Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Japan's PM Abe: "Contaminated Water Problem Will Be Gone by 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo"

He says his administration is "implementing fundamental, radical measures with decisive resolve", and hopes the rhetoric will win the Olympics for Tokyo.

Stereotyped, empty words as Abe seems to use quite often.

From Jiji Tsushin (9/4/2013):


Contaminated water leak "will have been settled by the Olympics", says Prime Minister Abe


In the morning of September 4, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe referred to the problem of contaminated water leak at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and said he planned to make an appeal at The International Olympic Committee (IOC) general meeting in Buenos Aires on September 7 that the problem would not affect the 2020 Summer Olympics hosted in Tokyo. He spoke to the press at the Official Residence and said "I'm planning to explain carefully that the national government will be at the forefront, and will completely solve the problem; the government is implementing the fundamental, radical measures with decisive resolve, and there will be no problem at all [hosting the Olympics in Tokyo] 7 years from now in 2020."

So far, the "fundamental, radical measures" amount to allocating several tens of billions of yen (tens of millions of dollars) - not much at all considering the money they continue to squander in "decontamination" - to give to large general contractors.

It looks to me like the same old, tired method that Japan is famous for.


Anonymous said...

Did he say where they'll put the Pacific ocean yet, or are they still examining the various options?

Anonymous said...

Those measures must be really radical and fundamental – i'm curious to hear more about them...

Kna said...

@ Anon 3:56: Maybe it's the "magical Mr Freeze wall", never operated longer than two years, a world first attemps at this scale. With restart of one Daini's reactor to feed it with enough power...

@Laprimavera: Can you please drop me a line at knablog60 at gmail • com? I have some questions and suggestions about the tank that leaked 300T of RO water.

VyseLegendaire said...

I'm sure Nerv has a plan informed by the Dead Sea Scrolls kept under lock and key for just such emergencies.

Greyhawk said...

And I thought the politicians in my country were out of contact with reality! I would ask if there were something in the water but it is obvious that there is Strontium, Cesium, Tritium, Uranium and Plutonium in it.

Anonymous said...

Japan is toast, but no one wants to acknowledge that. Abe is just trying to buy more time to be able to fill his pockets with more money, he knows that in a few years Japan can expect enormous claims.
and on top of that, we have the spent fuel removal operation, that with the tiniest mistake can whipe out Japan in a day or two.

NYUltraBuddha said...

Anonymous said...

The "fundamental, radical measures" implemented with "decisive resolve" are what we all have been waiting for since day 1 of the disaster. Just that so far no one seemed to have known what those measures should be and how to realize and pay for them. Now we will finally find out when Abe makes his appeal to the International Olympic Committee. And I'm sure we'll hear not only about how to solve the water problem, but also how Abe will ensure that no new threats will arise from the triple meltdown.

Gosh, how I wish we had gotten the IOC involved sooner ...

Anonymous said...

What about the cesium contamination of Tokyo Bay from the Edogawa river? It was reported a year ago that the riverbed is severely contaminated, and that by 2014 this cesium contamination would spread to most of Tokyo Bay.

Has there been another report on this contamination since last year, or was the University involved in this study gagged until after the Olympic city decision?

This makes for lots of possibilities if Tokyo is selected for the Olympics.

Sculling races on the Edogawa anyone?

Sail boat races in Tokyo Bay?

netudiant said...

Perhaps Abe is not out of his mind.
The 2020 deadline is 3 times as far away as the elapsed time since the accident. During the past 2 and a half years, there has been real progress. By 2020, there will be more.
The actual ground water contamination levels are now down to about 1% of their post accident highs, so the filtering is working.
There is a problem with the accumulated RO water, almost 400,000 tons worth that contains much of the strontium and related contaminants.
That has to be cleaned up before the storage tanks fail, but the job seems doable other than the tritium removal. The tritium contaminated water will probably go into long term storage, maybe on a couple of tankers.
Meanwhile, the ice wall should ease the ground water volume considerably, although it will be fraught with concern that the change in water flows might affect the soil stability of the area.
The spent fuel pools will get emptied starting next year. As the fuel will have cooled for several years by then, it does not look to be as nightmarish a job as some have claimed.
That said, the Reactor 4 pool is the easy one, the others are much dirtier and harder to access.
The corium is a post 2020 problem, as there is no idea yet of where it is or in what condition.
However, the apparent absence of short lived decay products in the ground water suggests the material now is just cooling, not fissioning further.
So by 2020, Japan will still be paying for an ongoing cleanup, but apart from the corium, the site should be pretty much nuclear material free.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone is optimistic.

Anonymous said...

There's more likelihood that Tokyo will be a ghost town by 2020.

The. IOC is more protective of its' brand and image than Japan is of its' people.

Olympics in Japan LMFAO

Anonymous said...

at netudiant @ 6:59 pm:
Theoretically, I believe, you are right. Theoretically, in 2020 Fukushima should be in relatively good shape. However, so far every two steps of progress have been accompanied by at least 1 step back - if not more - by the appearance of new or additional problems. I don't know when the IOC has to make the final decision for the location for the Olympic games, but given the past 2 1/2 years of progress vs. set-backs, I would prefer to see Tokyo chosen after the water, fuel pool and corium issues have been sufficiently resolved, not based on plans to do so. And I do not believe that Abe or anyone can guarantee that all will be well in 2020 since we're dealing with completely uncharted territory.

Anonymous said...

@ netudiant,

Tokyo, Japan; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In, After The Fukushima Accident?

Will you drink from Lake Okutama, the Ogōchi Reservoir?
Okutama cesium level seen spiking, Japan Times by Mizuho Aoki, Oct. 8, 2011

Is it "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" or is it Do Semi-cunning AIs Experience a "strange reluctance to inhale"?
Hot spots and blind spots

Tokyo, :"pre-cooked"

As they say, "enjoy". :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ 11:15,

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Health and Safety Risk Assessments said...

Can't we prevent water contamination once and for all? Water gets contaminated just because of human error. There should surely be the way to prevent water contamination by making leak proof crude oil ships, controlling construction disposal, and making quality sewers.

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