. And don't think this is some thin sheetmetal you are seeing holes in - these are massive steel beams. The strongest type beams that can be produced - able to hold hundreds of tons across a wide span. And they have holes blown right through the structure.

What kind of blast blows holes clear through huge structural beams? Anybody with a brain can see what happened here.


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