Monday, August 12, 2013

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 Containment Vessel Probe: Camera Stopped Just Short of Pedestal Opening

So close. TEPCO posted a short report on August 12 with photos as if that was what had been planned all along - to stop right at the opening of the pedestal.

However, the worker who tweeted from Fukushima I Nuke Plant and now tweets from somewhere else, "Happy", said in his August 10 tweet that the probe was done on August 9, but TEPCO couldn't retrieve the camera and the water sample and had to abandon the probe.

I'm not sure the August 12 attempt was a third one (if "Happy" is correct), instead of second. But it's clear from TEPCO's report that they didn't collect the water, and they do not have the video.

On their initial attempt on August 2, 2013 and the video, see my post on August 4, 2013. TEPCO clearly intended, from the first attempt, to insert the camera inside the pedestal.

From TEPCO's Photos and Videos Library, 8/12/2013:

Temperature at (1) was 41 degrees Celsius, and temperature at (2) was 45 degrees Celsius, according to the same document. The radiation levels at those points are "under evaluation".

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Anonymous said...

Are those traces of radioactive devris?

Anonymous said...

Wow, we really need some clear pictures of that area. I imagine that if anything melted through it would have passed through that area on it's way south(being below the fuel rods) so would firmly answer if the melted mess is located above or below the pedestal room.

One thing I see that looks interesting is in picture 3, near the top it looks like a round hole, strangely this reminded me of the "aliens" film where an alien had melted through several layers of structure, found as the marines first enter the base, the hole was round and looked just like that.

Not saying it is a melted alien hole of course but I sure hope that is not related to corium, it seems to be right at the top of the entrance in a spot I would think would be solid concrete with a big steel crossmember rather than a good place to put a hole.

Also it looks to me (as much as a blurry picture at low res in low light) as if the edges of what looks to be a hole have "residue" around it, as if something very hot flowed through a hole and some of it stuck to the edges of the hole on the way through, as it cooled leaving those downward spikes of "residue" around the edges of that hole which makes me think it should not be there. Also those pipes going past that hole seem discoloured, by heat or stuff falling past is what it looks like to me.

Well, I cannot say for sure, I hope it is not that.

It does strike me that in the last few weeks there has been a lot of information released that was previously being actively supressed. Why? That's what concerns me.

Meh, pics just not clear enough :(

Anonymous said...

"Meh, pics just not clear enough :( "

Don't let it get the best of you, 3:45.

If you do let it get the best of you you will be required to call up the Fuku webcam "experts" over on enenews who spend the entire day baiting others who are able to call into question their hallucinations.

But in the end, they care not that you question their 'visions'.

Because their site has been hijacked and turned into a distributed processing daily software update center. And the purpose(s) of that distributed processing? Super-mum, super covert.

Perhaps it is to 'dumb-one down'.

Anonymous said...

You've already caught the stupidity and swallowed the tuna. Good luck in denial moron

Anonymous said...


Wait, wait, your comment is bringing me optical refractions and black blobs in my world 'window'.

It must have been the "pixels of light", "keyboard dances", and the "accomodating system admin" ...

Anonymous said...

"Maintaining the cooling of three molten reactor cores and five spent fuel pools in a disaster zone is a job of titanic proportions."
"Indeed, so far, the Nuclear Regulation Authority has seemed too busy trying to help restart the country’s stranded reactors to put adequate attention on stabilizing the Fukushima site."

So, as appears, certain Orientals have gone literally insane by ignoring the priority of getting Fukushima under control.

And certain "Occidentals" have gone insane with their technicolor Fukushima webcam hallucinations and visions in their gathering spot, enews, where they front the efforts of the insane Orientals mentioned above.
Did they go insane, or is it a mere continuation of Insane Community Feelgood-ness?

Why Fukushima is worse than you think
By Mycle Schneider

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