Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Hot Spots" in #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Locations Where Radiation Levels Exceed 1,000 mSv (or 1 Sv)/Hour

Locations exceeding 1,000 millisieverts/hour, or 1 Sievert/hour, are marked in red circles. (They do not include measurements inside Containment Vessels.)

From TEPCO, data compiled on March 22, 2013 from the data taken between April 2011 and February 2013 (from TEPCO's webpage for plant survey maps):

Reactor 1, 1st floor: 4,700 millisieverts/hour (or 4.7 Sieverts/hour) where steam was gushing from the floor, locations over 1,000 millisieverts/hour nearby.

Reactor 1, 2nd floor: over 1,000 millisieverts/hour (or 1 Sievert/hour). Precise measurement was not done. The survey meter went overscale.

Reactor 2, 1st floor: (surface radiation level) 3,000 to 4,400 millisieverts/hour (or 3 to 4.4 Sieverts/hour) on the upper penetration hole on the Containment Vessel.

Reactor 2, 2nd floor: (probably surface) 330 to 1,640 millisieverts/hour (or 0.33 to 1.64 Sievert/hour) on X29B/C penetration hole.

Reactor 2 Turbine Building Basement: over 1,000 millisieverts/hour (or 1 sievert/hour).

Reactor 3, 1st floor: 2,290 millisieverts/hour (or 2.29 Sieverts/hour) along the rails for the equipment hatch. 4,780 millisieverts/hour (or 4.78 Sieverts/hour) on the floor surface.

From plant survey map as of 6/17/2013:

SGTS (Standby Gas Treatment System) pipe for Reactors 1 and 2: (surface) over 10,000 millisieverts/hour (or 10 Sieverts/hour)

Radiation measured on the 5th (top) floor of Reactor 3 (2,170 millisieverts/hour max) is in line with the levels measured on the 1st floor along the equipment hatch rails. As a reminder, that hatch was found open, and high radiation along the rails was from the steam or water leaking out from inside the Containment Vessel. Packbot did the cleanup of the hatch rails twice, and the towels that the robot used were soaking wet in the video from November 2011.

Packbot went in to clean the rails in November 2011, and TEPCO finally admitted that the hatch was open in April 2012. As usual.

If the steam seen on the top floor of Reactor 3 is from inside the Containment Vessel, I would think the radiation level should be in 1,000s, instead of 100s.


Apolline said...

Hi, Ultraman, what does "SGTS" means ? Please ? Thank you.
Good night.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Hi, Helios. Sorry. It is Standby Gas Treatment System. "When called upon, the SGTS moves air from the reactor building to the environment through a series of filters and discharge via an exhaust stack. "

Apolline said...

Oh, yes, I understand, thank you. It's more easy to translate in french ;-)

Anonymous said...

So I read that over 1 milliseivert a year causes human risk. That is a year! So some places have 1000 millseiverts an HOUR! That is insane amounts of radiation, how can humans possibly go there and work?

netudiant said...

Anonymous@2:32 am, you are entirely correct, people cannot go there (but note the Chernobyl 'liquidators' reportedly worked in areas where the exposure limit was reached after removing a single shovel full of debris).
Given the massive explosion that tore reactor 3 apart, nothing can be excluded imho, including splashes of nuclear fuel.
Japan is in for a very long siege, a decades long cleanup and the major worry is that the site will become too radioactive to work at before any meaningful cleanup can be achieved.

Anonymous said...

1 mSv/annum carries no additional risk. Such statements are the result of applying the discredited Linear No Threshold model.

The current accepted model is linear above a threshold of ~100mSv/a.


Anonymous said...

Only the nuclear power industry says that the Linear Threshold Model has been discredited. The scientific community, particularly medical sources, continue to find support and validation for the Linear No Threshold model.
The most recent, cutting edge science re ionizing radiation effects on the human body is the BEIR VII "HEALTH RISKS FROM EXPOSURE TO LOW LEVELS OF IONIZING RADIATION" produced by "Committee to Assess Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation". This research supports the prior research proving over and over again that the Linear No Threshold model is valid.

Anonymous said...

The linear threshold model is wrong.
We give patients a CT dose of between 2-5mSv per session. More than 1:1000 will have a fatal cancer induced from this.

Not all humans are the same, and models have been known to be wrong for years.

Rutherfords Ghost

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