Thursday, July 25, 2013

Latest Infrared Thermography of Reactor 3 Operating Floor Shows Steam Location at 34.3 Degrees Celsius from 5 Meters Above

(UPDATE) TEPCO now says it may be part rainwater, part leak from CV. See my latest post.


and 30.7 degrees Celsius from 40 meters above.

Infrared thermography seems to show an odd-shaped heat source, possibly partially covered by something else.

TEPCO, who had finally taken infrared thermography on July 20 at the order of Nuclear Regulatory Authority but had done so on a wrong (sunny) day, re-did it in the early morning of July 24 with the similar condition as the day when the steam was first observed on July 18.

From TEPCO's Photos and Videos Library (English), 7/24/2013:

- Measurement date: 4:40 AM - 6:04 AM on July 24, 2013
- Weather condition as of 5:30 AM: Air temperature 18.6°C, humidity 91.1%, wind speed 1.3m/s, wind direction west-southwest
- Measurement height: 5 - 40m above the operating floor of the Reactor Building
- Measurement method:
An infrared camera, which was in continuous automatic shooting mode, was suspended by a
crane at the upper part of the Reactor Building, and it photographed at varying height.
Data was checked after the infrared camera was collected

Steam location, from 5 meters above:


Anonymous said...

Using this it seems dew point with that humidity is just a couple of degrees Celsius lower than air temperature, so I guess TEPCO explanation could make sense for that area of higher temperatures a few meters over the reactor's cap (which is where we see the fog in the video they published, if I am not mistaken.)

Anonymous said...

Reactor cap? There is no reactor cap! It went sky high. Clearly visible in the explosion footage.

Anonymous said...

In what explosion footage is there no reactor cap visible??

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:25PM, so you are trying to tell us the containment cap, secured by many large bolts, went sky high but not the concrete shield plug above it.

Anonymous said...

The reactor well is EMPTY.

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